Top 4 private label eyelashes wholesales in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the three largest markets in the United States with a huge amount of daily traded, including a significant amount of goods belonging to the false eyelash industry. The eyelashes wholesales in Los Angeles have a long history and have a strong position in the eyelash markets. In the false eyelash industry, wholesale from Los Angeles also play a pioneering role. Here are the top 5 first and most reputable wholesales in Los Angeles along with their strengths and weaknesses.

1. How are the private label eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles?

A prominent advantage of eyelashes wholesales in Los Angeles is that they are private brands. This new form of business makes it more profitable for suppliers and retail chains.

Indeed, the concept of private label is a new concept that has appeared in business in recent years. If you are looking to open an eyelash business with your own label and you have a strategy to compete with established brands, then the private label will be a great choice.

1.1 What is the private label?

A private label is a product manufactured and sold under the name of a particular retailer that competes with branded products. Also known as “private brand” or “store brand,” the prices of goods from private labels tend to be lower than the prices of nationally recognized brand’s goods.

Private labels of eyelash wholesalers in Los Angeles have registered their own intellectual property. They supply eyelash-related products under their own labels and reputation. And these distributors also corporate with retail chains to provide the initial materials, which are convenient for the retailer chains to create their own private labels.

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1.2 Advantages when buying eyelashes from a private label wholesaler

In general, a private label brings quite a lot of benefits to a retail business. For example, in the false eyelash industry, when looking at the typical mink lash line, retailers can offer a wider range of products thanks to private labels. New products will attract the interest of consumers by being more advanced or more affordable. 

According to many studies, customers are more likely to prefer exclusive products. As eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles use the private label, it allows their business to set themselves apart from its competitors, especially when it comes to exclusive rights to sell products. Good marketing will create demand for the product, which is highly profitable because they are the only source of the product. This is a good tactic if you want to sell false eyelashes, you should learn more about their private label form.

1.3 Disadvantages of being a private label as eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles

Not only in Los Angeles but this seems to be a challenge for almost all private labels. 

First and foremost is the difficulty of building trust and winning customer loyalty. In Los Angeles, the older brands of false eyelashes have the upper hand and are easily found in a variety of retail stores. Meanwhile, private label eyelashes wholesalers can only sell products in their own store, limiting the ability to reach new customers. However, the limited number of products becomes an advantage that motivates customers to have a reason to come back and buy more. According to the experience of private brands in wholesalers in Los Angeles, what a retailer needs to focus on is marketing the product extensively on commercial platforms, while also finding reputable vendors to ensure the quality of your products.

                                 International parcels to Los Angeles wholesalers

So, finding vendors is the second disadvantage of private labels. Because the production of your product line is in the hands of a 3rd party company. Therefore, you need to learn and cooperate with reputable companies. Otherwise, you will be in a lot of trouble if that manufacturer has a problem. 

Eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles are fortunate to cooperate with Vietnam Lash, a leading reputable vendor in Asia with a daily continuous production volume that completely meets the growing demand of the US market. Vietnam Lash has cooperated with wholesalers in Los Angeles for a long time, contributing much to the development of these wholesalers.

2. Trending eyelashes in Los Angeles

We’ve all seen the models and celebrities gracing the covers of magazines and starring in our favorite movies. It’s easy to envy their long lashes — but the truth is that most of those lashes you’re swooning over are artificial and that’s ok. Since our eyelashes don’t all attractive by them naturally, many of us have to explore different alternatives to get the captivated lashes we desire. Let’s take a look at which eyelashes are trending in 2021 that many vendors in Los Angeles recorded during the first half-year.

2.1 Funky-colour eyelashes

This trend started when a makeup artist went viral by matching her lipstick and false lashes. It’s no surprise that this daring look is trending in 2021. Colored lashes can give a big pop of color that can make your eyes shine. 

2.2 Hybrid eyelashes

Hybrid lashes are the best combination of natural and false lashes. To get hybrid lashes, you have to go to the salon and the experts will help you to extend your real eyelashes with false lashes. They provide a volume and shape that isn’t easily achieved with natural lashes alone.

