Can argan oil for eyelashes help your natural lash growth?

Are you tired of dreaming about long, fluttery eyelashes and wishing for a miracle? Well, guess what? The magic potion you’ve been searching for might just be hiding in a tiny bottle of argan oil! Yes, you read that right—this golden elixir isn’t just for your hair and skin; it can work wonders for your lashes too. In this article, we’re going to delve into the world of argan oil for eyelashes and explore how it can help you achieve the lashes of your dreams. So, grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and let’s embark on this journey to fabulous lashes together!

What is Argan Oil?

First things first, let’s talk about what argan oil actually is. You may feel unfamiliar with this plant because argan is a species grown in the Moroccan region and northwest Africa. The scientific name of the Argan tree is Argania spinosa. This plant is also widely grown in semi-desert areas. People here tend and harvest the seeds of the argan tree and press the seeds to extract the oil.

The natural oil from the argan tree nut contains a very high content of fatty acids and rich amounts of vitamin E and antioxidants. Argan oil is widely used in the food and cosmetic industries thanks to its precious properties. Also, people often joke that argan oil is said to be as precious as gold.

Moreover, argan oil has been used as a major ingredient in hair treatments to help meet curly hair’s needs and boost hair growth. To a certain extent, eyelashes and hair have many similar characteristics. Therefore, many questions have arisen about whether argan oil for eyelashes is good. Or does argan oil help eyelashes grow? Let’s look at the first benefit of this oil.

Understanding the Potency of Argan Oil:

Before we dive into the specific benefits of argan oil for eyelashes, let’s unravel the secrets of argan oil’s potency:

  1. Rich in Essential Nutrients: Argan oil is teeming with essential nutrients, including fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins such as Vitamin E. These components work synergistically to nourish, strengthen, and protect the delicate lashes.
  2. Deep Moisturization: The unique composition of argan oil allows it to penetrate deeply into the hair follicles, providing intense moisturization and hydration to promote lash health from the roots.
  3. Repair and Regeneration: With its high concentration of Vitamin E, argan oil possesses remarkable regenerative properties that can aid in repairing damaged lash follicles and stimulating new growth.
Argan oil for eyelashes
The benefits of argan oil for eyelashes include lengthening, moisturizing, and reducing shedding.

Does Argan Oil Help Eyelashes Grow?

In a way, yes/

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress on the skin and hair. Using argan oil on your eyelashes can potentially reduce loss and encourage healthier growth. The blend of fatty acids in argan oil helps support and stimulate eyelash growth.

Now, let’s explore how argan oil can support and enhance each stage of the lash growth cycle:

Hydration and Nourishment:

Argan oil is renowned for its rich composition of beneficial fatty acids, particularly oleic and linoleic acids. When applied to the lashes, these fatty acids have the remarkable ability to deeply penetrate the hair follicles, delivering intense hydration and nourishment directly to the roots. This deep hydration helps to strengthen the lashes from their very foundation, fortifying them against damage and promoting healthier growth.

By nourishing the lashes at the root level, argan oil supports the development of stronger, more resilient lashes that are less prone to breakage or premature shedding. Additionally, the hydrating properties of argan oil help to maintain the elasticity and flexibility of the lashes, further reducing the risk of damage and promoting their overall health and vitality. Overall, the deeply penetrating and nourishing effects of argan oil make it an excellent natural remedy for promoting stronger, healthier lashes.

Using argan oil can reduce the falling of eyelashes
Some environmental factors can make eyelashes dry and easy to fall out, but argan oil can help you get away from this problem.

Antioxidant Protection

The antioxidants present in argan oil, such as vitamin E and phenols, help protect the lashes from environmental damage caused by free radicals. By neutralizing oxidative stress, argan oil aids in maintaining the health and vitality of the lash follicles, ensuring optimal conditions for growth.

Stimulating Circulation

Massaging argan oil onto the lash line can stimulate blood circulation, promoting better nutrient delivery to the hair follicles. Improved circulation encourages faster lash growth and may extend the duration of the anagen phase, resulting in longer and thicker lashes over time.

Conditioning Properties of Argan oil for eyelashes

Regular application of argan oil can prevent lash damage caused by harsh cosmetics or excessive rubbing, allowing them to grow longer and healthier.

Argan oil on eyelashes can help eyelashes grow better
The lash professor advises that people who have short eyelash fibers should use argan oil

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How to Use Argan Oil for Eyelashes Growth

Incorporating argan oil for eyelashes into your daily beauty routine is simple and convenient. Follow these steps to maximize the benefits of argan oil for eyelashes:

  1. Cleanse your face and remove any makeup residue from your lashes.
  2. Using a clean mascara wand or a cotton swab, apply a small amount of argan oil directly to the roots of your lashes.
  3. Gently massage the oil into your lash line using circular motions to stimulate circulation and ensure even distribution.
  4. Leave the oil on overnight to allow it to penetrate deeply and nourish the lashes while you sleep.
  5. Rinse off the oil with lukewarm water in the morning and proceed with your regular skincare and makeup routine.

It is best to take it before going to bed. Apply oil to your eyelashes, and then sleep. Wake up the next morning to clean with a morning face wash. Why? Because of the oily nature of argan oil, it will feel heavy and sticky. Therefore, if used during your day, it can affect your work. It can also make you feel more entangled and rub your eyes. That is the cause of burning, watery eyes, even burning, and irritation. For best results, repeat this process every night before bedtime to experience noticeable improvements in lash length, thickness, and overall health.

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While there’s no magic potion for instant lash growth, the natural properties of argan oil for eyelashes offer a promising solution for enhancing the health and appearance of your lashes over time. By providing essential nutrients, hydration, and protection, argan oil can support each stage of the lash growth cycle, resulting in longer, thicker, and more luscious lashes. So why wait? Embrace the power of argan oil and unlock the secret to your dream lashes today!

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