Do you know the meaning of white eyelashes?

Welcome dear readers to my blog today. A few days ago, I received a question from a relatively young customer. This customer shared that the other morning, while brushing their teeth and washing their face, they suddenly noticed a few white eyelashes. Due to a busy schedule, they didn’t have time to visit a lash technician. Although it doesn’t affect the health of their eyes, white eyelashes can detract from their natural beauty. Taking this opportunity to respond to the customer’s query, I have summarized and reworked this blog to help more people understand why their eyelashes are turning white and what they can do about it. This blog won’t be too lengthy, so please don’t skip any valuable information here! Let’s get started!

What does white lash mean?

White eyelashes refer to eyelashes that have lost their natural pigmentation and have turned white or colorless. Eyelashes, like hair, get their color from a pigment called melanin. When the cells responsible for producing melanin in the hair follicles stop functioning or decrease their production, the hair or eyelashes lose their color and become white or graying eyelashes. This condition can occur for various reasons, that I will explain in detail later. The sudden appearance of white eyelashes, in some cases, might be a temporary condition, while in others, it could be a permanent change.

white eyelashes refer to eyelashes that have lost their natural pigmentation and have turned white or colorless
White eyelashes refer to eyelashes that have lost their natural pigmentation and have turned white or colorless

What are the causes that make natural lashes become white eyelashes?

Now, I will analyze in detail for you the specific reasons behind eyelashes turning white. As I mentioned, to explain this scientifically, the meaning of white eyelashes is that the hair follicle’s stem cells are not producing melanin to darken the lash strands. But why do these cells stop producing pigment? Let’s take a look at the main reasons below!

1. Aging and getting older

When it comes to gray hair, the first thing most people think of is “getting older,” right? Eyelashes have a similar structure to hair, so aging and growing older are also common factors leading to eyelashes turning gray or white more frequently. Aging causes cells in the body to become less efficient. The stem cells of eyelash follicles are also affected by aging. When these cells produce less melanin, the lash strands gradually turn gray. Ultimately, lashes turn white when the cells completely stop producing melanin.

Aging is a cause of white eyelashes
Eyelashes have a similar structure to hair, so aging is a common factor leading to eyelashes turning white

2. Diseases and environmental factors

In addition to aging, various medical conditions and environmental factors can also lead to eyelashes turning white. One such condition identified as a cause of white eyelashes is called vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a skin condition characterized by the loss of pigmentation in certain areas of the skin, including the eyelids and eyelashes. When melanocytes (the cells responsible for producing melanin) in the eyelash follicles are affected by vitiligo, they can stop producing melanin, resulting in white or colorless eyelashes. This is one of the medical conditions that can lead to the development of eyelashes turn white’s phenomenom. 

In addition to vitiligo, a loss of melanin can also be caused by blepharitis. Blepharitis is a condition characterized by the inflammation of the eyelids, often caused by mites, lice, or bacteria that inhabit the skin around the eyelashes. Environmental factors like dust and heat can make your eyelashes prone to accumulating dirt, and the skin around the eyes can become oily and difficult to clean. This further increases the likelihood of developing blepharitis, which in turn can contribute to the formation of white eyelashes.

Eyelashes turn white
There are many factors pushing eyelashes to turn white like aging, diseases, hormones,…

3. Do eyelashes turn gray due to hormone and heritage factors?

In addition to the bacterial factors contributing to the development of white eyelashes, genetic factors are also a cause. In many individuals, genetic factors dictate a reduced synthesis of melanin compared to the average person. This genetic trait is passed down through generations, so if a family has grandparents with white hair or white eyelashes, it’s common for their descendants to experience the same. Since this is a genetic trait, it’s challenging to change.

Furthermore, experiencing stress or undergoing hormonal changes, deficiencies in substances like vitamin B12, or an unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking can also increase the likelihood of eyelashes turning white. In such cases, addressing the issue is relatively easier.

What method should a lash tech use to treat white eyelashes?

So, what can we do about white eyelashes? Typically, white eyelashes don’t have a significant impact on your health. However, they can affect your confidence. To prevent the formation of white eyelashes and reduce their occurrence, individuals should work on improving their living environment and daily habits. For example, limiting exposure to smoke and dust, refraining from smoking, and incorporating vitamin B12 into your daily diet can help.

If the cause is genetic and cannot be changed through lifestyle adjustments, you can visit a lash technician who can perform techniques to synchronize the color of your lashes.

1. Plucking your eyelashes

A very simple and seemingly well-known way to deal with white eyelashes is to pluck out the white strands that bother you. While this may not sound like any groundbreaking tip, I’ll still mention it as an option for everyone. You can do this at home or seek assistance from your lash technician. However, it’s essential to only pluck out 1-2 white lashes at a time! If you have too many white lashes, excessive plucking can potentially harm your eyes and disrupt the even appearance of your eyelashes.

Dye your white eyelashes to turn a perfect look. Many customers have done this and are entirely satisfied with both safety and aesthetics.

2. Let your eyelashes be dyed

If you notice too many white lashes, absolutely do not pluck them out! Instead, visit a salon for consultation and consider eyelash tinting. Many customers have done this and are entirely satisfied with both safety and aesthetics. Your lash technician will provide careful guidance on the tinting products and colors that suit your needs. The tinting process is gentle and quick, and you won’t experience any pain as you would with plucking. Moreover, eyelash tinting can make white eyelashes disappear, giving you more beautiful eyes.

The crucial point is to choose the right place. Only a reputable salon with professional lash technicians can provide the comfortable experience I just described. And when you decide to tint, don’t hesitate to choose a high-quality tinting product because there’s nothing more important than your eyes!

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eyelash tinting can make white eyelashes disappear
Eyelash tinting can make white eyelashes disappear

Do I need to call doctor? 

By reading this far, you’ve learned about many of the reasons behind white eyelashes. There are both physiological and pathological causes. The methods I’ve mentioned can help improve the condition of lashes turning white and restore their normal beauty, but they may not cure pathological cases. So, if you continue to experience persistent white eyelashes despite quitting certain medications, supplementing with vitamin B12, and maintaining a healthy diet, it’s advisable to consult a doctor! It could be related to underlying medical conditions, and in such cases, medical intervention is necessary.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, today’s post won’t be too long. I’ve highlighted the reasons behind white eyelashes and how to address them. To prevent cases of white lashes due to physiological factors, it’s essential to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Additionally, don’t hesitate to see a doctor if you notice white lashes accompanied by other concerning symptoms. Today’s blog will conclude here. I hope you found it informative and satisfying. See you in the next blog!

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