2.3 Eyelash embellishments

Embellishments like gemstones may seem a little intimidating at first, but they are one of the easiest ways to make your eyelashes stand out. Some designers even stick diamonds into the lashes this year to make it more special.

2.4 L and M curl lashes

This style creates an elongated effect that gives a sultry cat-eye look that’s very alluring. Initially, L and M curls were traditionally used for hooded eyes, but they are quickly becoming a viral trend in 2021, thanks to their lash-lifting results.

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4. Common mistake when choosing eyelash wholesalers in Los Angeles 

With the rapid increase of the demand for eyelashes in the past year, the business of false eyelashes is attracting great attention from many businesses. Choosing a reputable wholesaler is not easy. Here are the most common mistakes when choosing eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles. 

4.1 Search with keywords: “best eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles”

In fact, searching for this keyword is not wrong, the mistake is that you believe too much in the first results found. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of scammers. They have a website that provides a list of the top, best wholesalers, but that is not the case. Those providers can be a partner with website builders to advertise with the most spectacular words. However, those mostly lie.

To find a quality wholesaler, you should visit their website to see the quality of service and previous customer reviews of their products. You should also look at the reviews of famous bloggers in the eyelash industry to assess the quality of wholesalers in the most objective way.

4.2 Go through wholesalers’ terms of service

For example, there are some pricing policies that are only available to first-time retailers. Some other policies are for retail chains that commit to long-term cooperation. Or a few terms related to benefits for close partners. These rules vary from different wholesales. For reputable eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles, staff will explain the details to the customer before signing the contract. However, not all wholesalers do this. Therefore, to avoid risks, you should read these terms carefully before making a contract with any wholesalers.

                                  The common mistake when choosing a wholesales

4.3 Long-term subscription

You are a newbie and you do not have experience in working with wholesalers, you should not sign a long-term contract with them just because of their sweet temptations. You should ask to preview their products to see the actual quality. Many businesses have had to struggle because when receiving goods from eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles, the quality of eyelashes is not as described. You should only sign a long-term contract to enjoy more incentives when you are sure about the quality of the product.

4.4 Look at the origin of the eyelashes

Eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles are various. Most of them are not self-produced wholesalers but import the material from other countries. Therefore, when choosing suppliers, businesses should also find out the origin from which they import. Some wholesales importing raw materials from China will sell products that are more expensive and lower in quality. This may be because raw materials produced in China are expensive. The customs procedures are complicated and the quality of raw materials is not high.

By contrast, some of the more premium eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles importing ingredients from Vietnam Lash are of significantly better quality. Thanks to the export incentive offered by the government, the tariff procedure in Vietnam is much simpler than in other countries. At the same time, raw materials in Vietnam Lash are produced continuously with the most economical technology. Importing directly from Vietnam Lash reduces a lot of intermediary costs for wholesalers.


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5. Top 4 private label eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles

If you are finding an eyelashes wholesalers in Los Angeles, here are some you can trust. 

5.1 LA eyelashes

This is the first wholesaler to cooperate with Vietnam Lash. LA Eyelashes focuses on mink lashes. The material is the synthetic fiber produced by Vietnam Lash on modern technological lines. In the current mink eyelash market, LA Eyelashes is a big man with all kinds of mink lashes at different price points. Their products are evaluated as highly aesthetic and safe for users.

                                           Fabulous eyelash premade fans-min

5.2 The first American eyelash

This is a wholesaler with the largest volume of orders from Vietnam Lash in 2020. Their range of products is diverse. They not only focus on false eyelashes but also provide a full range of related tools such as eyelash glue, packaging, …

5.3 Twinkle eyes lashes

This used to be Vietnam Lash’s wholesaler, which has had the highest sales volume for 2 consecutive years. Twinkle eyelashes are focused on magnetic eyelashes. This is also the leading wholesaler in developing this type of eyelashes in Los Angeles

5.4 Colorful lashes

                                                           High-quality color lashes

The name reflects the brand. This is the latest private label eyelashes wholesalers from Vietnam Lash in Los Angeles. These wholesalers develop their brands according to the latest trends in the market. Vietnam Lash continuously provides them with the most beautiful color false eyelashes to meet the modern trends they pursue.



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