Can you makeup with eyelash extensions regularly?

You know, a pair of eyes becomes more impressive and enticing with eyelash extensions. In recent years, wearing eyelash extensions is no longer unfamiliar to everyone. It has become a popular beauty method that anyone can access. However, because of this, it may not be too unique and your own focal point. So, on important occasions, you want to makeup with eyelash extensions to look more outstanding. But you still have the question, “Can I wear makeup with lash extensions?” If you are looking for related answers, then you are in the right place. We can makeup when wearing eyelash extensions. So, in today’s sharing, I will write about the makeup routine with eyelash extensions and things you need to keep in mind! Let’s get started!

What kind of products should you avoid when applying makeup with eyelash extensions?

First, I’ll tell you a story about a friend of mine. It’s the worst experience with eyelash extensions that I’ve ever witnessed. She’s a beautiful girl, especially with her captivating black eyes. However, one thing that always bothered her about her appearance was her naturally sparse, short, and thin eyelashes. So, she decided to try eyelash extensions.

Everything seemed fine until she attended her company’s year-end party. Normally, my friend doesn’t wear much makeup. But this year-end party was a big one, so she wanted to glam up a bit to match the party’s theme. After the party, like her usual routine, she began to remove her makeup to prepare for bed. That’s when the nightmare happened.

After a few swipes with makeup remover for her mascara and eyeliner, her entire set of eyelash extensions came off. So, what did my friend do wrong?

can you wear makeup with lash extensions
Can you wear makeup with lash extensions?

You have to avoid oil-based products

Be careful with your makeup remover. My friend probably didn’t do enough research on makeup removal when using eyelash extensions. Do you know that eyelash glue is very sensitive to oil? If, by any chance, the makeup remover you use is oil-based, that’s a problem. The adhesive holding eyelash extensions in place will become loose when it comes into contact with oil-based makeup remover.

I won’t go into details about complex chemical reactions occur between oils in oil-based products and the rigid components of adhesive like cyanoacrylate. But when these reactions take place, strong bonds within the adhesive are broken. Consequently, the bonds weaken. As my friend experienced, after a few attempts at removing makeup, the eyelash glue couldn’t withstand the force and the extensions fell off.

So, the first thing you absolutely must avoid when doing makeup with lash extensions is using any oil-based products. Whether it’s makeup remover or makeup itself, oil-based products are the “enemies” of eyelash extensions.

avoid oil-based products
Avoid oil-based products

You have to avoid water-proof products

I know that when it comes to makeup, many people, like my friend over there, have a habit of using waterproof mascara or eyeliner. Waterproof products are designed to resist smudging and last longer. However, if you’re doing makeup with eyelash extensions, waterproof products are your number one enemy. 

Why, you ask? Well, it’s because waterproof mascara and eyeliner are harder to remove, so you’ll need to use oil-based makeup removers to effectively clean them off. As I mentioned earlier, eyelash extension glue doesn’t play well with oil-based products. That’s the first and most important reason.

Additionally, due to the “stubbornness” of waterproof makeup products, when removing them, you’ll have to rub more vigorously. This not only risks damaging and dislodging the eyelash extensions but can also harm your natural lashes. Personally, I believe that when you have eyelash extensions, mascara or eyeliner is not really necessary. The lash extensions themselves create a defined line on your eyes.

Which mascara should be used in a makeup routine with eyelash extensions?

To summarize the things to avoid that I mentioned earlier, you absolutely must pay attention to not use oil-based makeup removers and waterproof mascara. I’ll provide recommendations for suitable makeup removers at the end, but right now, let’s talk about mascara!

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It is not very different from using and not use mascara
It is not very different from using and not use mascara

I’ve already mentioned that mascara is not a necessity when you have eyelash extensions. However, beauty has no bounds, and if you want to make a more impressive statement, mascara can be a good choice. Just make sure you use one that’s suitable for makeup with eyelash extensions.

So, what makes it suitable? First, mascara and eyeliner should not be waterproof. As I explained earlier, waterproof varieties are difficult to remove and can affect the health of your eyelash extensions during makeup removal.

Second, the mascara you use must be specifically designed for eyelash extensions. If the mascara contains oils in its ingredients, it can break the adhesive bond of the extensions, leading to damage and loss of lashes.

