7 Top Beauty Trends for 2024 Revealed! Let's Dive In!

7 Top Beauty Trends for 2024 Revealed! Let’s Dive In!

Welcome to the fascinating world of beauty, where new beauty trends are as dynamic as a pirouette and as enchanting as a ballet performance. As we step into 2024, the beauty scene is set to be a captivating blend of timeless elegance and modern flair. Join us as we unravel the latest beauty trends of the year, straight from the runway to your makeup bag.

7 Top Beauty Trends of 2024

1. Balletcore Beauty

Inspired by the elegance of ballet dancers and the art form itself, Balletcore encapsulates soft, romantic silhouettes, pastel tones, and airy materials. This trend is a dreamy escapade, bringing an exquisite charm to the fashion and beauty landscape.

beauty trends
Blackpink’s Jennie embraces the balletcore beauty trends

Celebrities like Blackpink’s Jennie have effortlessly embraced the Balletcore aesthetic, showcasing a range of looks during their Born Pink world tour. British brands such as Erdem, Simone Rocha, and Molly Goddard are pioneers in bringing dreamy, ruffle-adorned styles to the forefront. The trend has now transcended into beauty, with the ballerina bun, hair bows, and now, balletcore-inspired nails taking center stage.

On the nail front, TikTok may be a hub for fleeting beauty trends, but balletcore has proven to be a lasting muse. Baby pink, reminiscent of the “lip gloss” and “milk bath” manicure beauty trends, takes the spotlight. The color serves as the perfect canvas for ballerina-inspired details such as bows, flowers, and glitter. As the beauty trend continues its enchanting dance through 2024, expect the balletcore influence to weave its magic into every aspect of your beauty routine.

Balletcore invades the world of nail arts

2. Get Dolled Up

If there’s one thing that’s making a bold comeback in 2024, it’s the art of getting dolled up. Doll blush, as the experts affectionately call it, is the secret to achieving a youthful look that sculpts the cheekbones with a soft, defined finish. Los Angeles-based makeup artist Patrick Ta describes it as a technique that adds definition without veering into clown territory.

beauty trends
One of the biggest beauty trends in 2024, makeup artist Patrick Ta’s airbrush blush

The trend gained momentum following the TikTok-famous ombré concealer wave, which diluted highly pigmented blush with complexion products for a more natural finish. Brands like Make Up For Ever, Patrick Ta, and Armani Beauty offer airy blushes that create a cloud-like finish. The Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Glow blush has even earned the coveted Allure Best of Beauty award for its seamless blend into the skin.

The key to mastering doll blush lies in blending out the edges to create a soft gradient. This technique, paired with the right blush formula, can achieve a youthful, sculpted look that adds a touch of whimsy to your overall aesthetic. So, get ready to embrace the doll blush trend and let your cheeks take center stage.

3. Soft Glam

The trend, which gained momentum in 2023, shows no signs of slowing down in 2024. Delicate colors that embrace femininity, flushed cheeks, stained lips, and fluttery, wispy lashes define the soft glam aesthetic.

beauty trends
Soft glam makeup is a beauty trend that’s here to stay

Makeup artists emphasize the importance of prepped and nourished skin as the foundation for soft glam. Products like Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream serve as hydrating primers, leaving a dewy sheen that reduces the need for excessive highlighter. Choosing buildable base products is key, allowing you to layer for more coverage while avoiding a heavy, cakey finish.

Soft glam encourages playing up facial features such as freckles and moles, with the option to add whimsical details like star stamps. As you embrace soft glam in 2024, remember to set the skin with a veil of loose powder to create a smooth, even canvas while dialing up the the glow for a dreamy finish.

4. No-Makeup Makeup

The no-makeup makeup trend, a perennial favorite since 2020, continues to evolve with subtle updates in 2024. Centered around hydrated skin and perfectly placed highlights, this look aims to achieve a natural, fresh-faced appearance. The emphasis is on choosing products that enhance your features without the need for heavy coverage.

No-make-up makeup
No-make-up makeup and understated makeup are the beauty trends to embrace in 2024

According to makeup experts, starting with a high-quality moisturizer is key to achieving a no-makeup makeup look. The goal is to create a natural-looking base that allows your skin to shine through. Concealing smartly with the right brushes and products ensures even coverage without compromising the fresh, effortless vibe.

For bright, wide-awake eyes, cream eyeshadows in shades close to your skin tone provide a natural look that wears well throughout the day. A cream blush, applied with a synthetic bristled brush or fingers, adds a natural-looking glow by mimicking the flush after exercise. Finish the look with a tinted balm or lightly tapped lipstick for a rosy, natural lip color.

5. Ombré Lips

The ‘90s are back, and this time with a modernized twist—ombré lips. This updated version of the darkly-lined lip trend from decades ago has taken TikTok by storm and is set to continue dominating the beauty scene throughout 2024. Celebrity makeup artist Holm recommends accentuating your natural lip colors with two shades in the same color family for a subtle yet striking effect.

beauty trends
Throwback to the 90s spice with bold ombre lips

3 Easy Tips to Achieve the Perfect Ombré Lips

  1. Enhance lip fullness by applying a darker shade on the inner lips and transitioning gradually to a lighter shade on the outer lips. This technique creates a fading effect, giving the appearance of fuller lips.
  2. Try a horizontal ombré by selecting one color for the central area of your lips (from the cupid’s bow downward) and another color for the corners and outer edges. This playful gradient lip style is perfect for a night out.
  3. Embrace a ’90s makeup vibe by outlining your lips with a dark lipliner, filling them with nude lipstick, and blending the colors. Finish the look with clear lip gloss for a shiny pout.

6. Colored Eyeliner:  Painting the Town Bold

Looking to add a pop of color to your eyes? Spring/Summer 2024 promises vibrant, bold color eyeliners as the trend takes center stage. Experts predict shades like Periwinkle, royal blue, vibrant red, and shocking pink will grace the lids of trendsetters and beauty enthusiasts. Unleash your creativity and experiment with eyeliner in these eye-catching hues to make a bold statement.

pop of color
Adding a pop of color is always fun

7. Go Monochromatic: Your Mood, Your Palette

Pumpkin spice, strawberry makeup, and latte makeup—the monochromatic trend is here to stay! It’s all about creating a seamless mood with a subtle shift in tones between the lips and the face. Our beauty guru predicts a revival of single-color palettes and the rise of multi-purpose products like Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain or Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze.

How to Master Monochromatic Magic:

Soft and Subtle Monochrome:

For a low-key vibe, opt for neutral shades like soft pink, peach, or taupe. Blend these hues effortlessly for a soft, natural look that’s perfect for daytime glam.

Bold and Bright Monochrome:

Ready to turn up the heat? Choose any color of the rainbow—from red to ultra-violet—for a bolder monochromatic statement. The key is in the shade you choose, allowing you to effortlessly transition from a glowy, soft look to a daring and vibrant aesthetic.

monochrome makeup
Monochrome never goes wrong
monochrome makeup
Monochromatic beauty trends on Actress Alexandria Daddario

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As we venture into the beauty trends 2024, the overarching theme is one of versatility and self-expression. From the graceful balletcore to the doll blush that sculpts and defines, and the soft glam that embraces romance, femininity, and whimsy, each trend offers a unique way to enhance your natural beauty.

So, let the beauty trends 2024 be your guide on a journey of self-discovery and glamour.

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