Which are the Best Tanning goggles for Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing individuals to achieve stunning, long-lasting lashes. However, when getting a tan, whether from natural sunlight or a tanning bed, the safety of your eyes should never be compromised. In this article, we will explore the significance of using tanning goggles for eyelash extensions. These essential accessories not only protect your eyes but also ensure the longevity and beauty of your lash extensions.

Why do you need Tanning goggles for Eyelash Extensions?

  • Protect Lash Extensions from Sunbeds

When exposed to sunlight, especially during outdoor tanning sessions, it can be harmful to lash extensions. 

One thing you need to remember is that this temperature primarily affects the eyelash extension adhesive, not your lash extensions. The main component of the eyelash extension adhesive is cyanoacrylate (accounting for about 80% of its composition). 

Typically, the ideal temperature for storing the eyelash extension adhesive is between 25-28°C. Exposing the adhesive to excessively high temperatures can accelerate the chemical degradation process of cyanoacrylate, leading to a loss of its bonding properties. Consequently, the lash extensions may become more prone to premature detachment or separation from the natural lashes. Therefore, tanning goggles function as a shield, providing an additional layer of protection for the eyelash extensions.

Additionally, the black coloring agent in the eyelash extension adhesive is Carbon. High temperatures can cause the color to fade or reduce the adhesive’s striking effect. As a result, the lash extensions may appear less natural when exposed to such conditions.

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  • Preventing Damage from Tanning Beds

Tanning beds emit heat and light that can also affect the lash extension adhesive, causing them to loosen or fall out prematurely. Wearing goggles during tanning bed sessions protects the extensions from the potential damage caused by the heat and light, prolonging their lifespan.

Tanning goggles are extremely important in protecting your eyelash extensions
Tanning goggles are extremely important in protecting your eyelash extensions
  • Shielding from Tanning Sprays

Tanning sprays can coat the eyelash extensions, compromising the bond between the extensions and natural lashes, and resulting in premature shedding. Goggles act as a barrier, preventing the tanning spray from contacting the extensions, thus preserving their adherence and longevity.

  • Protecting Your Investment

Eyelash extensions require time and money investment to achieve the desired voluminous and longer lash appearance. By wearing goggles and taking necessary precautions, you protect your investment, ensuring that your lash extensions remain intact and beautiful for an extended period.

How to Choose the Right Tanning Goggles for Eyelash Extensions?

Selecting the suitable tanning goggles for your eyelash extensions is crucial to ensure optimal protection and a comfortable tanning experience. Here are some essential factors to consider when making your decision:

1. Prioritize Eye Protection

Regardless of whether you’ve got eyelash extensions or not, safeguarding your eyes and the delicate skin surrounding them from harmful UV rays should be your top priority when using the tanning bed. The potential for permanent eye damage is a genuine concern, so never compromise on proper eye protection.

Ensure that the tanning goggles you choose offer complete UV protection, covering all sensitive areas around your eyes, and allowing you to bask in your tan with absolute peace of mind.

2. Focus on Goggle Construction

Stability is the key to a seamless tanning experience, so keep an eye out for well-crafted goggles that securely fit over your eyes. Whether you opt for reusable or disposable options, ensure they provide a snug and secure fit.

Additionally, comfort is essential, so select goggles made from soft and gentle materials, ensuring a pleasant tanning journey free from any discomfort.


3. Allow Sufficient Space Over Your Eyes

Cherish your exquisite eyelash extensions by choosing goggles that offer ample clearance above your lash line. This thoughtful design feature prevents your lashes from brushing against the goggles’ interior, sparing them from potential irritation or damage.

By providing sufficient space, these goggles will help maintain the beauty and integrity of your eyelash extensions throughout your tanning session.

4. Choose Wisely Between Reusable and Disposable

Deliberate on your preference for reusable or disposable tanning goggles. Reusable options often boast higher quality and durability, ensuring they last through numerous tanning sessions, an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.

