Is Being A Lash Tech Worth It? Let’s Find Out!

In recent years, the beauty industry has seen a surge in demand for eyelash extensions, leading to a growing interest in becoming a lash technician. As with any career choice, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before taking the plunge into this profession. In this article, we will explore the world of lash technicians, examining the various aspects of the job to help you answer the question: Is being a lash tech worth it?

is being a lash tech worth it
Many people are becoming lash techs due to lash extension growing markets.

The Growing Popularity of Lash Extensions

The growing popularity of eyelash extensions is evident in the booming beauty industry. According to the Eyelash Extensions Market Report conducted in 2021, the global eyelash extensions market was valued at approximately $1.5 billion. This figure has been steadily increasing over the years, and it is expected to continue its upward trajectory in the coming years. 

Moreover, the appeal of lash extensions extends beyond daily convenience. Special occasions and events often prompt individuals to seek lash extension services. According to a 2023 report by Gitnux Market Data, there is a significant rise in the demand for eyelash extensions during special events like weddings, proms, and other festive events. In some regions, appointments for lash extensions during peak seasons can be booked weeks in advance. 

This surge in demand for eyelash extensions has created a substantial market for those who wish to embark on their lash tech journey. 

Is Being A Lash Tech Worth It?

If you’re thinking about becoming a lash technician, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of being a lash technician.

Pros of Being A Lash Tech

It’s important to consider several appealing benefits as you embark on this lash journey! 

1. Flexibility of Work Hours

This is a major attraction for many people. Whether you want a part-time job to supplement your income or aspire to make it a full-time career, being a lash tech accommodates various schedules. This adaptability is invaluable as it allows lash technicians to find a balance between work and personal commitments, making it an attractive choice for those desiring work-life balance.

2. Quick Training Process

Even though there are certain licenses and/or certifications you have to gain in order to practice lash extensions professionally, the training is relatively quick compared to many other professions. While the specific requirements may vary by location, acquiring the necessary skills and certifications to start working as a lash tech can typically be accomplished in a matter of months rather than years. This shorter training period can lead to a quicker entry into a profitable career.

3. Creative Endeavors

Another enticing aspect of being a lash technician is the opportunity for creative expression it offers. Lash extensions aren’t just about making lashes longer; they serve as a canvas for artistic creativity. Lash techs have the privilege of using their skills to design unique lash styles that cater to each client’s specific preferences. This artistic element keeps the job engaging and allows lash technicians to continuously experiment and improve their craft.

is being a lash tech worth it
Becoming a lash tech can be a creative outlet for many people.

4. High Earning Potential

The financial rewards in this field can be substantial, especially in areas with a strong demand for beauty services. Clients are often willing to pay a premium for high-quality lash extensions, translating into a competitive income for skilled and dedicated lash technicians. The potential for a lucrative career is a compelling reason to consider “Is being a lash tech worth it?”

Let’s break down exactly how much you can make working as a lash tech. Depending on how many sets you perform, you may calculate how much money you could make if you performed 1, 2, or 6 sets each day. Let’s use $120 per set as the baseline price. That is the average of the lowest you could earn ($52, if we’re talking refills) and the biggest you could earn ($188, if we’re talking, say, a whole volume set).

  • 2 clients at $120 each equals $240 in profit per day.
  • 3 clients at $120 each equal $360 in profit each day.
  • 4 clients at $120 each equal $480 in profit each day.
  • 5 clients at $120 each equals $600 in earnings per day.
  • 6 clients at $120 each equals $720 in profit per day.

That’s quite a bit of cash! 

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5. Job Satisfaction

When you’re asking yourself “Is becoming a lash tech worth it?”, consider the happiness factor. Beyond the financial benefits, job satisfaction is a profound advantage of this profession. According to a 2016 global survey, 80% of lash technicians reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their work.   

Witnessing the immediate transformation in a client’s appearance and the boost in their confidence can be incredibly fulfilling. Lash technicians often form strong connections with their clients as they contribute to enhancing their self-esteem and helping them feel more beautiful. This sense of fulfillment and the opportunity to make a positive impact on clients’ lives add a meaningful dimension to the job.

is being a lash tech worth it
Many lash techs gain significant satisfaction from their work.

Moreover, the rapport that lash technicians build with their clients can lead to the formation of strong and lasting relationships. Clients who experience the positive impact of their technician’s work are likely to become loyal customers. These enduring client-technician relationships not only contribute to a stable and growing customer base but also create a sense of job security and professional satisfaction. Knowing that clients trust and appreciate their expertise fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment in lash technicians, reinforcing their job satisfaction.

Cons of Being A Lash Tech

However, there are some cons to being a lash technician, making you wonder, “is being a lash technician worth it?”

1. Initial Investment

Starting a career as a lash technician involves several significant costs. 

To begin with, becoming a lash technician typically requires obtaining specific certifications, which can vary based on your location and the salon you plan to work at. Many salons and institutions mandate these certifications as a prerequisite for their training programs. However, these certification programs can be quite costly, with expenses varying based on the institution, location, and desired level of expertise. These expenses often encompass the cost of course materials, hands-on training, and certification examinations.

is being a lash tech worth it
Starting a career as a lash technician involves several significant costs.

In addition to certification costs, you’ll need to invest in high-quality lash products, which may include various types of extensions, adhesives, tools, and maintenance supplies. This initial investment can be substantial, and it may take some time to recover these expenses through your client base.

2. Physical Demands

The job of a lash technician can be physically demanding. You’ll often find yourself leaning over clients for extended periods while meticulously applying lash extensions. This posture and concentration can lead to discomfort, muscle strain, and even health issues such as back problems or eye strain if not managed properly. It’s essential to maintain good ergonomic practices and take breaks to prevent physical strain.

3. Competitive Market

The popularity of lash extensions has grown significantly in recent years, leading to increased competition in the field. Building a steady client base and establishing your reputation as a lash technician can be challenging, especially in areas with many other beauty professionals offering similar services. You may need to invest time and effort in marketing and networking to stand out in a crowded market.

4. Continuous Learning

The beauty industry is dynamic and constantly evolving, and the field of lash extensions is no exception. Lash technicians must stay updated on the latest techniques, trends, and products to provide the best service to their clients. This requires a commitment to ongoing education, attending workshops, and staying current with industry developments. Continuous learning can be time-consuming and may also involve additional expenses for courses and certifications.

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In conclusion, the answer to the question “Is being a lash tech worth it?” ultimately depends on your personal goals, circumstances, and dedication to the profession. While there are significant initial investments and potential challenges to overcome, there are compelling reasons to consider this career. It offers a unique blend of artistry, skill, and the chance to make a positive impact on clients’ lives. If you have a passion for beauty and are willing to put in the effort to establish your career, being a lash tech can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding choice.

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