How to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler- 5 ways

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your eyes, curled eyelashes play a crucial role in making them appear more attractive and alluring. While many people rely on eyelash curlers to achieve this effect, not everyone has access to one or prefers to avoid potential damage. The good news is that you can achieve beautifully curled lashes without an eyelash curler! In this blog, we’ll explore some simple and effective techniques for knowing how to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler. Say goodbye to eyelash curlers and embrace these tips to enhance your natural beauty effortlessly.

What is an eyelash curler? 

An eyelash curler is a popular beauty tool designed to enhance the appearance of eyelashes by creating a natural curl. It is a handheld device commonly used in makeup routines to achieve a wide-eyed, lifted look. 

How to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler
How to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler

The typical design of an eyelash curler consists of two curved metal or plastic clamps joined by a pivot in the middle. The clamps have a soft, rubberized strip lining the inner edges, which is designed to provide cushioning and prevent damage to the lashes. The handles of the curler allow the user to open and close the clamps.

There are two categories of eyelash curlers available: mechanical eyelash curlers and heated eyelash curlers, the latter of which utilize heat to create a more pronounced curl.

Are eyelash curlers safe for your eyes?

The primary purpose of an eyelash curler is to make the lashes appear longer, more defined, and voluminous without the need for false lashes or extensions.

When used correctly, an eyelash curler can lift the lashes, making your eyes appear larger and more awake. When used properly and with care, it can be a fantastic addition to any makeup routine, contributing to beautifully curled and fluttery lashes.

However, there have been many cases where using an eyelash curler damages your eyelashes or eyelids. The incorrect force when squeezing the handle will break the lashes. Or a lack of dexterity can tear your natural lashes. Using curlers requires a meticulous and time-consuming effort so as not to affect the eyelashes and eyelids. Therefore, more and more people want to find a way to curl their eyelashes without an eyelash curler. 

how to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler
Using the curler without meticulousness will lead to the ruin of your natural eyelashes.

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How to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler: 7 techniques 

For those seeking how to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler, here we are going to provide you with four common tools and tips that can assist in achieving beautifully curled eyelashes.

1. The Spoon Trick

Ever thought that your kitchen utensils could be the key to fluttery lashes? Well, they totally can! Grab a regular teaspoon from your kitchen drawer and hold it against your eyelid, with the curved part facing outward. Then, gently press your lashes against the spoon’s edge using your thumb. Hold it for a few seconds and repeat the process for the other eye. Voila! Instantly lifted lashes without any fancy gadgets.

2. Using eye makeup or gel to curl your eyelashes

An effective technique for curling eyelashes without relying on a curler involves utilizing readily available pharmacy cosmetics or a mild aloe vera-based skincare gel. By using mascara, especially volumizing or waterproof varieties with a waxy texture, or employing the natural properties of aloe vera gel, you can achieve a gentle and defined curl. The process involves carefully applying the eyelashes enhancer or hydrating gel formula to your lashes and gently pressing them upwards, maintaining the pressure for a few seconds to shape the curl.

3. Consider getting a lash lift treatment

Explore the option of visiting a beauty salon for a professional approach to curling your eyelashes without the need for a curler. An experienced technician can perform an eyelash perm, which offers a longer-lasting curl compared to DIY methods. With an eyelash perm, your lashes can maintain their beautifully curled appearance for up to three months, providing you with a lasting enhancement.

Use a warm spoon to curl your eyelashes
How to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler: Spoon Methods

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4. Experiment with using a heated spoon

To try this method, heat a metal spoon by either immersing it in warm water for at least three minutes or using a blow dryer to warm it up. Make sure the spoon’s temperature is comfortably warm and not hot to avoid the risk of burns. Once warmed, dry the spoon with a clean towel.

Position the spoon just above your lashes, aligning it with the lash line so that the spoon’s concave side faces away from your face. Create a space for your lashes to rest between the edge of the spoon and your thumb.

Apply gentle pressure, holding your lashes between the edge of the spoon and your thumb, and softly pull upward along your lash line to curl all your lashes. Repeat this process until all lashes have achieved the desired curl.

5. Utilize a petite brush

To achieve a soft DIY lash curl, employ a small brush like a clean mascara spoolie (also called a mascara wand) or a new toothbrush. To enhance effectiveness, warm the brush by placing it in hot water and then gently pat it dry with a clean towel. Using the bristles of the brush, gently press and brush upwards from the base of your lashes to create a lifted curl. For longer-lasting results, you can opt to seal the curl using a waxy mascara.

6. The Finger Curling method 

Using your fingers to curl your eyelashes is a simple yet effective technique that requires a bit of practice. Once you get the hang of it, it can become a quick part of your daily beauty routine.

Curling eyelashes by finger
The finger curling technique can provide an apparent result on how to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler

Follow these steps to curl your lashes with your fingers. First, ensure your hands are clean to avoid transferring any dirt or oil to your lashes. Then, starting with your index finger, position it at the roots of your upper lashes. Gently press your finger against the eyelid and lift the lashes slightly in a curved motion. Try to hold this position for five to ten seconds to create the curl. Repeat the process, moving your finger along the length of your lashes until you reach the tips. For an added curl, you can delicately pinch your lashes between your index finger and thumb.

7. The Cotton Swab Hack

Last but not least, we have the cotton swab hack, perfect for those moments when you’re in a pinch and don’t have any other tools on hand. Start by wrapping a cotton swab around your index finger, creating a makeshift pad. Then, use it to gently press and hold your lashes against your eyelid, similar to the finger curl technique. The cotton swab provides just enough pressure to create a natural curl without pulling or tugging on your lashes.


And there you have it, folks—7 easy peasy techniques for how to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler! Whether you prefer the spoon trick or the warmth of the warm spoon method, there’s a technique here for everyone. So, next time you’re getting ready to flutter those lashes, ditch the curler and give one of these hacks a try. Your lashes will thank you for it!

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