3D mink lashes vendors world's top wholesale

3D mink lashes vendors world’s top wholesale

3d mink lashes are the most prevalent eyelash style that captivate young generations today. It looks more luxurious than any other types of mink lashes. Moreover, the 3d mink lashes are easy to attach to clients’ eyes.  It is also the key production of multitude eyelash vendor. Here is the world’s top wholesale of 3d mink lashes vendor.

What are 3D mink lashes vendors?

“Mink lashes” is a prevalent term in beauty industry. However, maybe you still do not know the origin and material of mink lashes. You also wonder what is 3D mink lashes and why do it so famous. Let’s keep reading to find out!

Mink lashes

Unlike ordinary eyelashes, mink lashes are a luxury line that is very popular with wealthy guests. In the past, mink lashes vendors have two types of mink lashes: faux mink lashes made from synthetic fibers and real lashes, made from real mink fur. Then, a lot of clients refused to use the mink lashes which made of the real mink fur due to the cruel of this industry to the minks. Recently, many experts reseached a new type of synthetic fiber. The fiber is completely identical the real mink fur, even surpass the qulity of the real fur. Mink eyelashes help increase the length and thickness of the eyelashes. After the connection is complete, you will have a pair of eyes with black, long, glittery and much more attractive eyelashes.

Mink lashes wholesale- Vietnam Lash

What are mink lashes made of?

Mink lashes these days are all made from synthetic plastic fibers. These fibers are soft and fluffy, and the tips of the lashes are small and firm. The base of the eyelashes easily catches the glue when connecting, causing no harm to the eye skin when attached. Synthetic eyelashes from safe and environmentally friendly plastic. Compared to traditional mink lashes, which are no longer used, synthetic mink lashes are hypoallergenic for customers because the material is up to standard. The uniform lashes bring a seductive, natural look to the customer.

The special of 3d mink lashes

3D PROMADE FANS – Loose Fans 3D – 1000 fans

Currently, almost all 3D mink lashes vendors use mink lashes from synthetic fibers. Real mink lashes are no longer used because of animal rights violations. But this is not a pity because mink lashes from synthetic fibers are completely better than real mink lashes. 3D mink lashes are the most popular lashes in recent times. It is a handy, flexible and can be used in many cases and ages of customers.

How are 3d mink lashes vendors treated?

Most wholesalers offer a wide variety of eyelahes. There is no one just 3D mink lashes vendors. Similarly, you can focus on selling 3D lashes, but you can’t just sell it alone. Normally, salons or artists love to use 3D mink lashes in eyelash extensions. Every customer is so satisfied!

How does the artist attach the 3d mink lashes to clients’ eyes?

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Unlike normal lashes, 3D mink lashes are a fan lash consisting of 3 mink lash strands attached together. To apply on the customer’s eyes, the artist will first clean the customer’s real eyelashes, brush a layer of nutrients to strengthen the eyelashes. Then, they will use specialized tweezers to pick up each fan dipped in glue, wait about 1 minute for the glue to dry and start attaching to the customer’s eyes. In the end, they just have to wait for the glue to dry. Although it is easy to say, the process of doing it requires high meticulousness in artists. At the same time, the quality of 3D mink lashes must also be very good to catch the glue and not break during the process.

What is the stand out character of 3d mink lashes compared to other types?

Vietnam Lash- volume eyelashes

Artists often like to use 3D mink lashes because it will save a lot of time. Instead of attaching each eyelash one by one like when using promade lashes. 3D mink lashes is a premade fan lash with 3 lashes attached in bunches. For experienced artists, connecting 3D mink lashes saves up to half the time compared to regular lashes. Customers often value time like gold, so they love to stop 3D mink lashes because it is not only beautiful but also fast. That is the reason that the big 3D mink lashes vendors often retail to prestigious and high-quality salons around the world, too.

Why should clients use 3d mink lashes vendors?

In this busy era, something that can save time is prioritized. Although beauty is important, it does not escape that mindset. So 3D mink lashes automatically become the number 1 choice of customers. There is no need to hesitate when it is totally time-saving and beautiful and durable. Speaking of quality, 3D mink lashes are made from standard synthetic PBT fibers so it’s very soft. The lashes are light and fluffy, and also easy to curl and hold the curtival well.

How to choose 3d mink lashes vendors?

Thanks to the reputation of 3D mink lashes, many wholesalers have sold this item at a cheap price to attract many retailers. But remember that famous salons always have close wholesale that they trust. If you want to become a 3D mink lashes vendors, you should find a wholesale source with quality products to ensure long-term sustainability.

Steps to find a good volume lashes wholesale

Step to choose a premium 3d mink lashes vendor.

To choose a good wholesale, you cannot lack the support tools that are social networking forums. You can easily find the best wholesale with just a few keywords on google, instagram or whatsapp. But before looking for wholesale, you should clearly determine the size of your business so that it can be exchanged more easily when negotiating with wholesale. After finding a few satisfactory wholesalers, you need to make a preliminary assessment of their quality through: website, product price (compared to other places), product quality (through other customer reviews).

Why should we choose a credible wholesaler?

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When selling false eyelashes, the goal of every retailer is not only to attract customers to buy products, but also to make customers remember them and come back to buy again and again. That is the task of the products you sell, whether they are of quality or not, to satisfy customers or not. That’s why you need top quality products and why you need to choose a reliable wholesaler to be a trustworthy 3D mink lashes vendors.

Vietnam Lash is the world’s top 3d mink lashes vendors

And to easily expand your business in a constantly changing market, you should find a diverse wholesale that is ready to change key products when necessary. Vietnam Lash is the number 1 wholesaler in Vietnam, with more than 10 years of experience in the false eyelash industry. Vietnam Lash is a great choice where we give wings to your dreams.

Vietnam Lash’s vision 

The best Vietnam Eyelash brand

Vietnam Lash works with the motivation to enhance the beauty of Vietnamese women then strengthen their confidence as well as bring this beauty to who require for the luxury and charm over the world. Becoming a leading brand in Vietnam is a lever as well as a solid foundation for us to grow stronger globally. Vietnam Lash is already to be the comprehensive strategic partnership with vendors and celebrated lash artists all over the world. We will provide the best service and support to our clients whenever and wherever they are. The satisfactions of our beloved clients are motivation for Vietnam Lash to commit to work and provide the top-of-the-line products with a view to let your beauty shine.

Range of production from Vietnam Lash

Golden premade fans lashes case

Vietnam Lash supplies retailers with false eyelashes. Not only 3D mink lashes but also other high quality promade and premade lashes. We also accept orders to produce trendy lashes according to the retailer’s request, such as colored lashes. In addition to false eyelashes, Vietnam Lash also produces the latest eyelash packaging on the market. The packaging is also available for retailers to print their private label. For retailers who are long-term partners, Vietnam Lash will provide good price packages when purchasing, helping to minimize costs. Vietnam Lash is a wholesaler with an independent factory, so all intermediary costs are cut. The retailer will minimize unnecessary costs.

How clients evaluate Vietnam Lash

Feedback of a tremendously nice retailer

Almost all customers are satisfied with Vietnam Lash. Not only about the quality of our products, but also about our customer service. Vietnam Lash is proud of receiving the trust of hundreds of customers around the world. Many retailers also said that they are very satisfied with the preferential policy for “best friends” of Vietnam Lash.

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