Does Olive Oil Help Eyelashes Grow – The Way To Use It Right

“Does olive oil grow eyelashes?” This has long been asked among all eyelash lovers, as well as whoever favors the supreme glam. The priority for beauty is always visible to any of us so when it comes to the price for enhancement, nothing can be calculated as correctly as it should be. Cosmetic products of different price tags are purchased every day, no matter how long it takes for customers to receive their ordered items.

Olive oil, a favorable solution with a great amount of processed fresh olives, is found to have countless nutritional benefits for eyelashes. This oil has been studied for further applications to a variety of purposes.

Does olive oil help eyelashes grow? Generally, it is said that this type of oil partly contributes to the growth of your natural lashes, even though research on its effects have been updated with more comprehensive data.

Stay tuned so that we can dig deeper into the benefits of olive oil for lashes and what way to use it correctly for long-term effects. Please note that our statements are based on the database of thorough studies on olive oil and eyelash growth.

Olive oil has its fine flavor and nutritional benefits for eyelashes
Olive oil has its fine flavor and nutritional benefits for eyelashes

What Is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is a type of oil that is made from the fruits of the olive tree, or Olea Europaea as it is scientifically known. Monounsaturated fatty acids, so called Oleic acid that is considered as a healthy fat, are found in high concentrations in olive oil. It has antioxidants such as vitamin E and Polyphenols that have a number of health advantages, as well.

Linoleic acid, a vital fatty acid found in olive oil, maintains the barrier function of your lashes by giving them health, and Squalene, a naturally moisturizing substance that keeps the lash moisturized and flexible in the long run.

Phytosterols, plant-based compounds with anti-inflammatory and calming qualities, are also included in the oil. They can aid in soothing and nourishing your eyelash, lowering irritability and redness from environmental damage.

Olive oil is used for a number of purposes, both culinary and non-culinary. It serves as a key component in Mediterranean cuisine and is often used in cooking, salad dressing marinades, condiments or dipping sauces. Beauty lovers also favor olive oil as it benefits their skincare and haircare routines. The oil is even used in medical treatments for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other diseases and conditions. However, not much scientific evidence supports such uses of olive oil for medicine.

In terms of care for eyelashes, olive oil is among the smart choices. In response to the topic question, we’ll guide you through the many kinds of olive oil, as well as the advantages they have for your natural lashes.

Types of available olive oil have own characteristics and uses
Types of available olive oil have own characteristics and uses
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO): The olive oil in question is often of the highest grade and least processed. Without the use of heat or chemicals, it is prepared from pure, cold-pressed olives. Less than 0.8% of it’s acidic, and it tastes fruity. EVOO is used to drizzle over salads, dip bread in, and finish recipes.
  • Virgin Olive Oil: Virgin olive oil is created the same way as extra virgin olive oil that is cold pressed from pure olives. Its acidity level is slightly higher (up to 2%), though. Baking, sautéing, and cooking all work well with virgin olive oil.
  • Refined Olive Oil: This sort of olive oil is created using refined oils that are often derived from olives of inferior quality through the process of refining. It is fitable for high-heat culinary techniques such as frying and deep-frying since it has a softer flavor and a higher smoke point than extra virgin or virgin olive oil.
  • Pure Olive Oil: This type of olive oil, which can be simply referred to as olive oil, is a mixture of refined olive oil and virgin or extra virgin olive oil. Despite having a softer flavor than extra virgin, or virgin olive oil, it has a greater smoke point. Pure olive oil is mainly used in everyday cooking.
  • Extra Light Olive Oil: Although it has a milder label, this sort of olive oil contains no less calories or fat than others. In fact, it is a highly refined oil with a very faint flavor and a high smoke point. Baking, grilling, and other high-heat culinary methods are often done with extra light olive oil.
  • Olive Pomace Oil: Olive pomace oil is a sort of olive oil made from the pomace, or the pulp and pits that remain after the first pressing of the olives. Due to the refining process and the usage of solvents, it is not as well-known as extra virgin or virgin olive oil, but still a good option for some cooking applications where a mild-tasting oil with a higher smoke point is sought.

