How long do fake lashes last- mystery of lovelier eyes

How long do fake lashes last- mystery of lovelier eyes

Welcome back to Vietnam Lash’s blog and I’m Miss Lash. Today I will take you to the world of fake lashes and learn about their characteristics. If you have followed me for a long time, you probably know that I often have articles about eyelash extensions, right? But recently, I see that a lot of you are interested in fake lashes, so I will summarize some interesting knowledge about fake lashes in today’s article. You will know how long do fake lashes last, can you apply fake lashes at home and how to make them last longer through this article. So read to the end to uncover the mysteries about it!

how long do fake lashes last
How long do false eyelashes last

Distinguish between fake lashes and eyelash extensions

Doesn’t it all make your eyelashes longer and curlier? What other distinctions are there?

Yes, both are beauty products. When applying makeup, eyes are always one of the important highlights on the face. And to have beautiful eyes, the eyelashes must be thick, long and have a certain curvature. Both eyelash extensions and fake lashes can help women do this. However, eyelash extensions are a product used to attach each strand to your natural eyelashes using specialized glue.

Meanwhile, false eyelashes are a row of eyelashes that have been pre-made into strips and just need to attach the entire strip to the eyelid.

For those who have never applied eyelash extensions or fake lashes, hearing this will help you imagine how different these two processes are.

To get eyelash extensions, it will take you hours, but to apply false eyelashes is faster, it only takes a few minutes and you don’t even need to go to the salon.

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The benefits of fake lashes

When it comes to strengths, the first thing to mention is that it makes you more beautiful. Fake lashes will give you black lashes that are thicker and longer than your natural lashes.

Compared to eyelash extensions, applying fake lashes is an immediate solution in makeup to help you have more impressive eyes. Although to be honest, eyelash extensions will look better because it will look more natural. But it still brings a big change to the face. Some people will not be used to that outstanding appearance, but they need to sparkle more at a birthday party or a best friend’s wedding. Then fake lashes are the most suitable choice.

how long do fake lashes last
Fake lashes are quicker solution in makeup

How long do fake lashes last?

For those who have only done eyelash extensions before, when they hear about fake lashes, they will be worried because they don’t know how long do false eyelashes last.

In my opinion, eyelash extensions are a more permanent alternative to eyelashes while fake lashes are a quick solution.

Because the time you spend on fake lashes is faster, how long you can wear false eyelashes is also proportional to it.

To be exact, depending on the technique of applying fake lashes, it can last from a few hours to a whole day. But most won’t be longer than 24 hours.

You know, fake lashes are an instant solution instead of the lash curler and mascara combo.

What causes fake lashes to fall out quickly?

There is no exact answer to how long do fake lashes last. As I just said, in fact makeup with false eyelashes can be maintained for a long time, even all day long without falling off.

However, there are still cases where you just applied but the eyelashes fell off after only 2 to 3 hours.

There are many reasons for this but mainly because you use poor quality eyelashes and scissors or your eyelash application technique is not correct.

You should choose false eyelashes with a thin and light design, making sure they have the curl and color you want but must also be light and not too bulky.

There are many types of fake lashes glue. If you use a poor quality product, it will quickly lose its adhesion, causing your eyelashes to fall off. Therefore, when choosing glue, pay attention to the type that not only needs to be safe for the skin but also must ensure adhesion.

Along with the above two criteria, how long you can wear false eyelashes depends on how you do it. Applying eyelashes incorrectly, lacking knowledge and skills can easily cause the eyelashes to not stick tightly and fall off.

how long do fake lashes last
How long do fake lashes last_ It is depend on the technique

Simple eyelash application process at home

Once you have chosen the quality eyelashes and glue, the final thing that determines how long the false eyelashes can last is the eyelash application technique. So, how to apply false eyelashes properly? To answer, follow these steps:

Step 1: Clean the eyelid area

As always, before applying eye makeup, we should clean it thoroughly and use makeup remover to remove excess cosmetics. Not only false eyelashes, but also other types of makeup such as mascara or eyeliner will last longer when cleaned. In particular, you need to pay attention to carefully wiping your eyelashes and the corner of your eyes to help apply eyelashes more effectively.

Step 2: Adjust false eyelash size

False eyelashes are always made closer to your eyes. This is because each person’s eye size is different. When it is that long, anyone can buy and adjust the size a little for use.

Use tweezers to remove the false eyelashes and then place them on your real eyelashes to determine the appropriate length. Then you mark and use scissors to cut off the excess.

Step 3: Apply glue

If you’re careful, prepare a sheet of parchment paper to drip off the eyelash glue. If not, you can also pour a similar amount onto the back of your hand to use. Dip your eyelashes into the glue evenly. Be careful to only dip the roots of your eyelashes. If you overdo it and cause the glue to stick to the eyelashes, it will make your false eyelashes look worse.

You need to wait about 10-15 seconds after dipping for the glue to dry.

How long do fake lashes last depends a lot on how much glue is applied. If the glue is not allowed to dry, it may affect the adhesive quality.

how long do fake lashes last
How long do fake eyelashes stay on_ By adjust the length of the false lashes you can keep it longer

Step 4: Apply false eyelashes

After the glue has begun to dry, you will proceed to attach it to the middle of the eyelid. You should look down to make it easier to attach the eyelashes to the correct position.

Usually, people will attach it in the front eye socket. Fix the false eyelashes in the eye socket and then gradually smooth it towards the corner of the eye.

Do the same with the other eye to get sparkling eyes.

Please note that some types of glue may require you to avoid contact with water for a few dozen minutes for better adhesion.

Tips to help false eyelashes stick longer

In addition to applying correct eyelash application steps, how long do fake lashes last is also affected by a few other factors and here are tips to keep it longer.

First, do not choose eyelashes that are too bulky, thick and heavy. When cutting eyelashes, you should cut both sides, not just one side for balance. In addition, a tip that I see people often use and that is effective is to cut the eyelashes into small sections so that they don’t pull each other down. In addition, this small cut also makes it easier for you to apply eyelashes.

One more thing is to remember to finish your makeup before you apply false eyelashes. Because if you apply eyelashes first, other makeup may affect the adhesion of the eyelashes. 

Indispensable false eyelash accessories.

An important factor that determines how long fake lashes last is the eyelash application kit. In order for your eyelashes to last longer, a full set of “tools” is indispensable. This set includes false eyelashes, glue, tweezers, scissors and cotton swabs. I have already discussed the first two in detail above. Now I will talk about tweezers, scissors and cotton swabs.

Tweezers help us perform eyelash application operations more professionally, hygienically and accurately. If you use your hands, you could accidentally transfer bacteria from your hands into your eyes. If you don’t clean it carefully, you can get an infection. When using tweezers, you will be able to put your eyelashes in a more correct position and will also be more hygienic.

A specialized pair of scissors used to cut eyelashes is also to ensure your hygiene. Do not use food scissors or craft scissors to cut your eyelashes. It looks both unprofessional and potentially unhygienic.

And finally the cotton swab. This item is small but powerful. It will help you remove excess glue from your eyelashes, avoiding it from getting into your eyes and causing danger.


So in this article I talked about how long do fake lashes last and interesting things related to fake lashes. If you want to have impressive eyelashes for a party or a photo session with friends, use them instead of mascara to stand out more. 

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