What Are Light Volume Lashes And How To Make It?

Among the options available, light volume lashes are a popular choice for those seeking a more natural yet voluminous look. These lashes offer a subtle lift to the natural lashes without appearing overly artificial. Don’t miss out on this article and learn how to perfect this look on your clients.

What Are Light Volume Lash Extensions?

Light volume lash extensions refer to lash extensions that are lighter, softer, and provide a more natural appearance compared to traditional volume lash extensions. To understand this further, let’s delve into the different types of lash extensions.

There are four main types of lash extensions: classic, hybrid, volume, and mega. Classic extensions involve applying one lash extension to each natural lash in a 1:1 ratio. Volume lash extensions, on the other hand, utilize two to eight hair extensions for a single natural eyelash, creating a fuller look. Hybrid extensions combine both classic and volume techniques, providing a balanced and customizable lash style.

Light volume looks more softer and lighter
Light volume looks more softer and lighter

Within the volume lash category, there are variations such as Russian volume and Mega Volume. Russian volume lashes use 2D to 8D fans of different lengths and curls to achieve a fuller appearance. Mega Volume lashes, on the other hand, employ 10D to 20D lashes, resulting in a more intricate and sultry look.

In contrast, light volume lashes are characterized by their softness and lightweight nature. These extensions are exceptionally lightweight, often starting from 0.03mm in thickness. They are crafted from the same fiber as classic lashes but are thinner in diameter. Due to their thinness, more of these lashes can be applied without overburdening the natural lash.

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03 Technique To Make Light Volume Lashes

1. Lonely Fan Method

The Lonely Fan Method is a technique where you separate a desired number of individual lashes from the rest and reposition them further along the lash strip. First, you need to using the tip of your volume tweezers, gently roll the lashes outward to create a fan shape. With a firm grip, pick up the fan and then dip it into adhesive, and attach it to the natural lash. 

This technique, commonly used and suitable for beginners, results in a flatter base, making it ideal for attaching the fan to the top or bottom of the lashes.

Lonely Fan Method is suitable for beginners
Lonely Fan Method is suitable for beginners

2. Rolling Technique

The rolling technique (also known as Rainbow Method), is similar to the Lonely Fan Method. Instead of separating the selected lashes from the group, you leave them in place and use your tweezers to roll the lashes to the side, forming a fan shape.

Rolling Technique is similar to Lonely Fan Method
Rolling Technique is similar to Lonely Fan Method

3. Pinching Technique

The Pinching Method is a technique that requires some technical skill to ensure proper execution and avoid twisting the lash bases. Here’s how to perform it correctly: 

  • Select the desired lashes from the strip and hold them between your thumb and index finger at the first knuckle, maintaining a grip with your tweezers.
  • Make sure the lash bases are securely held between your fingers. Gently loosen your grip with the tweezers while simultaneously pinching the lash bases together using your thumb and forefinger. It’s crucial not to roll the base during this step, as it can cause twisting and render the fan unusable. The technique is called “pinching” for a reason.
  • To create a more expanded fan, gently wiggle the tweezers while maintaining pressure on the base using your thumb and forefinger. Adjust the fan shape until it is perfect, and securely grip it with your tweezers.
  • Then, dip the fan into adhesive and attach it to the natural lash.
The Pinching Method can be challenging to master
The Pinching Method can be challenging to master

Make everything more efficient with Vietnam Lash’s promade fans

The process of creating volume fans can be both exhausting and time-consuming. It takes practice to master the art of making perfect fans and applying them to your client’s lashes according to their desired look.

Vietnam Lash offers a diverse range of promade fans with various options
Vietnam Lash offers a diverse range of promade fans with various options

However, you can simplify your job by utilizing Vietnam Lash’s promade fans while still showcasing your expertise.

Vietnam Lash’s promade fans are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring they are soft, fluffy, and lightweight. Whether you’re aiming for a volume, hybrid, dramatic volume, or mega volume style, these promade fans provide convenience without compromising creativity.

These fans are available in various type, ranging from 2D to 16D, and offer different curl such as J, B, C, CC, D, U, M, and L. They are ideal for clients seeking a quick and effective “light volume lashes” effect.

With Vietnam Lash’s promade fans, you can streamline your lash application process and achieve stunning results effortlessly.

Lastly, don’t forget to stay updated with valuable information from Vietnam Lash and explore our amazing products at https://vietnamlash.com/shop/.



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