On the other hand, disposable goggles offer unmatched convenience, requiring no cleaning between sessions. Keeping extra pairs in your bag ensures you’ll never be caught without eye protection.

05 Types of Tanning Goggles for Eyelash Extensions

One of the issues faced by the majority of people using bed tanning is uneven skin tone caused by choosing the wrong goggles to protect eyelash extensions. So, what is the best choice to not only safeguard your lash extensions but also help you achieve an even tanning result? 

Let’s explore which is the best model of tanning bed goggles among the options below:

01: Super Sunnies Evo Flexible Tanning Bed Goggles 

These are one of the fundamental styles commonly used in all your tanning sessions. One of the advantages of these goggles is their high nose bridge, preventing the occurrence of nose-line tans that some other types of protective eyewear with low nose bridges may cause.

Additionally, this type of goggles comes with an attached elastic strap, allowing you to securely hold them around your head, even when standing up. With their intelligent design and functionality, ensuring optimal comfort for users, these protective goggles are an excellent choice for individuals with eyelash extensions who want to go tanning.

Super Sunnies Evo is the most popular model of tanning goggles
Super Sunnies Evo is the most popular model of tanning goggles

02: Wink Ease Ultra Gold

The design of Wink Ease allows them to be easily folded into a comfortable, perfectly fitting cone shape over your eyes without affecting your eyelash extensions. Another advantage of these tanning goggles is their independent positioning on each eye, ensuring no tan lines form on your nose and providing an even tan. Simply peel off the adhesive backing, fold them when needed, and apply them onto the eye area using the conveniently attached adhesive layer on each protective piece.

Wink Ease Ultra Gold provides convenience when using bed tanning
Wink Ease Ultra Gold provides convenience when using bed tanning

03: Podz Keychain Tanning Goggles

This eyewear is ingeniously designed to be the smart solution that ensures you never forget your tanning goggles when sunbathing. They are designed with a convenient keychain attachment, making it easy for you to carry them along wherever you go. The standout feature of this product lies in the height of the goggles, ensuring they won’t come into contact with your eyelash extensions. Additionally, the nose bridge is delicately designed and transparent, effectively preventing any sun-induced marks on your nose.

Podz Keychain Tanning Goggles
Podz Keychain Tanning Goggles

04: The Slim Flex UV Eye Protection

This pair of goggles is ingeniously designed to bring convenience to those who often forget or worry about uneven sun exposure leading to unwanted tan lines on their faces caused by regular sunglasses. These goggles not only offer excellent protection against harmful UV rays but also provide sufficient clearance to safeguard your eyelash extensions. With its compact design, you can easily store them in the included case and carry them with you at any time without worrying about space.

The Slim Flex UV has a compact design, making it easy to carry around
The Slim Flex UV has a compact design, making it easy to carry around

05: Disposable Tanning Bed Eye Stickers

This is perhaps the lightest and most convenient sunbathing eyewear, as it is designed for one-time use and can be easily disposed of. Moreover, the glasses can be securely and safely adhered to the eye area, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off while sunbathing. A pack of these eye stickers contains around 100 pairs, ensuring you can comfortably lie back and enjoy numerous relaxing tanning sessions!

Disposable Tanning Bed Eye Stickers are the best tanning goggles to prevent raccoon eyes
Disposable Tanning Bed Eye Stickers are the best tanning goggles to prevent raccoon eyes

Tanning goggles for eyelash extensions are an indispensable accessory for anyone seeking a sun-kissed glow without compromising the beauty and safety of their lashes. By investing in high-quality tanning goggles, you protect your eyes, maintain the quality of your lash extensions, and reduce the risk of irritation or infection. Don’t let a lack of eye protection overshadow your tanning experience—choose tanning goggles for eyelash extensions and bask in the sun with confidence and style. Remember, the key to radiant beauty lies in safeguarding every aspect of your appearance, including your stunning eyelash extensions.

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