Vegan eyelash extensions: a new footstep in beauty industry

Welcome back to my blog. For those who don’t know, this is where I share tips and experiences in the eyelash extension industry. The articles can provide information for both lash technicians and beauty enthusiasts. Speaking of beauty enthusiasts, the recent common trend among most customers is vegan beauty. That’s why today, I’m presenting an article on the topic of vegan eyelash extensions for those who are curious about it. Please read along with me to get answers to your questions about vegan lash extensions!

How are vegan eyelash extensions?

“Vegan eyelash extensions” also known as cruelty free eyelash extensions, are the process of attaching artificial lashes without using products or materials sourced from animals. This can also be understood as the production and research of eyelash extensions without conducting animal testing. In this type of eyelash extension, salons and lash technicians use lashes made from synthetic materials such as PBT fibers, avoiding lashes produced from animal fur. This cruelty-free eyelash extension process contributes to the better protection of precious animal species that have been previously exploited for their fur, ensuring greater ethical considerations.

“Vegan eyelash extensions are the process of attaching artificial lashes without using products or materials sourced from animals
“Vegan eyelash extensions are the process of attaching artificial lashes without using products or materials sourced from animals

Where did the trend of vegan eyelash extensions come from? 

You see, in recent years, as science and technology have rapidly advanced and humanity has reached its peak of abundance, people have found themselves with almost everything they need. For many, life seemed excessively lavish and wasteful. Therefore, they turned towards a simpler, more nature-centric way of living. And living closer to nature has given rise to trends related to vegetarianism and veganism. The eyelash extension industry is no exception to the influence of these trends. 

Getting closer to nature made many people realize that animals are also sentient beings in need of protection. For many, the use of animal fur to produce lash extensions is considered highly unethical. The process of raising animals like minks for their fur is often harsh, with animals living in subpar conditions. Similarly, the animal testing procedures used to develop lash extension adhesives have sparked outrage among these individuals.

As a result, they choose to boycott products with animal origins. Vegan eyelash extensions align with their ethical values, and they spread their message within their communities. More and more animal lovers are rejecting products with animal origins. Consequently, vegan eyelash extensions are gaining traction in the lash extension market.

Minks raised in poor conditions for fur harvesting
Minks raised in poor conditions for fur harvesting

Types of vegan eyelash extensions

And the market is constantly evolving to meet consumer demand. With more and more people showing interest in eyelash extensions, there are now more varieties of vegan lash extensions being researched and produced. Initially, these vegan eyelash extensions weren’t extensively researched, resulting in lower quality. However, in recent times, thanks to the cruelty-free lashes trend, manufacturers have intensified their research efforts and have introduced beautiful and high-quality vegan lash extensions that closely mimic real lashes. Here are 3 of the most common vegan lash extensions near me

1. Vegan eyelash extensions Made from Synthetic Fibers

This is the first type of eyelash extensions researched as an alternative to animal-derived lashes. Eyelash extensions made from synthetic fibers are crafted from various types of plastics like nylon, PBT, and acrylic. Among these, the most common and beautiful type is usually made from PBT fibers. They closely resemble natural lashes and are available in various sizes and styles, catering to a wide range of customer preferences.

2. Silk Eyelash Extensions

The second type of vegan eyelash extensions I want to mention is silk lashes. These lashes are thin, lightweight, and luxuriously soft, akin to high-quality silk threads. When applied to the eyes, they bring an effortlessly glamorous allure, making the lashes appear thicker and richer in color without feeling heavy or cumbersome. These silk lashes are certified 100% vegan, crafted from premium synthetic fibers and never subjected to animal testing.

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3. Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

The third type I want to mention is faux mink eyelash extensions. They are named as such because these lashes mimic the characteristics of real mink fur. In the past, people used to confine and exploit minks to obtain fur for the production of faux eyelashes. Mink fur could create extremely beautiful and lifelike faux lash fibers when attached to the eyes. However, this practice raised serious ethical and animal protection concerns. 

Since the trend of using vegan lash extensions emerged, many lash manufacturers have removed real mink lashes from their product offerings. Instead, they produce faux mink lashes. So, what are vegan lashes made of? These faux mink lashes are similar to silk lashes, crafted from various types of synthetic fibers. These fibers are meticulously produced and packaged into different lash styles, such as loose eyelash extensions or fans lash extensions. Because they are completely free from research and use involving animals, this type of lash is highly favored by ethical beauty enthusiasts.

Faux mink eyelash extensions are completely free from research and use involving animals
Faux mink eyelash extensions are completely free from research and use involving animals

The Benefits of Vegan Eyelash Extensions Compared to Lashes with Animal Origins

After vegan eyelash extensions became popular within the nature-conscious community, they gained further traction and love from individuals outside this community due to the unique qualities they offer. Apart from ethical considerations, cruelty-free lashes also appeal to many other customers because of the following characteristics

  • Environmental friendly: There is the environmental aspect. If you are regularly concerned about contemporary environmental issues, you may also be aware that a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming comes from animal farming. Therefore, not raising animals for the production of lash extensions helps alleviate some of the environmental pressures on our planet
  • Minimizing allergies: which I believe is crucial for consumers and beauty enthusiasts, is minimizing allergies. In the past, there have been numerous cases where customers had to seek medical attention due to allergic reactions to eyelash extensions. This often occurred with lash extensions sourced from animals. What you may not know is that lash extensions from animal sources may not completely eliminate all potential pathogens. Therefore, when attached to real lashes, they can stimulate the growth of these pathogens, potentially causing harm to the eyes. This can result in allergies, redness, swelling, itching, and if not treated promptly, it could have serious effects on your appearance. On the other hand, with vegan eyelash extensions, you can rest assured that there are fewer hidden health risks. This is because vegan lash fibers are manufactured using modern technology from synthetic materials, which do not harbor potential pathogens, and they also do not irritate your eyes.
  • Exceptional Experience: The fantastic experience you’ll have when using cruelty-free eyelash extensions. This is because synthetic lash fibers offer a wide variety of sizes, styles, thicknesses, curls, and lengths. These synthetic lash fibers have a more uniform and defined color compared to lash extensions sourced from animals. Additionally, vegan lashes tend to retain their color better. This is because animal-origin lashes are often dyed externally, which can lead to color fading over time. In contrast, lash fibers directly manufactured from colored synthetic materials are less prone to fading during the extension process and daily makeup removal and maintenance.
Using products sourced from animals can easily trigger allergies
Using products sourced from animals can easily trigger allergies

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All right, so I’ve explained to you what vegan eyelash extensions are and why they’ve become a trend, as well as the most commonly used types of vegan lash extensions. I’ve also detailed the benefits of vegan eyelash extensions compared to animal-sourced ones. Whether you want to try them or not is ultimately your decision. But believe me, if you opt for vegan eyelash extensions, you won’t be disappointed.

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