What Are Protruding Eyes – Here We Have Your Answers

We have a wide variety of eye shapes, and each one is attractive in its own way. If you have read our post on 10 different eye shapes, you already have a general understanding of each type and how to distinguish it from one another based on biometric features.

Protruding eyes (known as bulging eyes) are the eye shape that will be discussed today. This shape of eyes can be found in a great range of people, independent of age or gender. Some individuals are concerned because protruding eyes, as the name says, to some extent seem to project into the pupil and make them look a little worn down.

What to bear in mind is that if you know the tips to the greatest eyelash extensions, and the best cosmetics, whatever the eye shape will look better. Follow through if you don’t mind!

Protruding eyes are believed to be a commonplace eye shape
Protruding eyes are believed to be a commonplace eye shape

What Defines Protruding Eyes?

Eyes that appear to protrude from their sockets are said to be protruding. It is to bear in mind that bulging eyes or pop eyes are other names for such an eye shape. It’s obvious to see the white of your eyes, and the iris could not even touch the eyelid. Hence, the look of your eyes may benefit from this one and only feature.

It should be noted that if we dig deeper into the aesthetic and medical aspects of protruding eyes, there can be drawbacks that may impact the psychology of the owner. It is true that if your eyes protrude much, they are no longer shaped normally and instead, are indicative of a medical disease that has to be timely treated.

1. Do I Have Protruding Eyes?

You probably have protruding eyes if your eyelids have a thin hood when open and a barely perceptible crease when closed. The light hood does not touch or cover your lash line when your eyes are open. Besides, protruding eyes appear to bend inward toward, or even above your cheekbones. Remember this not to confuse them with other eye shapes.

Protruding eyes are sometimes mistaken for other eye shapes
Protruding eyes are sometimes mistaken for other eye shapes

2. Protruding Vs. Deep-set Eyes

Protruding eyes are big, and spherical, and have eyelids that seem to project outward from the orbital region. Deep-set eyes, on the other hand, are placed deeper in the eye socket and at the end of the natural lashes. Your eyelids contact each other at the top. Due to their greater size and deeper location in the skull, the brow bones over deep-set eyes stand out more.

3. Protruding Vs. Round Eyes

These two shapes of eyes are fairly comparable. Large, protruding eyes are almost round in shape. The main distinction between them is that when viewed from the side, the protruding eyes seem to expand outward, away from the eye sockets. It is possible to inherit a physical trait that leads one’s eyes to protrude. Prominent eyes aren’t supposed to be treated but it is for the protruding ones, using medical procedures.

Reasons For Protruding Eyes

Protruding eyes normally draw more attention to a plain beauty because they are believed to be more appealing to some extent. However, if such an eye shape is not in its usual posture, there may be a sign of a medical issue that requires immediate treatment.

While some people are born with larger-than-average protruding eyes, others own them as a result of an underlying medical issue. It can refer to excessively protruding eyes shape if the white of your eye is plainly seen between the iris and upper eyelid.

Protruding eyes shape are inclined to be related to medical conditions
Protruding eyes shape are inclined to be related to medical conditions

1. Eye Diseases

Protruding eyes are mostly caused by hyperthyroidism, also known as Graves’ disease. The eyes don’t blink as frequently and have a gazing appearance when this ailment can be seen. The immune system of the body assaults the thyroid gland and tissue behind the eye cells in an autoimmune condition which also results in protruding eyes. In worse cases, protrusion in persons with thyroid issues necessitates rigorous treatment.

2. Genetics

Natural hereditary factors, such as Crouzon syndrome, may be the cause of your protruding eyes. This is the outcome of early bone fusion in the skull. Wide, protruding eyes result from the improper growing of these bones. Hence, visual issues caused by a variety of hereditary variables – shallow eye sockets, crossed eyes, hooked noses, and undeveloped upper jaws, follow. You may ask for surgical surgery if your vision is impaired.

