What Are Light Volume Lashes And How To Make It?

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and cosmetics, the art of eyelash extensions has gained immense popularity. Among the various techniques and styles available, light volume lashes stand out as a versatile option that offers a subtle yet stunning enhancement to one’s natural lashes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into what light volume lashes are, how they differ from other styles, and how you can create them to achieve a beautiful, fluttery look.

What Are Light Volume Lashes?

Light volume lashes refer to lash extensions that are lighter, softer, and provide a more natural appearance compared to traditional volume lash extensions. To understand this further, let’s delve into the different types of lash extensions.

There are four main types of lash extensions: classic, hybrid, volume, and mega. Classic extensions involve applying one lash extension to each natural lash in a 1:1 ratio. Volume lash extensions, on the other hand, utilize two to eight hair extensions for a single natural eyelash, creating a fuller look. Hybrid extensions combine both classic and volume techniques, providing a balanced and customizable lash style.

Light volume looks more softer and lighter
Light volume looks more softer and lighter

Within the volume lash category, there are variations such as Russian volume and Mega Volume. Russian volume lashes use 2D to 8D fans of different lengths and curls to achieve a fuller appearance. Mega Volume lashes, on the other hand, employ 10D to 20D lashes, resulting in a more intricate and sultry look.

In contrast, light volume lashes are characterized by their softness and lightweight nature. These extensions are exceptionally lightweight, often starting at 0.03mm in thickness. They are crafted from the same fiber as classic lashes but are thinner in diameter, resulting in a wispy appearance. They’re arranged in a fan-like manner at the base to enhance volume without extra fibers. Ideal for those averse to heavy lashes or with short lashes struggling with volume, they offer a weightless, airy “fluffy” look.

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Who might benefit from Light Volume lashes?

In the world of eyelash artistry, our specialty lies in creating custom lash extensions for each individual client. We excel at guiding clients to find the perfect lash style and technique that suits their natural lashes, eye shape, and personal preferences. Here are some types of clients who could benefit from Light Volume lashes:
1. People with sparse or noticeable gaps in their lash line often appreciate Light Volume Lashes. Unlike Classic extensions, which may not effectively cover such gaps, Light Volume lashes utilize Volume fans to create a seamless fullness, effectively hiding any spaces.
2. Clients who prefer a more delicate and subtle lash appearance tend to favor Light Volume lashes. These extensions give a light, airy look, enhancing the eyes with a gentle fullness, perfect for those who prefer a minimalist makeup routine with thin eyeliner and light eyeshadow.
3. Older clients, who may have naturally thin and sparse lashes, find a touch of refined elegance with Light Volume lashes. By strategically filling in sparse areas and adding subtle volume, these extensions cater to the aesthetic preferences of mature clients looking for a sophisticated yet natural appearance.
4. Individuals transitioning from Classic extensions to explore a fuller, fluffier look can find a middle ground with Light Volume lashes. Serving as a stepping stone towards more voluminous styles like Russian or Mega Volume, Light Volume lashes offer a gradual progression, allowing clients to ease into a fuller lash look while maintaining a sense of naturalness.
The Pinching Method can be challenging to master
The Pinching Method can be challenging to master

How to Create Light Volume Lashes?

The goal of Light Volume Lashes is to produce a set of lashes that look incredibly natural.

Usually, volume lashes with diameters of 0.05, 0.06, and 0.07 mm are utilized to get this appearance. The soft, fluffy look of Light Volume Lashes is facilitated by the use of thinner Volume extensions, such as 0.05mm.

Utilizing medium-to-wide Volume fans is another piece of advice for getting Light Volume Lashes. More light can enter through wider fans, giving the lashes a delicate, airy appearance. This type of lash extension would look considerably darker and denser on narrow volume fans, therefore, they would be less appropriate for it.

The Volume fan’s dimensions should also be taken into account. The quantity of lashes needed to create each fan is indicated by the dimension. Two lash extensions are used to create a 2D Volume fan, and four extensions are used to create a 4D fan. Light Volume Lashes are usually created with fewer extensions (e.g., 2Dā€“3D) when creating Volume fans.

Here are the steps:Ā 

There are a few things to think about when you’re prepared to create a unique set of Light Volume Lashes for your customer. Before beginning, always evaluate your client’s natural eyelashes.

Start by evaluating how full their lash line is. In comparison to a client with a complete lash line, a sparse client will always have a lash set that appears lighter and more natural. This is true if both the chosen lash diameter and each fan’s dimensions are the same. As a result, use higher dimension Volume fans for clients who have sparse lash lines. A full lash line may help those who use 2D-3D Volume fans.

Light Volume Lashes
Light Volume Lashes are usually created with fewer extensions like 2D or 3D

The condition of your client’s natural eyelashes is another factor to take into account. Thinner diameters are better for clients whose natural eyelashes are fragile and thin. Thus, you may recommend a 0.05mm 3Dā€“5D Volume bespoke Soft Volume lash extension kit for clients with sparse and thin eyelashes. Clients with thick, healthy lashes, however, might be receiving 0.06mm 2D Volume.

Create the Perfect Light Volume Lashes with Vietnam Lash’s Promade Fans

Creating volume fans can be both exhausting and time-consuming. Mastering the technique of crafting the ideal fan and applying it to meet your client’s preferences adds to the time investment.
However, Vietnam Lash’s PROMADE FANS offer a solution to simplify your work while still allowing you to hone your craft. Crafted from top-notch materials, these promade fans are luxuriously fluffy, soft, and lightweight. They cater to various styles, including volume, hybrid, dramatic volume, and mega volume, providing ample scope for creativity without any hassle.
Available in clusters ranging from 3D to 16D and in curl types C, CC, D, L, and M, these promade fans are perfect for clients seeking a swift yet impactful “light volume lashes” effect!


Light volume lashes offer a versatile and flattering option for clients seeking a natural-looking yet enhanced appearance. By mastering the art of light volume lash application and following the tips outlined in this guide, you can elevate your skills as a lash technician and provide your clients with stunning, long-lasting results. Embrace creativity, practice diligently, and remember to prioritize the health and safety of your clients’ natural lashes above all else. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll be creating beautiful light volume lashes that leave your clients feeling confident and beautiful in no time.

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