Why should you choose a private label eyelash packaging?

The value of a package to the product within it is undisputed. But for false eyelashes, why should you choose a premium private label eyelash packaging manufacturer? How can you choose a good packaging manufacturer? This article will give you all! Let’s go!

Why do you need private label eyelash packaging? 

If your business is considering selling products under your own brand name or adding new products to an existing product line, “private label” would be the best option. Why?

A private label eyelash packaging is important to the eyelashes

First and foremost, the most important thing is the eyelash packaging itself. Regardless of whether it is a private lebel or not, it still carries the most primitive function of a package: protecting the products. With a quality packaging, your false eyelashes will be better preserved, thus keeping them newer and lasting longer. Packaging also keeps the eyelashes completely safe during transportation. 

Customers’ impressions role of the private label eyelash packaging

Private Label allows you to outsource manufacturing, sourcing, import, shipping and other aspects of the supply chain from one company to another. It also gives your business full access to the supply chain and needs to build its own production space. Besides hundreds of packages of famous brands, a private label will be the best point of your false eyelashes for customers. 

Using a Private Label allows your business to set itself apart from its competitors, especially when it comes to exclusive rights to sell products. Good marketing will create demand for the product, which is highly profitable, because you are the only source of the product.

Luxury eyelash packaging from Vietnam Lash

A private label eyelash packaging help to improve your brand’s representation

Personalization is the best choice that every company has chosen to create their packaging more far-reaching. Thus, private label eyelash packaging is a great way for new businesses because it will attract customers’ curiosity. However, your product must have enough appeal to attract buyers at the next time without doing special promotions or running brand ads. Your retail business will have complete direction and control over the material, quality and price of your products. Thanks to that, retailers can also determine the cost of their products and profits. But that does not mean  that the packaging development step is ignored.

Premium private label of eyelash wholesale

Because packaging greatly affects the impressions of customers, if the packaging is not good, no matter how good your false eyelashes, customers will hesitate. Design a unique packaging for your brand. When a customer wants to buy eyelashes, the shape of the packaging and the company logo appear in their head, then you are close to success. You can also name your custom boxes with your eyelash brand name and logo. Your product will also be identified from those previously available in the market due to your novel product presentation. Your business slogan can also be printed on such boxes to encourage the public.

What can you achieve when working with a premium private label eyelash packaging manufacturer?

To become a private label eyelash retailer, you may better find good manufacturers. They will prodive you a lot of benefits.

Working with the same eyelash vendor save your time and money

If your eyelash wholesale is also your packaging manufacturer, this is the biggest advantage in the false eyelash business. Because every time you cooperate with a certain supplier, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to learn about them, research their products. So what’s better than when your false eyelash supplier will also produce private label packaging for you.

They understand your products and your selling styles, so it’s much easier and more economical to provide the right packaging. It saves you both time and money. At the same time, this helps you avoid management risks when working with too many third parties


Design as your own ideas

For high-quality wholesale, you can request your own custom design. The normal packaging wholesalers will offer the available models for you to choose. These templates are mostly basic types, with no accents. They only help you to print and add your business logo. Even so, the price per shipment of their packaging is still very expensive. In fact, a lot of retailers have suffered negative feedback from their customers that the packaging is not good, has an unpleasant plastic odor. That greatly reduces the reputation of your business in customers.

By contrast, high-end wholesale always has an active team of designers. They constantly update the latest packaging models on the market. In addition, they also design new packaging models and make it trendy. You can also send your desired packaging design to wholesale and ask for custom production. As a partner of such wholesalers, you absolutely have the opportunity to become a leader in false eyelash retail. Thereby increasing revenue for your business.

Vietnam Lash can provide you out-standing privilege to manufacture eyelash packaging

Vietnam Lash is a reputable vendor wholesale for many years in the eyelash markets. We not only provide our partners with vogue false eyelashes, but also provide unique packaging. As a partner of Vietnam Lash, customers will have many preferential price packages to choose. Vietnam Lash is a large vendor, so when working with us directly, retailers do not have to incur additional costs through intermediaries. In addition, with superior customer service, we are ready to advise businesses on the trendy eyelash packaging ideas in the world as well as spend hours with them to design the most impressive packages.

Vietnam Lash has a team of professional and dedicated designers, ready to advise you on the latest trends. Regarding the implementation process, Vietnam Lash produces packaging on high quality technology. Our designers will work with the clients to determine the needs and background information. They will advise customers which packaging material is suitable for their needs and price. Then, we use the modern technology lines to print the packaging. At Vietnam Lash’s factory, we often use high quality inks for the most vivid and durable colors.


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Steps to choose a good private label eyelash packaging


Don’t underestimate the search process. Investing a little more time in your search combined with a wholesale review will save you a lot of risk later on. The first search results are usually pretty good but don’t trust it completely without any more objective evaluation. Because there are brands that combine with virtual review sites to enhance their products even though it is not as good as advertised. 

Actively combine searches on different platforms such as facebook, instagram, whatsapp,… to get a more comprehensive view of the wholesale you are interested in. One thing not to be missed is reading real customer reviews about the eyelash packaging manufacturer you’re aiming for. These are the most realistic materials to support your choice.

Contact the customer service department

The attitude of sales staff and consultants also partly reflects the way of working and quality of wholesale. A reputable wholesale always trains an enthusiastic customer care team and dedicated and attentive consultants. To rate them, contact them directly. Make a few suggestions and see how the staff behave to further evaluate the wholesale you want to work with.

Premium products of Vietnam Lash

Negotiate about the customer’s policy 

You know, a private label eyelash packaging will not only meet the print design requirements of retailers but also provide loyalty retailers many extremely good compensation policies. You can consider wholesale’s recommendations for false eyelashes combined with packaging to optimize the business budget you have to spend. Once you trust wholesale, you can also sign a long-term contract with them to receive even more incentives.

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Top best premium private label eyelash packaging manufacturers

Vietnam Lash is a global supplier of false eyelashes and packaging manufacturer. In addition to the head office in Vietnam, we also have representative offices in Japan, Russia and many western countries, which are longtime partners of Vietnam Lash.

Vietnam Lash

Vietnam Lash owns years of experience in the lash business, is affirming its position as the leading eyelash supplier in Vietnam and quickly establishing a foothold in the global lash markets. Hitherto, Vietnam Lash Factory has registered as the most trustworthy distributor in every corner of the world ranging from Australia to Europe, the USA,… with more than 1500 loyal lash artists, vendors.
Vietnam Lash ensures to provide customers with the best quality in the market with the most affordable price. Furthermore, Vietnam Lash ceaselessly updates and innovates equipments and techniques in the factory to satisfy customers, even the most demanding ones.

A private label eyelash packaging

The first American eyelash

This is a wholesaler with the largest volume of orders from Vietnam Lash in 2020. The products of this wholesale are diverse. They not only focus on false eyelashes but also provide a full range of related tools such as eyelash glue, packaging, …

Russia Nice Lash

Russua Nice Lash is the longest counterpart of Vietnam Lash. In addition to the official representor office of Vietnam Lash in this country, Russican Nice Lash is the one who provide authentic eyelashes of Vietnam Lash. Beside, if you want to build a new lash line Russian Nice Lash is also provide you some idea about logo, slogan of your brand as well as give you some newly packaging ideas at the first coorporate.

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