Can you wear contacts with lash extensions?

Sending warmest greetings to my dear readers. As I sit down to write this, it’s a sunny, breezy, and cool Sunday afternoon. Initially, I had planned to use today’s post to compile answers to the questions I’ve received from you, my dear readers, in recent times. However, before I began writing, I had a meeting and a conversation with a friend. Our story made me decide to dedicate today’s post to answering the question: “Can you wear contacts with lash extensions?”

We had scheduled to meet at 2 o’clock, but it wasn’t until around 3 that our meeting actually started. Of course, my friend had informed me in advance that she would be running late. Today at noon, she had an appointment with a new customer for eyelash extensions. This customer was having lash extensions for the first time but wore glasses. The issue with my friend’s client was that she didn’t regularly wear glasses but used contact lenses instead. So, my friend had to spend quite some time providing advice to this client.

After hearing my friend’s story, it occurred to me that I hadn’t written anything about lash extension and eye contacts. So, I decided to write about it today! Since this idea came quite unexpectedly, if there are any parts that don’t quite make sense, please feel free to provide your input! Now, let’s get started!

Can you wear contacts with lash extensions?

Many of you wear contact lenses instead of regular glasses, which can lead to concerns when it comes to eyelash extensions. Can you wear contacts with lash extensions? The answer is yes! To be precise, wearing contact lenses has no impact on eyelash extensions, and vice versa. If you’re getting eyelash extensions, you can still wear contacts instead of your everyday eyeglasses. 

However, during the eyelash extension application process, you will need to remove your contact lenses. I’ll explain the reasons for this in more detail in the following sections of this blog. Here, you just need to remember and rest assured that these two (contact lenses and eyelash extensions) can perfectly complement each other, enhancing your beauty.

Can I wear contacts when getting lash extensions? 

For this question, I think you can probably answer it yourself. Let me give you a hint! If you regularly wear eye contacts, then you must be aware that the first and foremost rule is to avoid dry eyes, right? Eyes with contact lenses always need sufficient oxygen and moisture to prevent damage to the cornea. If your eyes become dry and lack oxygen for an extended period, it can lead to inflammation and potential harm to your eyes.

That’s right, wearing contacts during eyelash extensions requires you to keep your eyes closed throughout the process. Closing your eyes like this prevents the tear glands from producing enough moisture for your eye contacts and corneas. 

Eyelash extensions and contacts
Eyelash extensions and contacts are two things that help enhance your beauty without affecting the health of your eyes when used together

Consequently, this can have adverse effects on your eyes. After the lash extensions are applied, your eyes may become dry, red, and even show signs of infection, such as blurred vision, sensitivity to bright light, itching, and pain in the area around the eye. Worse yet, it can lead to one of the most common eye infections called keratitis. 

So, it’s crucial to emphasize that you should absolutely not wear contacts while getting eyelash extensions. Furthermore, you should also avoid wearing them when sleeping because sleeping also involves keeping your eyes closed for an extended period.

This also answers the question: ‘Can I wear contacts to my eyelash extension appointment?’ In summary, “Can you wear contacts with lash extensions”?Yes, of course, wearing contact lenses doesn’t affect wearing eyelash extensions. But it’s not advisable to wear them when going to the salon or during the eyelash extension procedure.”

How to use eye contacts with lash extension together?

In the following section, I will discuss some considerations regarding the process of wearing contact lenses when you already have a pair of eyelash extensions you love. Keep reading to find out how long after getting lash extensions you can wear contact lenses and how to put on and remove contact lenses when you have lash extensions!

01: How long after lash extensions can I wear contacts?

You should not wear eye contacts during lash extension
Wearing contacts lens during lash extension time can damage your eyes

You can wear eye contacts immediately after completing the eyelash extension process. The truth is, you don’t need to wait for anything. You already know the answer to ‘Can you wear contacts with lash extensions?’ is yes. This means that these two things don’t affect each other, so as long as your eyes are healthy and not experiencing any allergies after getting lash extensions, you can wear eye contacts right away.

02: How to put in contact lenses with eyelash extensions?

One thing to be extremely cautious about when getting eyelash extensions is to avoid touching the lashes or any other objects that might exert unwanted pressure on the lashes, causing them to break or fall off. But isn’t it true that when wearing eye contacts, you can’t help but touch your eyes and lashes, right? However, trust me, everything can be managed with a little finesse. First, use the index finger of your hand to pick up the contact lens. Then, and this is crucial, open your eyes as wide as possible. Afterward, use the third finger of the same hand to gently pull down your lower eyelid, making it easier to insert the lens.

Please note that you should never use the other hand to pull the upper eyelid to open the eye wider; this can cause damage to your lash extensions. Once the lens is placed on the cornea, adjust your eye as you normally would to ensure the lens is in the correct position. Repeat the same process for the other eye, and there you have it, you’ve successfully worn lenses with your eyelash extensions. 

03: How to remove contacts with eyelash extensions?

Easy remove contacts with eyelash extension
Just remember that you can not exert force on the upper lashes, especially if you have eyelash extensions

Removing contact lenses is just as simple as putting them on. You still use the middle finger to gently pull down the lower eyelid and use the index and thumb of the other hand to pinch and remove the lens. What I always emphasize here is that you should never exert force on the upper lashes, especially if you have eyelash extensions. Whether you’re putting in or taking out the lenses, you should never touch or apply pressure to the upper lash line.

By the way, you already know “Can you wear contacts with lash extensions”?  But I’d like to briefly mention that if you’re not wearing eye contacts but instead choose to wear eyeglasses, it’s simpler and has fewer considerations compared to wearing contact lenses. However, you should remember not to have excessively long lash extensions. The principle I’ve emphasized numerous times is to prevent lash extensions from coming into contact with excessive force to avoid breakage or falling off. When lash extensions are too long, they can touch the lenses, which can lead to discomfort, and over time, it may cause the extensions to weaken. So, pay attention to this aspect as well


So, in this article, you’ve learned more about wearing eye contacts and getting eyelash extensions. You now know the steps to put on and remove lenses without affecting your eyelashes. And most importantly, when someone asks you, ‘Can you wear contacts with lash extensions?’ you can confidently answer like an expert. Well done! I hope there will be many more useful articles for you in the future! Goodbye!

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