Best treatments for lash extensions on straight lashes

Best treatments for lash extensions on straight eyelashes

Today is a beautiful day and a beautiful girl is reading this article of mine. How fun! Welcome back to VietnamLash’s blog and today I will share what I know about lash extensions on straight lashes. Surely you and many of my other readers think that lash extensions for straight lashes is something difficult. I used to have naturally straight, and even short, eyelashes. I thought eyelash extensions would never suit me until I worked in this industry, met many highly specialized lash artists and they helped change my eyes and lashes 180 degrees. So what is the secret? Come find out with me!

lash extensions on straight lashes
How can artist make lash extensions on straight lashes Let’s read

Eyelash extensions are an effective solution for sparse and straight eyelashes

You know, there are many girls who spend years taking care of their eyelashes. They use serums, conditioners or take vitamins regularly every day just to have thicker and curlier eyelashes. If that sounds like you, please understand that, for certain people, having straight, sparse lashes is a genetic trait. Therefore, no matter how much influence they have from the outside, it can only improve a little bit and cannot be completely changed.

They must be tired to apply makeup every day. They keep curling and curling and then applying mascara to curl and thicken their eyelashes. That’s difficult, isn’t it?

There are many people choose bad quality eyelash extension spas then say that it will not help make their lashes straight. Leading to a mistaken belief in these girls that lash extensions on straight lashes are ineffective.

But it’s wrong! If you or your loved ones are thinking like that, you need to correct it immediately. Because experts in the eyelash extension industry have confirmed that eyelash extensions on straight lashes are effective and in fact have solved the troubles of many girls.

Difficulties when doing lash extensions on straight lashes

If lash extensions for straight lashes are so effective, why are there still news and stories claiming that eyelash extensions are not effective for straight eyelashes? The story lies in whether the lash artists’ skills are stable or not. Because let’s be honest, eyelash extensions on straight lashes are much more difficult and require more skill than regular eyelash extensions.

Let’s look at 3 of the difficulties that lash artists encounter when applying straight eyelash extensions.

lash extensions on straight lashes
Eyelash extensions help you no longer need to curl your eyelashes and apply mascara every day

Fix eyelash extensions.

The first difficulty for lash artists is fixing the eyelash extensions. Because straight eyelashes are often quite thin and weak, it is very important to fix the eyelash extensions so as not to break the real eyelashes. This requires a lash artist to not only be skillful and careful but also have experience in eyelash extensions.

Create curvature

Another important thing in lash extension on straight lashes is to maintain the curl of the new lashes. The goal of you, those with straight eyelashes, when going to the eyelash salon is to have curlier, more attractive eyelashes. But after connecting, they are still straight, so it really doesn’t make any sense, right?

This is no small challenge for lash artists. Because you know that eyelash extensions are when you glue each false eyelash on top of your real eyelashes. If the eyelashes are very straight, it will more or less affect the curl of the eyelash extensions. If the lash artist does not choose an eyelash with the right curvature and is not careful when applying it, the eyelashes will no longer retain the desired curl.

>> Wanna know the exact curve you can go for, look no further:

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Choose material and eyelash thickness

Similar to curvature, choosing material or thickness for eyelash extensions is also a difficulty. This requires lash artists to have experience and evaluate which material is most suitable for the customer’s straight eyelashes. Each type of eyelash extension material has a different weight. Thickness also determines the weight of the eyelashes. Straight eyelashes are often quite thin and weak. Therefore, if you choose incorrectly, your straight lashes will be under pressure, easily leading to breakage and even infection. Even if the effect is milder, it will lose your natural look and lash extensions on straight lashes will no longer achieve the desired effect.

Tips for new lash techs when doing lash extensions on straight lashes

If you are a new lash tech, study hard from your teachers. And during your first customer meetings, if you encounter a customer who came for eyelash extensions because she was tired of her straight, sparse, and weak eyelashes, don’t be nervous. Slowly look and evaluate your customer’s eyelashes to make the right choices. From the 3 difficulties I mentioned above, if you are a lash tech, you can learn the following lessons:

Choose thin, light and dark eyelashes

Because the client’s lashes are sparse and weak, choosing a thin and light extension material ensures that it will not cause the client any discomfort. And this also helps the eyelashes after extensions look more natural. The color of eyelash extensions should be dark because you should not attach too many eyelashes to the client’s real eyelashes. This dark color effect can make a client’s lashes look thicker while still feeling light and comfortable.

lash extensions on straight lashes
J-curl eyelashes extension

Choose J-curl lashes.

