What if I accidentally got my eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours?

Welcome back to my blog today. “What should I do if I accidentally got my eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours?” That’s the concern of many people when they first get eyelash extensions.

It must be said that eyelash extensions are a great beauty tool in this era where everything happens so fast. Eyelash extensions are done simply and gently by professional lash artists, shortening our daily beautification time. But care after eyelash extensions is a difficult thing for many people. Especially those who are getting eyelash extensions for the first time. There are many important things to pay attention to that if violated, you can cause your eyelash extensions to have a reduced lifespan or even be damaged. One of them is to avoid water after eyelash extensions for the first 24 hours. In today’s article, I will explain thoroughly how I can get my lashes wet after 24 hours.

accidentally got my eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours
What if I accidentally got my eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours?

Why do I have to keep my eyelashes dry for 24 hours after applying?

Do you remember the properties of eyelash extension glue? I have a very detailed article about eyelash extension glue, its ingredients and characteristics. To better understand what I will explain below, please read the article about eyelash extension glue here!

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The chemical ingredient cyanoacrylate in eyelash extension glue works to bond the real eyelashes to the eyelash fibers together. The glue will dry when exposed to moisture and water vapor in the air. The standard humidity for a quality eyelash extension spa is about 40% for the glue to dry. And in the past, when eyelash extension technology was not as well developed as it is now, glues often had to avoid water for 24 or even 48 hours after extension to avoid the “water shock” glue from becoming too dry and brittle.

Is it necessary to avoid water for 24 hours today?

Now, the eyelash extension industry has exploded widely. Eyelash extensions are not only for artists and actors, but ordinary people can also apply eyelash extensions to beautify themselves. But most of them will not have the patience and conditions to avoid eye contact with water 24 hours after eyelash extensions. Therefore, more modern eyelash extension glue research was born. Can I get my lashes wet after 12 hours? Now, eyelash extension glue can dry and be safe with water in just a few hours, even minutes, so it’s possible.

Of course, there are still spas that will use old glue lines, forcing you to apply water for 24 hours to your eyes. But in some modern spas with better technology, you won’t need to abstain from water for too long. This also says that when applying eyelash extensions, remember the artist’s advice. They will decide whether you can expose your eyes to water immediately after eyelash extensions or tell you to wait a certain amount of time. They are the experts so take their advice.

got eyelash extensions wet
Today, it is not necessary to avoid water 24 hours after eyelash extension.

What if I accidentally got my eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours?

When you have been carefully advised to abstain from water for 24 hours or simply just 12 hours when you accidentally wet your eyelashes. Don’t rush to handle it yourself. Please contact your lash artist for assistance. Usually, if it is just a few hours after eyelash extensions, they will ask you to go to the salon for treatment. If it has been a long time, they may instruct you to handle it at home.

What should I do if my lash artist asks me to avoid water for 24 hours?

As I said, there are many types of eyelash extension glue and whether or not you can avoid water completely depends on the eyelash extension technology that you have done. Besides the 24 hour mark, many people also ask the question: can I get my lashes wet after 12 hours? But that also depends on the technology that the artist does for you. And the artist will have to give you a timeline. 

Follow what your lash artists advice because only they know what’s best for your eyelash extensions. If you follow the instructions correctly. Well, your eyelash extensions can last for 4-6 weeks. They only fall out when your natural eyelashes fall out according to the biological cycle. But if the lash artist has warned you but you say “I accidentally got my eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours’ then you will be responsible for the damage to the eyelash extensions. Your eyelash extension glue will absorb water, turn white, and become brittle like a cookie. They will break in a short time and your results after a few hours of eyelash extensions will disappear.

accidentally got my eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours
Use glass when showering to prevent direct water

The best way is to avoid water completely such as washing your face, bathing and sauna during this time. But this sounds difficult, right? Especially for countries with hot summers, this is terrible. Then I have two tips for you. 

First, ask your lash artist carefully before getting eyelash extensions and try to choose the most modern extension technology possible. New eyelash extension technologies will use extension glue with optimal formula. It will not force you to abstain from water for a long time like traditional glue. 

The second way is to buy yourself a specialized glass to use when bathing. Although this only limits water droplets from direct contact with the eyelashes and does not prevent 100% of moisture, it is still a good solution when needed.

Expert advices

No matter what type of extension glue you use, when applying eyelash extensions, you need to take careful care of it. The eyelash extension specialist gave some advice which I have compiled as follows.

Regularly remove makeup and clean your eyelashes

Many people have the misconception that eyelash extensions should not come into contact with water to avoid damaging the eyelashes, or that they should not touch or apply force to the eyelashes to avoid breakage. That’s why they don’t remove eye makeup. This is a wrong thought and action.

When applying eyelash extensions, you need to pay even more attention to removing eye makeup. The eyelash extension glue will be the place where bacteria and dirt are most likely to grow. If we do not clean these eyelash areas, even if we make sure to avoid water after 24 hours or take very careful care, our eyes are at high risk of allergies and inflammation. Excess oil secreted by the skin can stick to and damage the extension glue, causing the eyelashes to fall out. Choose a gentle makeup remover made specifically for eyelash extensions and clean it off every night. 

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got eyelash extensions wet
Remove eye makeup regularly so your eyelash extensions last longer  

Don’t sleep with wet eyelashes

Leaving your eyelash extensions wet when going to bed is something that should be avoided. Whether immediately after applying eyelash extensions or every day, leaving eyelash extensions exposed to water for too long will harm the eyelash extension glue. Damaged and unstable extension glue will cause the eyelashes to easily fall out or become brittle and break easily. Therefore, be careful to dry your eyelash extensions after washing your face, removing makeup or bathing. There are many ways to dry your eyelashes. You can use an eyelash dryer on a low setting to dry slowly. It should be noted that you should not wipe with a towel with fabric fibers because the fibers can damage your eyelashes.

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So in today’s article, I have clarified the issue of abstaining from water after eyelash extensions that many of you are wondering about. Solving the question What if I accidentally got my eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours for many of you also makes me extremely happy. This is all for today’s article, but with the information provided and the expert advice I mention at the end of the article, I hope you will be satisfied with my answer. Please share this article widely to make it more useful to more people. Now it’s time to say goodbye! Bye!

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