3. Eye Injuries

Nobody wants to experience eye injury regardless of the shape of their eyes. Therefore, less frequent causes of protruding eyes may be an eye infection or damage to the area behind or surrounding the eyes from a severe external impact. Moreover, blood behind the eye, issues with the blood vessels there, and even tumors brought over by neuroblastoma (or soft tissue sarcomas) that protrude from your eyes are more problematic.

Lashes For Protruding Eyes

Experts in eyelash extensions must be aware of how each customer’s eyes differ to provide them with the best results. To ensure the safety of clients’ eyes both before and right after the procedures, adjusting eyelash extensions does assess the qualities of the lashes and, also, the stylists’ outside knowledge, particularly the medical background.

Proper eyelash extensions are ideal for pretty protruding eyes
Proper eyelash extensions are ideal for pretty protruding eyes

1. C, D Curl Lash Extensions

With almost every style of lash, these two curvatures are practically universal. Indeed, C and D curl lashes are fantastic for protruding eyes since you can use a shorter length, and a little extra curl for a dramatic look. Besides, they enlarge and round out your eyes without making the eyelash extensions come in contact with your pupils. To make the customer’s eyes more gently bigger, add a couple of extra lashes for protruding eyes at the bottom.

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2. Silk Wispy Lash Extensions

Eyelashes that are thin and silky are ideal for this eye shape. Long lashes suit well with this eye form since it stands out more than other eye shapes, giving you a natural goddess look. Here, Vietnam Lash Factory has been offering fan and wispy lashes made from a variety of materials. To create a natural, equally appealing look for customers with this shape of eyes, we advise lashes of silk material or fan lashes of 3D or greater.

3. Cat Eye Extensions

Another look that undeniably draws attention away from protruding eyes is the cat eye lash extensions, an ideal eyelash extension that softly draws attention to your eyes. The longest lashes are typically seen at the corners of your eyes since the cat’s eyelids flair outward. This type of extension, or the volume one, is ideal to soften and extend your eyes to be both bigger and more appealing.


1. Do Protruding Eyes Affect My Vision?

You’ll have the answer if you already read the reasons for protruding eyes above. In general, your vision will be influenced by them because they, normally, result from medical conditions or eye illness. Pain when opening and closing the eyes is one of the most blatant and typical symptoms. Your vision is also impacted by dry eyes that feel gritty or bright lights in your vulnerable protruding eyes.

2. How To Correct My Protruding Eyes?

Beside upgrading your eyes shape with lashes extensions, if possible, get yourself long-term eye care. Eye drops, topicals for infection, edema, or oral medication for a thyroid condition, should always be available. If your eyes aren’t too protruding or the surgical operation is too expensive, from now on, try adopting habits like using pillows to keep your head up when lying down, using UV-blocking sunglasses, making sure your eyes have enough moisture.

3. Do Celebrities Have Protruding Eyes?

Yes, of course! Celebrities with protruding eyes always win our hearts no matter the makeup style that they have for their eyes. Many of them are even on the list of Hollywood celebrities having the most stunning eyes. Famous pink shadows with alluring protruding eyes, blowing people’s minds are definitely Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, Amanda Seyfried, and Mila Kunis. There are still many other celebrities with protruding eyes who never fail to take one’s breath away. Are you one of them the queen?

Many celebrities are found charming with protruding eyes shape
Many celebrities are found charming with protruding eyes shape


It is crucial to remember that despite certain differences, all shapes of eyes are unique and gorgeous. Though protruding eyes sound unsightly, many celebrities and beauty queens in the Hollywood industry have gone by such a label of eye shape.

Hey girls, no matter what, your eye shape is still incredibly unique. So instead of being self-conscious, find some ways to beautify yourself that upgrade the charm of your eyes. Nothing can stop you! Not even choosing the smartest eyelash extensions, or the prettiest makeup style! Be the best version of yourself!

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