5 amazing eyelash wholesale distributor in the USA

Americans spend a huge amount of money on beauty every year. Eyelash extensions are becoming a beauty trend of millions of women in the US. The following article will show you top 5 best eyelash wholesale distributor and the trend of using eyelashes in this country.

1. Three facts about eyelash wholesale distributor in the US you should know

The lash industry is constantly growing at an exponential rate. If you are serious in becoming a successful eyelash wholesale distributor, or simply you just want to embelling your eyes. Here are some valuable fact to know as a beginner and to help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes:

1.1 Lashing is a specialized service that requires endless amounts of education and practice.

Best eyelash wholesale distributor USA-min

Aesthetic appears in many forms. For the most of people, it’s more subtle and natural look with attractive eyes. So, many women want to own a long eyelashes that really make their eyes active.
Eyelashes don’t grow as long as hairs, but they also have a life cycle. They fall out daily and run on a much shorter life cycle than hairs. Therefore, many women seek fuller, longer eyelashes to fill in where the eyelashes may fall out.
There are various styles, shapes, and types of eyelash extensions at your disposal. So how do you know what is right for you?
Invest your time to learn how to become a good eyelash wholesale distributor. Take it to fully understand the fundamentals and high standards of eyelash from the start point. This can take months or even years but will carry onto the rest of your career.

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1.2 Bestselling styles and types in the US eyelash wholesale distributor

The following two eyelash extension styles are gained the most interested by Americans. Browse them and find out what is differences?

– 3d Faux Mink Lashes: When you place three extensions instead of one over the natural lashes, it becomes 3D. Used for creating a natural look, 3D faux mink lashes are affordable and long lasting too. It makes your lashes look lush and full. Made from high-quality synthetic mink fibers, they are lightweight, thick and soft to touch. Natural looking false lashes from mink eyelashes are good for almost all eye shapes with varying lengths and curls. This is the top product in the annual consumption of a big eyelash wholesale distributor in the US.

Best eyelash wholesale distributor USA-min
Best eyelash wholesale America UK

– Magnetic lashes: One of the most popular lash extension styles that are reusable. Magnetic lashes are convenient to use and requires no glue but still stay where they are put. This type of eyelash is really good for those who are allergenic to eyelash adhesives. Magnetic eyelashes can be adjusted to proper many different situations. Customers will not worry about drifting if they encounter water because they can even be used for swimming.

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2. 2021 trends that eyelash wholesale distributor in the USA aim for

The world has just undergone a terrible 2020 with the pandemic and more than half of 2021 with most of the time indoors. In the future, it is mandatory to wear a mask when leaving the house or going to any public place. Therefore, it is not surprising that the trend of using false eyelashes is on the throne. According to experts from famous eyelash wholesale distributor, there will be more tested eyelash styles later this year with bolder, explosive styles. Here are a few predictions about eyelashes that our experts analyzed.

2.1 Colored Lashes

Color eyelashes, once used for only a few eccentric clients. But on the next few year, people will embrace more. A big makeup trend in colorful eyeshadow and eyeliner makes this transition easier. Many as color lashes will blend in with their whimsical backgrounds instead of standing out too much on their own. Beside, embellishments such as gems are also will be add to the eyelash. Although they may seem intimidating, just about the easiest way to go all out with lash upgrades in 2021. We predict we’ll see a lot more kinds of appliqués with simple ready-made art lashes.

Colored lashes best wholesale vendor USA
Colored lashes best wholesale vendor USA

2.2 Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid eyelashes give off a fuller look than what a classic set would offer. By using classic and volume lashes, the eyelash wholesale distributor can give off a tye of reunification two of them, create seamless look with customization based on the shape and volume that their clients are looking for. While they don’t provide that intense volume that a full set would give your lashes, hybrid eyelashes promiss bring you novel experiences.

2.3 Wet look eyelashes

According to experts, wearing masks regularly make people focus more on clean, dewy skin in 2021. Clients will also want eyelashes that match this ultra-natural glass skin. So, here comes the wet look lash trend.
The wet look lash style is similar to wet volume lashes after a client has washed the face but before the eyelashes have been fluffed up.
The wet lash look is created by using narrow, almost closed volume fans. This look is great for creating texture and it perfectly matches the dewy skin look.

3. Top 5 best eyelash wholesale distributor in the USA

Vietnam Lash is a premium supplier for many vendors in the eyelashes industry, not except America. The products of Vietnam Lash are confident to bring the distributor high- quality and the most affordable price. Here are the three biggest eyelash wholesale distributor in the US that import materials from Vietnam Lash.


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3.1 Luxury mink Eyelash extensions

Luxury mink Eyelash extensions is a big eyelash wholesale distributor with many varieties offering false strip eyelashes, eyelash and brow tools. They also offer pre-made fan eyelash extensions, Easy Fan Blooming, YY Easy Fan and Self-Apply Lash Extensions. Luxury mink Eyelash extensions has upwards of 12 years of experience as a wholesale seller.

3.2 Be Lashes

One of the common eyelash wholesale distributor in U.S.A, Be Lashes is a specialist of 3D Mink False Lashes. Client can choose from different private label boxes. Some hottest lashes of Be Lashes are 3D Mink, 3D Velvet and 50 types of eyelash extensions. Be Lashes is also renowned for luxury Horse Hair, and even Human Hair Lashes. Beside, Be Lashes wholesale offers a good variety of lash extension accessories too.

3.3 Misen Lashes

One of the best eyelash manufacturer U.S.A, Misen Lashes offers custom eyelash with packaging options too. Their products are variety such as 20mm mink lashes, magnetic eyelashes, 22mm mink lashes and other lash saloon accessories. Eyelashes from Misen also famous as the safety for client with high-quality glue.

3.4 Lash Box LA

This is an eyelash wholesale distributor in Los Angeles with a wide selection of eyelash shapes and designs. They have an easy to navigate website boasting years of lash supplier experience, Lash Box eyelash manufacturer in Los Angeles offers lash training as well. The lash options on Lash Box are Mega volume, Russian Volume 8-10D, Volume 3-5D, Royal Sable Collection, Cashmere Lashes, Man Lashes and Silky Mink.

3.5 Spa Lashes

With a eyelash factory, Spa Lashes is very cool and stylish. They have more than 1000 types of eyelashes, they are processed directly from imported raw materials. Spa Lashes expressive lash extensions with 5.0 review rating on Yelp, they are also a premium brand of eyelash extension services. Rated #1 in LA and voted thrice in a row by Burbank, Spa Lashes is recommended by celebrities Sabrina Carpenter and Madison Beer.

Best Vietnam lashes supplier wholesale

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