Therefore, before using any mascara, it’s important to research these two factors. It’s best to inquire or seek advice from your lash technician if you’re unsure.

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Can eyeshadow be applied when wearing makeup with eyelash extensions?

When it comes to eye makeup, besides mascara and eyeliner, eyeshadow is something you can’t easily overlook, right? However, those who do makeup with eyelash extensions need to be extremely careful at this step! Eyeshadow comes in powder and cream forms. If you use the cream type, what you need to be mindful of is its oil content. It’s something I’ve been emphasizing from the beginning of this article: Stay away from oil-based products. It’s best to avoid these kinds of eyeshadows.

Be careful when applying eyeshadow for eyelash extensions
If eyeshadow particles get into the lash extensions and the lash line, you need to use a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover to clean it as soon as possible

Now, what if your eyeshadow is in powder form? It gets a bit tricky here. Do you know that eyeshadow particles can cause irritation if not cleaned thoroughly? I’m not kidding. When you apply eyeshadow, especially the dusty ones, the eyeshadow particles can get into the lash extensions and the lash line. You need to use a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover to clean it as soon as possible. If you don’t, it can lead to eyelash extensions becoming clumpy or even skin infections around your eyes.

My advice for you is to choose eyeshadows that are less powdery and use small, firm brushes. This helps minimize the risk of eyeshadow particles sticking to your eyelash extensions and causing unwanted consequences.

03 types of make up remover you can use when makeup with eyelash extensions

Now, we’ve come to the part that you might be most curious about. I deliberately left this section for last so you can read it carefully and understand that choosing a makeup remover is extremely important.

Here, I will discuss three methods for removing eye makeup when you have makeup with eyelash extensions. You can apply two of these methods to other areas of your face as well. So, let’s take a look at the first method.

1. Eye makeup remover pads

First, I want to talk about eye makeup remover pads. These are specialized makeup remover pads designed for the eyes. However, you can still use them to remove makeup from other areas such as lips, the sides of your nose, and so on. 

These makeup remover pads are pre-soaked in oil-free makeup remover. When using them, you simply take one pad and apply it to your eyes or the area you want to clean. Wait a few moments, and then use the same pad to gently wipe away the makeup layers. Usually, this type of makeup remover comes with a clasp to make it easy to retrieve a pad from the container. These makeup remover pads are quite convenient, quick, and lash extension-friendly.

2. Oil-free makeup remover

The second type I want to mention is oil-free makeup remover. Always remember to “Stay away from oil-based products.” You can use this oil-free makeup remover on your face or other areas just like you would with regular makeup. Simply pour it onto a cotton pad and wipe it over the area you want to clean to remove all makeup layers. This type of makeup remover is widely available and easy to purchase at regular cosmetic stores. The only inconvenience is that this type of makeup remover is not specifically designed for the eyes with eyelash extensions, so you may need to spend a bit more time and patience.

3. Lash extension cleanser

Lash cleanser for eyelash extensions
Lash cleanser for eyelash extensions

The last type I want to mention, and it’s a special one, is a makeup remover specifically designed for eye makeup with eyelash extensions. This product is formulated to deeply clean eyelash extensions. It’s originally designed for individuals with lash extensions because during the extension process, lash techs isolate natural lashes to ensure safety for the skin around the eyes. Over time, debris can accumulate in these areas, causing itching and potential eye irritation. That’s why they’ve created this lash cleanser for daily use to remove dirt without compromising the health and beauty of eyelash extensions.

Using this type of cleanser for makeup removal is also straightforward. You wet your eyelashes, then use a brush saturated with the cleanser to brush your lashes. After about 5-10 seconds, you can wipe your lashes with a dry cloth or a dry makeup remover pad, and you’re done.

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So, here I’ve written quite extensively. As usual, I want to summarize some key points for you to remember when doing makeup with eyelash extensions. The most important thing is to stay away from oil-based products or those containing oil in their ingredient list. If you use mascara, avoid the waterproof type! Make sure to carefully read my tips on using eyeshadow and consider researching different makeup removers when you have some free time. And here’s a special piece of advice for you, the beautiful person reading this blog: If you have eyelash extensions, remember to regularly use a cleanser to keep your eyelash extensions healthy, beautiful, and safe!