Shaking your lash adhesive: Why is it important?

Welcome back to the Vietnam Lash blog. It’s great to have you here again to explore topics related to eyelash extensions in today’s article. For those of you who are visiting the blog for the first time, I will share some useful information about various aspects of eyelash extensions, a booming beauty field in recent years! 

And now, let’s get to the main point of today’s article. This article won’t be too long. The content I’ll be sharing today is mainly aimed at answering questions from our dear readers that I’ve received recently. It’s about the role of shaking your lash adhesive before performing eyelash extensions.

I will leave the outline of this blog below for those who want a quick overview of the content of my article and can skip to the section they are interested in. However, if you have many questions about the importance of shaking your lash adhesive, please be patient and read the entire article! I believe it will be beneficial.

Shaking your lash adhesive is very important
Let’s read on to know about what will happen if you do not shake your glue

What problems are you having with eyelash glue?

You’ve learned about the components and mechanisms of eyelash extension glue. You also know how to store the adhesive to prolong its shelf life after opening. However, you still encounter issues with these adhesives when applying them in practice, right? You might experience the frustrating phenomenon of your glue suddenly hardening at the nozzle, even though the body of the glue is still in liquid form. 

Many inexperienced lash technicians have encountered this. Some lash techs also face customer complaints that their eyelash extensions only last about a week after application, and then they start falling out gradually. They question the quality of the adhesive. Why does advertising claim that eyelash extensions can last up to 3 weeks, but in reality, they don’t even last half that time? 

Lash techs have even tried expensive adhesive alternatives but still encounter similar issues. So, what’s the explanation for this? It all comes down to the technique of the lash tech. Professional lash techs won’t forget to shake their lash adhesive before using it. Why is shaking your lash  adhesive so important?

Why do you need to shake your glue before use?

There are three important reasons to mention when you perform the action of shaking your adhesive. It only takes a few minutes, but the results of eyelash extensions with properly shaken lash extension glue will be entirely different from those without shaking the adhesive.

Shaking to mix the ingredients in the glue
If a lash tech doesn’t shake the adhesive it can lead to the nozzle

01: Mix the ingredients in the glue

In eyelash adhesive, there are three main chemical components: cyanoacrylate, methanol, and polymer. These substances have different molecular weights and chemical properties, so over time during transportation and waiting, they can separate from each other. At this point, if a lash tech doesn’t shake the adhesive to mix these components evenly before direct use, it can lead to the nozzle of the adhesive, a common issue we often see.

In the article about eyelash extension glue, I’ve discussed in detail the basic components of lash adhesive and the characteristics of these components. You can refer back to that article for more information. To save time, I’ll summarize some relevant points for this article. Cyanoacrylate is the main component responsible for adhesion. When it comes into contact with the air, it absorbs moisture from the air and dries up. Therefore, if you don’t shake the glue before use, this component is more likely to be drawn out first, causing the adhesive nozzle to harden faster.

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02: Reduce the lifespan of the eyelash extensions

The second reason why you need shaking your lash adhesive is related to the longevity of eyelash extensions. Customers can be extremely disappointed when they invest their time and money in getting eyelash extensions that only last a week. You can extend that period to 3-4 weeks if you shake the adhesive before use. This is because, as I mentioned earlier, the components of the adhesive can separate. So, when you use it without shaking it thoroughly, you might pick up areas of the adhesive that don’t contain cyanoacrylate. Clearly, this will compromise the bonding quality, causing the eyelash extensions to fall out more quickly.

Shaking your lash adhesive extends the life of the eyelash extension
If you do not shake the glue, the whole eyelash extension can fall down in a few days

03: Affecting to the appropriate time for glue to dry

The final reason I want you to remember the importance of shaking your lash adhesive is also a consequence of the adhesive components separating. When this happens, the amount of cyanoacrylate you pick up from the adhesive won’t be consistent, leading to different drying times for each adhesive spot. This affects the uniformity of the eyelash extensions and can result in an uneven look.

Additionally, while it usually takes only 1-2 seconds for a single adhesive point to dry under normal circumstances, when you don’t shake the adhesive, each adhesive point may take an additional 3-5 seconds to dry. Although 5-7 seconds might seem like a small amount of time individually, when you consider the entire set of eyelash extensions, it adds up. You may receive complaints or frustration from clients due to the extra time it takes. Time is precious!

How to shake your adhesive appropriately?

Now, you might be wondering how to shake your lash adhesive correctly, right? It’s not just about shaking it, it’s more than that! It’s not as simple as it seems. Shaking the adhesive accurately is an art in itself!

  • Shake your glue by yourself

You can shake it by hand as well, but pay attention to how you shaking your lash adhesive! You can’t shake it in a straight up-and-down motion; this could push the adhesive into the nozzle and potentially cause clogs. The proper way to shake it by hand is to gently move it from side to side or rotate it. The key point is to shake it evenly and gently so that the adhesive doesn’t splatter into the nozzle, which could risk clogging it!

  • Using an adhesive shaker
An adhesive shaker
Using a shaker help lash tech to save time

If you’re too busy or find that manually shaking your lash adhesive isn’t evenly distributed, you might consider the assistance of a machine. An adhesive shaker can solve this problem for you. These shakers are usually handheld and compact, compatible with most types of adhesives. Instead of having to shake it by hand regularly, this machine helps you thoroughly mix all the adhesive components in just about 10 seconds without causing any noise or vibrations. Using an adhesive shaker is ideal for professional lash techs.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is a short sharing about shaking your lash adhesive and its importance in eyelash extensions. Shaking is crucial because it not only saves time during the lash application process but also ensures the longevity, uniformity, and beauty of the eyelash extensions you create. Instead of manually shaking the adhesive every 20 minutes, lash techs can completely delegate that task to an adhesive shaker. That summarizes the entire content of today’s blog. If you have any questions related to this topic, feel free to leave a comment or email Vietnam Lash! I’ll respond to you! Bye!

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