What Are Deep Set Eyes – Facts That’ll Surprise You

Today’s eye shape is gonna be a breath of fresh air to the universe of beauty seekers, which is the shape of deep set eyes. At first glance, the name may sound unattractive, but learning about it will definitely take you to a whole new world. And, one more time, this also decides the right lashes to accentuate the natural attractiveness of your eyes to the fullest. The shape of your eyes is very important to understand, not only for choosing for yourselves the best eyelashes and makeup looks but also for your general enhancement. Knowing how your eyes naturally shape also offers you the tricks and products to level up your eyes. It is your right to be pretty whenever you want, then joining us won’t be a bad idea after all!

The charisma of deep set eyes is more like an unexplainable thing
The charisma of deep set eyes is more like an unexplainable thing

How To Define Deep Set Eyes?

The eyes of people with the deep set shape are positioned farther back in their skulls, which differ from those of most people. They are sometimes referred to as “deep seated or sunken eyes”. This shape of eyes typically creates the impression of a very prominent brow bone on the human facial structures. Now, the question is how to tell if you have deep set eyes? Steps to determine may really be the same for all eye shapes, yet relevant aspects for us to rely on will vary among them.

1. Do I Have Deep Set Eyes?

There are a number of ways to determine if you or a client has this eye shape. Try to look at them from the side via the mirror. If you notice that your brow bone sticks out, this might say that you have deep set eyes. Using light from above to catch the shadows from your eyes is another good tip. Or, do you seem worn out? Besides a constant squint, deep set eyes might also be accompanied by thicker under-eye bags or circles.

Deep set eyes are hardly confused with other eye shapes
Deep set eyes are hardly confused with other eye shapes

2. Deep Set Vs. Hooded Eyes

If you have deep set eyes, when you stare directly into a mirror, you can still see your whole eyelids from the inner corners to the outer corners of your eyes. Meanwhile, persons having hooded eyes have eyebrows’ bones or folds that hang over their lids or are clearly visible. In other words, it is your eyelids if they’re droopy or shown that distinguish the two eye shapes.

3. Deep Set Vs. Protruding eyes

Deep set eyes are located farther into the eye socket, and at the base of your natural lashes. This shape protrudes further into your head and shows how prominent your brow bone is. Meanwhile, those with protruding eyes have eyelids, which appear to extend from the orbital region or the region around your socket. This eye shape creates a big and round look which makes it easy for you to see the white of the eyes.

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Reasons For Deep Set Eyes

Eyes with a deep set shape look sunken or dismal most of the time. Some possible reasons for this eye shape to be formed can be aging, sleep deprivation, dehydration, and trauma. It is the effect of such factors, medication and natural therapy that may be beneficial for single eye shapes to be physically “refreshed”. Because the skin surrounding the eyes is so thin, there are times when it seems sunken and is darker in color than the rest of the face. Deep set eyes may naturally occur at a young age or can grow as you age. In fact, you do not have to be over-worried because, normally, aging and genetics are often the typical reasons for all eye shapes to form. But do you think that it is your eye shapes orienting your personalities? Well, to some extent, they do contribute to the persons that you’ll become when living your lives. Strong or fragile? Funny or cold? Extroverted or introverted? Let’s make assumptions!

People with deep set eyes are believed to be emotion-oriented
People with deep set eyes are believed to be emotion-oriented

People with deeper set eyes typically have more passionate and private features. They have a mystery quality even if they seem to be a transparent person, and choose to hide their true feelings, or only express them to those who are really close to them. A person who has eyes that protrude from their sockets is inclined to be sociable and caring. They often show an outgoing attitude while also being anxious and pessimistic. Sharing their own emotions is something they do with great caution. What do you think? Do you have a great eye for detail or are you generally perceptive? You are great lovers since you have a strong sense of empathy and amorous desires, as we bet!

Best Lashes For Deep Set Eyes

Similar to how knowing your waist size is key when trying on that brand-new clothes you just bought, it is important to know your eye shape in general. All of us can study our eyes in the process of choosing the best looking eyelash extensions. Still, it is worth bearing in mind that not all of them are suitable for all eye shapes, and vice versa. In Vietnam Lash Factory, thousands of eyelash extensions are produced every day. None of them is overpassed during the manufacturing process and ensured to meet all the demands of customers from all over the world. Based on our professionality, we’ll guide you through a number of eyelash choices that we believe to be smart and reliable enough to do some “fire” changes to your natural deep set eyes. Follow through, beauties!

Lashes giving off a bigger, rounder look are made for deep set eyes
Lashes giving off a bigger, rounder look are made for deep set eyes

1. Baby Doll Lash Extension

The purpose of baby doll lashes is to make your eyes look bigger and rounder. Indeed, such an eyelash extension is a great option to accentuate  your deep set eyes. A skillful stylist will focus on the middle of your eyelids by adding to a good number of eyelashes. Shorter lashes will be uniformly distributed at the inner and outer corners of your deep set eyes, giving them a glittering, heart-melting impression.

2. Open Eye Lash Extension

In general, this style of lash extension mimics the doll one. The middle-of-the-lashes eyelash extensions are the longest ones applied following this technique. Pretty like how the doll lash style is done, the shortest lashes are placed at the inner and outer corners of your eyes. The bulging of the lashes after attaching will make your deep set eyes bigger and more open that upgrades your beauty to the next level.

3. J, B, C Curl Lash Extensions

Shorter eyelashes with pronounced curvature may seem to feel out of place when you have deep set eyes. For this eye shape, we suggest using C curl, which is a softer, less dramatic, yet still eye-catching style. You may also want to think about going with looser curls such as J and B curls when choosing shorter styles. Length and thickness-appropriate lash fans are remarkably vital to enhance the beauty of your eyes, as you may wonder.

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Deep set eyes are often highlighted with bright the makeup look
Deep set eyes are often highlighted with bright the makeup look


Deep set eyes and all other eye shapes merit our respect and adoration. Because they have been common among celebrities and influencers, there is discussion on whether or not such an eye shape can be a benchmark for beauty. Don’t you think it is not really about who owns them but their magnetism brings about the phenomena or beauty trends? There are always great options for lashes for deep set eyes, appropriate makeup looks, and tons of workable ideas to enhance this eye shape. Are you ready for some “fire” glow ups of your eyes? Queens of deep set eyes, your chances are served, snatch one to slay! More updated news: https://vietnamlash.com/category/blog/news/


Are Deep Set Eyes Attractive?

Yes. Normally, deep set eyes are thought of as attractive and are, sometimes, named as “the eyes of hunters”, thanks to their healthy craniofacial development. If it is thought that almond eyes are the most attractive eye shape, deep set eyes will come in second place. It is mostly thanks to some of their spesh features, from the shape of their eyelids, how much of their top eyelid is exposed, to how thick their eyelashes are.

Who Are Celebrities With Deep Set Eyes?

In both men and women, deep set eyes are one of the most wanted shapes of eyes because they signify charisma and confidence. Anyone who owns them is regarded as clever and can easily hold or captivate attention. Cameron Diaz, Blake Lively, Cate Blanchett, Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence, are some examples of celebrities having alluring deep set eyes.

What Makeup Suits Deep Set Eyes?

For this eye shape, you can brighten your eyes by using highlighter in light colors since they will be made wider. Your eyes can also be enhanced with lash extensions or mascara which give your eyes a wider look. To open up your eyes and make them appear more youthful, try using a beige or white eye pencil. Your hairstyle will have an impact on how your eyes seem as well. Indeed, try to steer clear of bangs that cause them to look deeper.