Best Eyelash Extension Aftercare Kit Ideas

As a dedicated lash technician, you understand the importance of not only providing stellar eyelash extension services but also ensuring your clients have the tools they need to maintain their lashes long after they leave your studio. An essential aspect of this is recommending the right aftercare products. To help you in this endeavor, we’ve curated a list of the best eyelash extension aftercare kit ideas that will keep your clients’ lashes looking fabulous between appointments.

Why Should You Give Away Eyelash Extension Aftercare Kits?

Encourage Customer Loyalty

Handing out eyelash extension aftercare kit is a great way to show your clients some love and keep them coming back for more. Think of it like building a friendship—when you give someone a thoughtful gift, it strengthens your bond. The same goes for your clients and your salon.

New clients might need a little extra TLC (tender loving care) to convince them to return and spread the word about your awesome services. But don’t forget about your regulars! Showering them with a free eyelash extension aftercare kit will make them feel extra special, and they might just become your salon’s biggest fans.

In a nutshell, giving out these kits is a win-win – your clients feel appreciated, and your salon gains loyal brand ambassadors.

eyelash extension aftercare kit
An eyelash extension aftercare kit is a great way to make your clients feel like they are cared for.

A Boost to your Brand and Reputation

As a lash artist, providing high-quality, long-lasting extensions showcases your skill and dedication to providing top-notch service. Happy clients become your walking advertisements, spreading the word about your expertise. Building a reputation as a lash artist known for creating lasting, beautiful results can lead to a steady stream of satisfied customers and a thriving business.

When to Spoil Your Eyelash Clients

Sure, it feels awesome to give presents, but we can’t just hand out freebies to our clients all the time. If we do, it might end up hurting our profits in the long run. That’s not the goal, and it’s definitely not why we started giving gifts in the first place.

So, here’s an idea: let’s turn our gift-giving into a reward system. Instead of random gifts, let’s make our clients feel like they’ve earned something special.

Here’s how we can do it:

Tier 1: First-time visitors: Offer a small welcome gift or discount to new clients to make them feel appreciated and encourage them to return.

Tier 2: Returning clients: Create milestones, such as after completing five full set appointments, to reward returning clients with something special. This encourages repeat business and loyalty.

Tier 3: Super loyal clients: For those clients who demonstrate exceptional loyalty by completing ten full set appointments or more, offer even more substantial rewards to show appreciation for their ongoing support.

To make it easy, we can create loyalty cards that get stamped at each visit. This way, clients will have an extra reason to keep coming back, and we’ll get the chance to build a strong and loyal client base.

What should be in your lash aftercare kit?

Building a good lash care kit is more than just throwing in small samples. You want to create something your clients will actually use and maybe even buy again. So, what are some lash aftercare kit ideas? Let’s break it down:

1. Aftercare Instruction Card

Don’t forget to include a detailed set of aftercare instructions in the kit. Clearly outline the dos and don’ts to ensure your clients are equipped with the knowledge they need to care for their lashes properly. This step-by-step guide will be invaluable in helping them maintain their extensions and make their investment worthwhile.

What Should You Put on Those Aftercare Cards?

Your aftercare instruction card in the eyelash extension aftercare kit is like a cheat sheet for keeping your lash extensions on point. Instead of just telling clients how to care for their lashes, having it all written down is a game-changer. It’s like a little reminder they can hold onto and check whenever they need.

Here’s the lowdown for your aftercare card:

  1. Keep those lashes dry for the first 24-48 hours.
  2. Say no to pools, saunas, and heavy workouts during that time too.
  3. Once the first day or two are over, it’s time to wash your lashes every day.
  4. Brush them regularly with a clean spoolie or mascara wand.
  5. Steer clear of oil-based products.
  6. Skip the mascara and eyelash curlers.
  7. No rubbing or tugging on those lovely lashes.
  8. Whatever you do, resist the urge to pull out or remove your extensions on your own.

An aftercare card can look like this:

eyelash extension aftercare kit
An eyelash extension aftercare kit card

An eyelash extension aftercare kit card usually comes in a handy size of 2 x 3.5 inches. The colors, patterns, and designs should be coherent with your brand’s colors and designs!

2. Lash Foam Cleanser or Shampoo

A gentle cleanser specifically formulated for eyelash extensions is a must-have in any aftercare kit. This ensures that your clients can remove any makeup or impurities without compromising the adhesive that holds their extensions in place. Recommend a foaming cleanser that won’t leave any residue and is safe for use around the delicate eye area.

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eyelash extension aftercare kit
An eyelash extension aftercare kit should always include a gentle lash shampoo or cleanser.

3. Dense Lash Cleansing Brush

These brushes, typically crafted from extremely fine fibers, are designed for thorough cleansing of eyelashes, effectively eliminating oil, dust, and leftover cosmetics from the lashes. This makes sure every lash gets the love it deserves. 

4. Spoolie or Clean Mascara Wand

A clean mascara wand is essential for daily maintenance. Instruct your clients to gently brush their lashes each morning to separate any crossed or twisted extensions and keep them looking uniformly beautiful.

But if you want to go above and beyond for your clients, consider adding a few more goodies:

5. Lash Coating Sealant 

For an extra layer of protection, an eyelash extension sealant is a fantastic addition to the aftercare kit. This clear coating helps to shield the lashes from environmental factors and extends the retention time of the extensions. It’s like insurance for those stunning lashes!

6. Eyelash Extension Sleep Mask

Quality sleep is vital for overall health, and it plays a role in maintaining lash extensions too. Giving a comfortable sleep mask to your clients will protect their lashes during the night, preventing any accidental rubbing or friction that can lead to premature fallout.

eyelash extension aftercare kit
An eyelash extension sleep mask is a lovely addition to your customized eyelash extension aftercare kit.

7. Loyalty Card with a Special Discount

Offer clients a loyalty card where they can collect stamps or points with each visit or purchase. After a certain number of visits or purchases, they can redeem the card for a special discount on their next eyelash extension service or aftercare product purchase.

Packaging and visuals: Make your eyelash extension aftercare kit Insta-worthy

Choosing the right packaging for your eyelash extension aftercare kit is a cool way to show off your style and brand. We suggest going for something sleek and simple that your clients can use again later.

Consider using a clear or colored mesh bag. It not only lets your clients see the awesome products inside but also adds a trendy touch. Another adorable option is a makeup pouch; it’s cute and reusable, keeping you on your clients’ minds.

Eyelash extension aftercare kit packaging should express your brand aesthetically. 

Don’t forget about personalized plastic or paper bags with your salon logo or a lash-themed design. They’re easy to carry and double as a way to spread the word about your business. And of course, having cute packaging is always something you can flaunt on your brand’s social media. It’s a win-win!


And there you have it—the ultimate guide to creating an eyelash extension aftercare kit that your clients will adore. With these essential items and a dash of commitment, their lashes will steal the spotlight wherever they go. As a lash artist, you’re not just providing a service; you’re sharing the secret to maintaining the allure of those mesmerizing lashes. Cheers to fluttery, fabulous, and flawlessly fabulous extensions!

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