Enter your Dark Feminine Era with Hypnotic Siren Eyes 

Hey, beauty enthusiasts! Ever heard of siren eyes? It’s the latest TikTok sensation with a whopping 671 million views, promising to turn you into a seduction maestro with just your eyes. Move over cat-eye and fox-eye, siren eyes trend is here to take things up a notch. Picture this: sultry eye shadow and eyeliner magic that’s as alluring as those mythical sea creatures who lured sailors to their doom with their enchanting tunes. We’re talking about raising your eyebrows a bit, giving those eyes a half-closed, mysterious vibe—all while channeling your inner seductress. Let’s dive in!

So, what are Siren eyes exactly?

siren eyes
Alexa Demie rocking siren eyes

Siren Eyes makeup is considered the next step forward in the Smokey Eye makeup style. The main highlight of Siren Eyes is the sharp eyeliner, with the sharp tip tilting up to help create an almond eye shape. Combined with a dark-toned eye palette, Siren Eyes is an intersection between retro features and the beauty tastes of current youth.

The Origin of Siren eyes

Siren eyes derive their name from the Greek mythological being known as the Siren. In ancient legend, the Siren is a dangerous and alluring creature that lures sailors and ships with enchanting music and singing, reminiscent of the allure attributed to mermaids in mythical stories.

This trend has also been inspired by the dark femininity aesthetic, a seductive craze that gathers millions of views on TikTok thanks to its dark, sexy, and feminine appeal.  

The practice of “the siren gaze,” which purports to use a seductive gaze as a means to extract power from men, is closely associated with dark femininity. The sensual, dark feminine energy of the siren has been embodied through the use of makeup to produce this seductive stare.

Enter Alexia Demie, the Insta queen and “Euphoria” star. Her looks, especially her eyes, have gone viral. People are not just copying her makeup but also trying to mimic the way she pulls off those sultry expressions.

At the heart of this trend is the extension of the eyeliner line from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, creating a captivating and seductive vibe. The smoky eye effect, achieved by darkening the eye rims, adds depth and intensity, making your eyes appear slimmer and more naturally seductive. A dark color scheme is often used in this style. Whether it’s pencil liner or eyeshadow, the colors that are commonly used in this look are black, dark brown, violet, and navy.

Siren eyes vs. Doe eyes

The siren eyes feature a distinctive sensual shape, while the doe eyes emphasize a rounded, brilliant, doll-like appearance. Generally, one of these styles will naturally enhance your eye shape.

The focus of the doe eye is to open up the eyes by applying a thick line of eyeliner across the entire upper lash line without extending into an elongated wing. Upward-lifting mascara is then used to create a wide, bright, and almost innocent-looking open eye. Doe eyes easily wins the hearts of girls who pursue a gentle, lovely image. With tips to create visual deception effects, the doe eye look is a “weapon” to help girls conquer the other person with the dreamy look in their eyes. Although it looks simple, completing Doe Eyes eye makeup also requires a lot of meticulousness.

Conversely, the siren eye style creates an elongated, almond-shaped, and narrower eye that exudes a more sexy and sultry vibe. These techniques can be adapted to suit nearly any eye shape; the key is to choose the style that aligns with the desired look you’re aiming for. 

siren eyes
Siren eyes vs. Doe eyes

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How to Recreate the Siren eyes Look

To start, lightly apply grey or brown eyeshadow to your eyelids and beneath your eyes. Connect the two ends in the outer corner, forming a small wing. Extend the line to the center of the eye and fill in the space, thickening the line. Avoid extending the eyeliner to the inner corner. Use eyeliner on the upper and lower inner corners, blending slightly. To enhance a mermaid-like charm and create the illusion of larger, more prominent eyes, draw a brown line on the eyelid with an eyebrow pencil for the “aegyo sal” effect. Finish by curling your lashes with mascara, and voila—you’re ready to bewitch with your siren eyes.

Even with numerous online tutorials on creating a siren eye look, one particular content creator stands out. Makeup creator @daniellemarcan’s video on this makeup style is gaining significant traction, with more than 7.8 million views and hundreds of thousands of comments. A fan commented, “This is honestly one of the greatest tutorials ever,” and another expressed enthusiasm, saying, “I absolutely have to recreate this look… I love it!”

Here is the breakdown of the steps:

Step 1

For an easy way to get a cool eye look, use tape as a guide. Make it less sticky by pressing it on your clothes first to avoid any discomfort on your skin. Start at the outer corner of your eye and make a slanted line going towards your temple or the end of your eyebrow.

Step 2

Grab a brown eyeshadow from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette, choosing a shade a bit darker than your skin. Use a fluffy brush to put the eyeshadow on the outer part of your crease for a soft winged shape. To add depth, use a smaller blending brush to apply a second, even darker brown along the outer part of your lash line.

Step 3

For the winged look, use a deep brown or black eyeliner from the outer third of your eye. Get a precise look with a liquid eyeliner like Il Makiage Black Card Liquid Liner, or go for a chill, smudged look with a pencil liner like Ere Perez Jojoba Eye Pencil. Use a pencil brush to blend and smudge the liner, adding more eyeshadow if needed to blend it smoothly with the existing shadow for a smoky finish.

Step 4

Extend the liner to the inner corner in a v-shape and put it on both the upper and lower waterlines. Leave the middle third of your eye free from liner or shadow to make the elongated, lifted effect pop. If you want, add a light, shimmery shade to this area and your inner corner for a highlighting effect.

Step 5

Finish it off with a volumizing mascara, like Ciaté London Wonderwand Mascara. Focus on sweeping your lashes to the side instead of straight forward to really make the whole look stand out.

siren eyes
@daniellemarcan via TikTok

Celeb Spotting: Siren Eyes Edition

Numerous celebrities have joined the siren eyes craze, showcasing their interpretations of this captivating makeup style. Supermodel Bella Hadid, with her strong and sharp siren eyes, often graces various occasions with this mesmerizing look. Actress Zendaya adds a quirky twist by emphasizing the lower lash line, breaking away from the traditional siren eye makeup trend.

Want a gentler touch? Check out Zoë Kravitz’s earth-toned natural siren eyes. Emily Ratajkowski goes bold with little wings, while Lily-Rose Depp opts for lilac or light pink to keep things fresh.

siren eyes
Celebs flaunting siren eyes on the red carpet.


In a world where sirens are synonymous with temptation, siren eyes are your secret weapon. It’s not just about makeup; it’s about unleashing your inner temptress. So, dive into siren eyes, play with the style, and let your gaze do the talking. In the age of sirens, a captivating look is your superpower!

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