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Hello dear readers. The presence of readers in this article brings me joy and motivation. My presence here brings you a lot of useful information. Are you curious what I will say in the article about DIY eyelash growth serum? Last month, I and a friend of mine researched a recipe to make lash serum. Up to now, after more than a month of regular use, I see clear results. So in today’s blog post, I will tell you why you should use lash serum regularly, whether using lash serum is effective, and most importantly, the divine formula that I learned. Let’s get started!

Why do you need to have a DIY eyelash growth serum?

When it comes to eyelash growth serum, whether it’s a bottle of serum we buy ready-made on the market or a DIY eyelash growth serum, it’s very important for the beauty of our eyes. Because this is a blog post about the recipe for making diy lash serum, I will not analyze in detail why you should use lash serum regularly. But I will go into the two most convincing reasons why you can’t help but think about making yourself a homemade eyelash serum right after reading this article.

diy eyelash growth serum
You should have a diy lash serum recipe to take care of your eyelashes

Moisturizes natural lashes and extensions

Please answer me truthfully. Even though we have eyelash extensions to make our eyes more beautiful, we still use eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara every time we go out, right? I also like you. And I discovered that mascara and eyeshadow are ruining my eyelash extensions every hour. They absorb moisture and dry out eyelashes, especially eyelash extensions. 

Many mascaras contain ethyl alcohol. These chemicals dry out your lashes and make them brittle and prone to breakage. Thus, daily makeup is destroying the beauty we try to create. Makeup removal after applying eye makeup is indispensable. Even if they are makeup removers specifically for eyelash extensions, they will more or less cause dry eyelashes. Both things combined will make our eyelashes lifeless. 

If we don’t use lash serum, we may spend a lot of money to maintain regular eyelash extensions. Because lash serum has specialized moisturizing and locking ingredients for eyelashes. So a DIY eyelash growth serum or serum purchased on the market is a savior for eyelids in general and eyelash extension in particular every day.

Save our golden time

Because lash serum is very nourishing, it not only provides adequate moisture to the eyelashes, prevents the drying of makeup, but also helps the eyelashes become healthier. The nutrients in lash serum enter the cells under the skin, which nourishes the eyelashes and prevents them from falling out prematurely. The longer the life of eyelashes, the more we will not have to spend hours sitting idle in the salon just to reapply eyelash extensions.

So how does lash serum perform its functions? Is DIY eyelash growth serum guaranteed to be as good as other lash serums available on the market? These are the most common questions I receive about diy lash serum. The answer is right here.

diy eyelash growth serum
Lash serum help your lashes growth better

How does lash serum work?

Do you still remember the growth and shedding cycle, also known as the life cycle of a natural eyelash? I have a very detailed article about this cycle. You can read it again to understand! To briefly summarize in this article, the eyelash development process usually goes through three stages called anagen phase, telogen phase and catagen phase. The end of anagen phase and beginning of telogen phase is the time when eyelashes develop best and most completely. 

Eyelashes at this stage receive enough nutrients like a blooming flower. They are softer and longer, the color is also darker, so the eyelashes at this stage make your eyes the most beautiful. Of course, most of our eyelashes are in this stage at any given time. But whether it lasts for a long time or not depends a lot on how we take care of our eyelashes. To help this stage last longer, lash growth serum is the best means.

The main ingredient of serum contains peptides. It is a short chain of amino acids, which are the structural components of any protein in the body. Each of our healthy eyelashes is about 80% keratin protein. Therefore, using lash serum to supplement keratin for eyelashes is a good way to increase the “health” of eyelashes. In addition, good serums also contain vitamins that help the protein absorption process of each eyelash more effectively, thus maintaining the perfect stage longer.

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diy eyelash growth serum
Lash serum bring magnificent effect for your eyelashes

Benefit of DIY eyelash growth serum

Ok we understand what ingredients lash serum has, how it works and how good it is for us. But now the problem is that there are many types of lash serum available in the market. Why do we need to make diy eyelash growth serum? Just like the question I raised above, is DIY lash serum as good as available serums? My answer is yes. I’m not criticizing the lash serums available on the market, but in my opinion, we can make our own lash serum at home even better than that. The reasons I recommend you are:

  • Save costs for you: The market price of good serums must be around $100 per bottle. While it only lasts a few months, we have to buy more. This is extremely expensive. Instead, with a lash serum recipe at home, you can easily create many good serums at a more economical cost.
  • Safe and friendly with yourself: I guarantee you that when you buy a serum available on the market, their ingredients are not lacking in prostaglandins. Although prostaglandins help maintain the late anagen phase to early catagen phase of the eyelashes, they have a great risk of causing eye irritation. You may experience itching, redness, and even swelling of your eyes if they are too sensitive.

But when you make your own with a diy eyelash serum recipe, you can control its ingredients. Instead of using prostaglandins, your serum only needs vitamins such as vitamin E, A, B and that’s great. And you won’t have to wait any longer. Here is the divine formula that I want to introduce to you.

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Recipe to make a DIY eyelash growth serum

Eyelash serum recipe with green tea.

I was so excited to write this piece for you guys. All you need is just 5 fingertips. These are: a green tea bag, vitamin E, a graduated cup for mixing, an empty mascara tube to hold the product and a dropper funnel.

The steps are extremely simple. You just need to brew the tea in a clean cup and let it cool completely. Then gently pour the green tea into the prepared glass cup. Pour gently and do not empty the entire cup to avoid getting any residue. Then you just add vitamin E to the cooled tea at a 3:1 ratio. That means for every 3 ml of tea you will mix with 1 vitamin E tablet. Then you shake the mixture until it is completely mixed together and then use a funnel to transfer it to a jar.

Just like that, you have a perfect diy eyelash growth serum. The ingredients of this lash serum are extremely friendly to both us and the environment. They are completely clean and the special thing is that you can use them even while wearing eyelash extensions. Isn’t that great!

In addition to this special formula for eyelash extensions, if you do not have eyelash extensions, you can use other lash serum recipes for natural eyelashes. How to make lash serum for natural eyelashes? The difference is that you can use oil-based products to mix into your own lash serum.

diy eyelash growth serum
You can make diy lash growth serum for eyelash extensions from green tea

Argan oil and sweet almond oil DIY serum

The simplest recipe and I find it quite effective is to use argan oil combined with sweet almond oil. You need these two oils, a little vitamin E, you can add lavender essential oil or rose essential oil to create fragrance in this homemade lash serum recipe. In addition, you still need graduated cups, jars and funnels to transfer your finished product to jars. You just need to mix the oils together in a 1:1 ratio and add a few drops of vitamin E and a few drops of essential oils to create scent. This essential oil is not a required ingredient! Then don’t forget to stir well so the ingredients are mixed together. Finally, just use a funnel to transfer the product to a storage jar and use it every day!

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You know, I was so happy to write down the DIY eyelash growth serum recipe for your reference. I think the regular lash serum formula is very popular, but the formula that can be used for eyelash extensions is quite new, isn’t it? Hope you will be successful with my formula and don’t forget to consistently use serum every day to see results. Wishing you success in making your own lash serum at home. If you have any new and unique recipes, don’t hesitate to comment and share them with me. Although I wrote this article to guide you, I don’t mind learning more new things. And if you have success with my recipe, don’t forget to come back and comment so that future readers will be motivated to do it. Please help me share this recipe with more people. Wishing you the best. Goodbye!

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