If you usually choose C-curl or D-curl for your customers and it’s enough, then you need to change it a bit for customers with straight eyelashes. Because eyelash extensions on straight lashes have the characteristic that the customer’s original eyelashes do not have a curl, and you cannot force them to curl up after the eyelash extensions are applied, so the best curl is J-curl. The eyelashes will be shaped like the letter J. Its ends are straight to match the customer’s real eyelashes and the tip is curved up to create a natural curl. This is the choice that many lash artists consider to be the most reasonable.

Please put eyelash extensions in the right place

If with regular eyelash extensions you have the 2/3 formula, which means placing the foot of the extension eyelash at 2/3 of the real eyelash from the root, now it must be 3/4. What I mean is that you should keep the root of the eyelash extension a little closer to the customer’s real eyelash root. Thus the curving effect will be better achieved.

Advice for girls who need lash extensions on straight lashes

If you are a girl who is in need of a solution for lash extensions for straight lashes, then reading this, do you understand why many people still think that eyelash extensions on downward lashes are not effective?

Do not get eyelash extension done at poor quality establishments

The first and most common reason why eyelash extensions on straight lashes are not effective is that the eyelash extension facility is of poor quality. Poor quality is reflected in many points from the eyelash material, eyelash glue material to the workmanship of the lash tech.

As I said above, to apply eyelash extensions for girls with straight eyelashes, lash artists not only need to practice skills but they also have to understand eyelash types, eyelash structure,… lash tech. It will be difficult for a newbie to understand everything.

Therefore, if you want to completely change your straight eyelashes, give them to a reputable eyelash extension facility.

Book an appointment with professional lash artists

Spend a little effort to find high-quality eyelash extension salons or make a consultation appointment with professional lash artists so they can evaluate the condition of your straight eyelashes and advise you on which type of eyelashes is suitable best for your situation. If you want to find some of the best eyelash extension spa, I have a list of blogs about it in many cities. Let’s find more in our ‘News”

Don’t be shy if a lash artist doesn’t give you the answer you want. Feel free to go to other salons and meet other lash artists to choose the most suitable style for yourself.

Let’s talk to lash artists

One thing I advise you is to discuss carefully with your lash artist because they are experts. They can not only help you find the most suitable type of eyelashes, fix your straight eyelashes, but also help you avoid risks that you may encounter when applying eyelash extensions. Simply tell them you have a habit of wearing heavy makeup when going out, for example, and they will tell you that it can shorten the lifespan of lash extensions on straight lashes and advise you to adjust that habit.

lash extensions on straight lashes
Supplementing vitamin E daily helps your real eyelashes become stronger, thanks to which eyelash extensions on these straight eyelashes also last longer

Things to avoid when doing lash extensions on straight lashes

Once you have the desired lashes to replace your previous straight and sparse lashes, pay attention to the lash artist’s instructions on eyelash care. Careful and proper care or not greatly determines the longevity of your eyelash extensions.

Surely you will be advised not to wear too much makeup, especially in the eye area. Because removing makeup will be difficult and will easily cause your eyelashes to lose their desired curl. Thick makeup can also easily cause makeup to not be removed thoroughly and from there, dirt can accumulate and cause infection. In addition, you should have a specialized comb to brush your eyelashes. You should also maintain eyelash maintenance with serum and take vitamins daily. Although as I said, it won’t help your natural eyelashes curl, but it can ensure stronger eyelashes and prolong the life of your eyelash extensions.


So my post today is already long. I hope the information I have given is enough to answer your questions regarding lash extensions on straight lashes. If you have any questions, please comment below! I am very pleased to discuss this with you. Now goodbye and see you again! 

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