Can argan oil for eyelashes help your natural lash growth?

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Argan and the benefit of argan oil for eyelashes

You may also know that recently argan oil has emerged as a beauty care product especially for skin and hair. Consumers are increasingly turning to natural products, so argan oil is more and more popular. Even for the eyelash industry, argan oil on eyelashes also gets many questions about its effects. So first, let me spend a few lines talking about the origin and general benefits of argan oil!

Argan oil for lashes
Argan oil brings many benefit for eyelashes include lengthened,  moisturizing and reduce shedding

Where does argan oil come from?

You may feel unfamiliar with this plant because argan is a species grown in the Moroccan region and northwest Africa. Scientific name of the Argan tree is Argania spinosa. This plant is also widely grown in semi-desert areas. People here tend and harvest the seeds of the argan tree and press the seeds to extract the oil. The natural oil from the argan tree nut contains a very high content of fatty acids and rich amounts of vitamin E and antioxidants. Argan oil is widely used in the food and cosmetic industry thanks to its precious properties. Also, people often joke that argan oil is often said to be as precious as gold.

Moreover, argan oil has been used as a major ingredient in hair treatments to help meet curly hair’s needs and boost hair growth. To a certain extent, eyelashes and hair have many similar characteristics. Therefore, many questions have arisen whether argan oil for eyelashes is good? Or does argan oil help eyelashes grow? Let’s look at the first benefit of this oil.

Argan oil for eyelashes help to maintain the moisture

Argan oil contains a mixture of fatty acids with high concentrations including: linoleic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid and palmitic acid. They have a hydrating effect for the cells around the eyelashes follicle. In addition to these fatty acids, vitamin E is a rich compound in argan oil. It  also works to retain water and moisturize the eyelashes, hair, and skin as well. As I said in the article about vitamins for eyelashes, science has proven vitamin E also contributes to the maintenance and increase of moisture in the eyelashes. Thanks to the retention of moisture for a long time, the eyelashes become stronger, less prone to dryness and breakage. So, the key of argan oil for eyelashes is maintaining the necessary moisture for your lashes.

Using argan oil can reduce the falling of eyelashes
Some environmental factors can make eyelashes dry and easy to fall out but argan oil can help you to get far from this problem

Apply argan oil on eyelashes can reduce eyelash shedding

When it comes to eyelash loss, you probably already know that a natural cycle of eyelash shedding is inevitable. That barely affects the look of the lashes. However, there are many environmental factors that can make eyelashes more fragile even though they are not in the natural shedding cycle we talked about. To understand more about this cycle, you can read the article on the 4-stage cycle of eyelashes. It is worth mentioning here that the unintentional loss of eyelashes will make you uncomfortable. And the main solution is to use argan oil for eyelashes.

In addition to the rich fats or vitamin E in argan oil, which helps to moisturize the eyelashes, the nutrients in the oil also contribute to nourishing the eyelashes from the root. Providing enough nutrition for the eyelash fiber will help it grow healthier and not easily broken due to environmental impacts. In addition, argan oil also contains antioxidants. It helps eyelid cells and eyelash follicle cells to avoid the damaging effects of free radicals. It also helps to increase collagen to help the lashes have better resilience. As a result, your eyelashes will reduce the phenomenon of breakage.

Does argan oil help eyelashes grow?

Up until now, we’ve only talked about how argan oil protects eyelashes, but haven’t mentioned that it really helps eyelashes grow faster?

Scientific studies that have been widely published have proven that argan oil has a beneficial effect on the scalp and hair. It also stimulates hair growth faster because it contains all the essential vitamins for hair growth. Unfortunately, there are no studies that specifically prove argan oil’s lash-lengthening effects. But don’t jump to conclusions. 

Although there is no scientific proof, eyelash experts recommend argan oil for people with thin and short eyelashes. It’s clear that argan oil has a lengthening effect on lashes for some people, at least. With its benign natural ingredients, argan oil shows almost no side effects when applied to the skin around the eyes and eyelashes. 

Therefore, give it a try if you are in need of longer and stronger lashes. If argan oil for eyelashes does not help your eyelashes grow longer, the nutrients in it can also give you a healthier, darker and shinier eyelash. That’s for sure.

Argan oil on eyelashes can help eyelashes grow better
The lash professor advice that people who have short eyelash fibers should use argan oil

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How to apply argan oil on eyelashes?

Try using argan oil for your lashes! Maybe it really suits you and makes your lashes longer. Otherwise, like I said, you will also have darker and stronger lashes.  So how to use argan oil properly? What is the dosage and what types of argan oil are the best today? Let’s continue reading together!

Can you put argan oil on your eyelashes directly?

Oh sure. You can absolutely put a drop of argan oil on your fingertip and gently apply it to your eyelids. Use your fingers to gently massage the area of ​​the eyelashes. You just applied the oil for about 1 minute to allow the nutrients to be absorbed. If you are more careful, you can use a clean mascara to apply argan oil to your lashes. Remember that mascara must first be clean. Then you dip in a jar of argan oil and lightly brush on lashes, from root to tip, just like you would apply regular mascara.

Is argan oil good for your eyelashes if used everyday?

Of course, you should be using argan oil every day. It is best to take it before going to bed. Apply oil on your eyelashes and then sleep, wake up the next morning to clean with a morning face wash. Why? Because of the oily nature of argan oil, it will feel heavy and sticky. Therefore, if used on your day, it can affect your work. It can also make you feel more entangled and rub your eyes. That is the cause of burning, watery eyes, even burning and irritation. 

Although we have talked about many great uses of argan oil for eyelashes, it is not a miracle that works in one go. Your perseverance is important, but don’t forget the tips I’ve shared!

The best type of argan oil for eyelashes     

At this point, my blog post is also long. I would like to share a little more about the types of argan oil and the type of argan oil for eyelashes you should use to end this sharing. There are usually three types of argan oil. 

The first is pure argan oil. This is the oil of the highest purity and has the least chemical and heat treatment. They are organic oils and almost retain the natural aroma of the argan fruit. When using this oil, the nutrients it provides you are also the highest. 

Pure argan oil is the best type for your eyelashes
You should buy the pure argan oil from the reputable brand to achieve the desired eyelashes

In addition to this pure argan oil, there is also grade 2 argan oil. This is an oil that has been more refined and undergoes a few simple chemical treatments to remove the oil’s natural odor. This type is most used in cosmetics because it is easy to prepare and use. 

Finally, I want to talk about pure argan oil. This is an oil that has removed almost 100% of the natural scent and even added other flavors to meet the different needs of customers. Therefore, in terms of remaining nutrients, it is also almost very low. Overall, I still recommend using pure argan oil to get the most out of your lashes.

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After reading this article about argan oil for eyelashes, I hope I have helped you understand the key information. Argan oil is a fatty, vitamin E and antioxidant oil derived from the Argan fruit in Africa. This oil is a commonly used ingredient in skin and hair care products. And recently, it is widely used as an eyelash conditioner. Argan oil is used on eyelashes to help eyelashes grow faster for many people. It also helps lashes retain moisture and reduce breakage. If you’re considering using argan oil for your lashes, look no further. Persist in using it properly, you will definitely have beautiful eyelashes.

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