Barbie Lash Extensions- Transform into a Barbie in 2024!

Step into the pink-tastic land of Barbie with the release of the highly anticipated Barbie Movie, the women empowerment anthem of 2023! This blockbuster has not only sparked trends in fashion and makeup but has also ignited a frenzy for the hottest eyelash style of the season, Barbie Lashes. Join us as we unravel the tips and tricks behind creating the perfect Barbie lash!

Barbie Lash
Barbie Lash Extensions is the ultimate girl lash trend

What are Barbie Lash Extensions?

Barbie lash extension is a style of extension inspired by the 2023 summer blockbuster “Barbie” movie. To achieve this look, the process is similar to creating a Cat Eye or Squirrel lash set, but with special tweaks to capture the Barbie-inspired vibe.

Who Can Wear Barbie Lash Extensions?

Barbie lash extensions are perfect for individuals looking to achieve a captivating and enchanting look inspired by the iconic Barbie character. If you love wispy and fluttery lash styles, the Barbie lash map creates a flirty cat-eye effect that’s sure to enchant. Additionally, those who embrace the color pink and seek to add a playful and glamorous touch to their lashes will find Barbie lash extensions to be the perfect fit.

Lash Extensions for the Barbie Look

For a light and fluffy Barbie lash set, we recommend using 0.05 or 0.07 lashes in C or CC Curl. These extensions offer the perfect balance of flare, pop, and wispy elegance, creating a seamless blend that will make your clients feel like living Barbie dolls.

No Barbie-inspired lash set would be complete without embracing the signature hot pink color. Channel the ‘Barbiecore’ aesthetic by experimenting with vibrant pink lash extensions. Whether you opt for a seamless ombre look or playful intermittent spikes, these colored lash extensions are designed to match the Barbie theme flawlessly.

Play around with lash layers and spikes to incorporate a touch of color without overpowering the natural beauty of the lashes. Vietnam Lash’s Pink Color Lash Trays, in particular, are perfect for achieving a captivating and enchanting Barbie-inspired look.

How to Create a Barbie Lash Map

Creating a Barbie lash map involves carefully arranging eyelash extensions to achieve a specific style reminiscent of Barbie’s glamorous and doll-like appearance. The process is similar to creating a Cat Eye or Squirrel lash set, but with specific adjustments for the Barbie-inspired look.

The Barbie lash set involves meticulously placing lash extensions in layers, with the longest lashes positioned in the middle and gradually decreasing in length towards the outer corners. Incorporate lash spikes strategically for a wispy and flirty vibe, ensuring precision to avoid any damage to the natural lashes.

Barbie Lash
Barbie Lash Map

Here’s how to create a Barbie lash map:

Step 1: Preparation

Ensure the client’s natural lashes are clean and dry. Use under-eye pads or tape to isolate and protect the lower lashes.

Step 2: Mapping the First Layer

Begin by applying the longest lashes to the middle of the eye, extending towards the outer corner. Gradually decrease the length as you reach the outer corners of the natural lashes. This forms the first layer of the Barbie lash set.

Step 3: Mapping the Second Layer

Repeat the lash placement from the first layer, but this time, use lashes that are 1 mm longer than the first layer. This will add dimension and a subtle lift to the outer corners of the eyes.

Step 4: Mapping the Third Layer

For the third layer, increase the length by another 1 mm. However, apply these longer lashes only to the inner half of the eye. This creates a dramatic and doll-like effect, emphasizing the center of the eyes.

To sprinkle some Barbie magic on your lashes, experts carefully add tiny spikes to the lashes. This makes them look light and playful. Putting these spikes in the right place is super important. They work best on strong and healthy lashes, making sure they stay in place without hurting the lashes. And, of course, we’re careful not to go poking around the sensitive inner corners to keep things irritation-free.

A simple way to create these cute spikes is by using a primer and a microfiber brush along the lash line. This gives your lashes a 3D look, making them look like a doll’s lashes. It’s important to find the right balance when working with light lashes. Adding just a few spikes to one layer keeps it looking natural, giving your lashes a bit of texture without being too much.

We have discussed how to create spikes in our previous article; feel free to check out: 

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This is an example of the different variations you can use when applying Barbie lash extensions. Remember to start with the shorter lengths, and then as you layer the extensions, you increase the length.

Barbie Lash
Example of Barbie lash’s dimension

And of course, remember to tailor the lash map based on the client’s eye shape and preferences, ensuring a customized and flattering Barbie-inspired look.

A way to add a pop of pink to your Barbie lashes is to add a few pink lash extensions toward the end of the set. It’s a way to let our inner Barbie shine with style without it being hard to wear every day. 

Barbie Lash
A way to add a pop of pink to your Barbie lashes is adding pink extensions at the end of the ye, creating an upward flick to the eye.

Or if you love colors as much as we do, go all out for this multi-color Barbie lash. You’re bound to capture all the attention in the room.

multi-color lashes
mix pink with different colors to create even more electric summer barbie look


In a nutshell, Barbie lash extensions are all the rage in 2024! They’re not just a beauty trend; they’re a fun and trendy way to amp up your look. With Barbie’s signature flair for glamour, these extensions bring a touch of playful sophistication to your eyes. So, if you’re looking to rock a look that’s both chic and on-trend, Barbie lash extensions are the way to go. Get ready to transform into a real-life Barbie and turn heads wherever you go!