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How Does Olive Oil Benefit Your Lashes?

Olive oil can help increase the natural beauty of your eyelashes with a variety of impacts and benefits when used in different ways, much like castor oil is advised for the healthy growth of your hair and eyebrows. Many people don’t even bother using mascara if they have naturally thick, long, and curling eyelashes.

The oil itself already contains influential factors. Follow through for a number of benefits from olive oil for lashes, queens of beauty!

Olive oil helps retain the naturalness of your lashes via nutritional value
Olive oil helps retain the naturalness of your lashes via nutritional value
  • Nourishment: Olive oil is full of vital elements including vitamin E and fatty acids which help to nourish and moisturize your natural lashes. This can aid in preventing dryness and brittleness, producing healthier and stronger eyelashes.
  • Growth Stimulation: Oleic acid, which is present in olive oil, has always been touted as a hair growth enhancer. Your eyelashes’ length and thickness may gradually increase if you regularly apply olive oil to encourage their growth and health.
  • Conditioning: Your lashes will become smoother and easier to manage thanks to the moisturizing benefit of olive oil. Your lashes will be bigger, healthier, and there are less chances of breakage.
  • Protection: Free radicals can harm your eyelashes, but antioxidants in olive oil, such as vitamin E, will assist. By properly using olive oil, you can ensure the general health of your natural lashes and stop premature lash loss.
  • Makeup Removal: Another usage of olive oil is as a safe, all-natural makeup remover. Without making use of harsh chemicals, it will efficiently dissolve, or remove applied mascara and many other eye cosmetics, keeping your lashes clean and reducing harmful effects from rubbing or tugging.
  • Overall Lash Health: Olive oil may support the general health of the lash follicles by keeping them hydrated and fed, potentially fostering a favorable environment for your lash growth.

Steps To Apply Olive Oil To Eyelashes

Olive oil has long been valued for its impressive adaptability, health advantages, as well as cultural importance. Its influences in past civilizations has a lasting effect on how it is being used and appreciated today. Products with olive oil such as cosmetics and perfumes never disappoint those using them, thanks to their moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Your lashes can be strengthened and nourished through olive oil’ minerals and antioxidants, which can encourage their growth and shield them from breaking. To prevent irritation, have your eyes on caution whenever you apply the oil to your eyelashes. Stop using the products and seek medical advice if you have any allergic reactions.

Scroll down for some steps to properly apply olive oil to your eyelashes, beauties!

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Olive oil for lashes is a natural remedy that demands patience
Olive oil for lashes is a natural remedy that demands patience

Step 1: Keep your lashes nice and fresh

Make sure your eyelashes are tidy and makeup- and oil-free. You can clean them with a mild cleanser or makeup remover. It is to ensure that the chosen olive oil will function well on your natural lashes.

Step 2: Pick your favorite spoolie to use

A clean cotton swab or spoolie should be well prepared, as recommended. You can also use a clean mascara wand or cotton swab and a tiny bit of olive oil to apply to your lashes. Keep in mind that it should be a proper amount of oil gently broached to the eyelashes. For simple application, pour a little olive oil into a clean container to use.

Step 3: Apply the oil to your eyelashes

Next, dab some olive oil on your top and bottom lashes using your chosen spoolie. Apply the oil on your lashes gently by beginning at the roots and moving toward the tips. Remember to keep the oil away from the sensitive parts of your eyes.

Step 4: Give your eyelashes coats of oil

Make sure the oil is evenly distributed on each lash of yours. You can spread the oil following this way by gently moving your hand upward. In some ways, this aids in keeping your lashes moist but not too soft.

Step 5: Leave your eyelashes overnight

Use olive oil before bedtime to ensure that it works throughout the night. The next day, rinse the oil off with warm water after applying and leaving it on your eyelashes for sleeping hours. Any residue can be eliminated with a mild cleanser or face wash.

Step 6: Repeat the routine for best results

For best results, stick with this routine 2 to 3 times per week. It’s always the consistency that helps your lashes to be healthier and prettier. If you are able to maintain the regimen without experiencing any side effects, it will take months or longer to see the progress.

The benefits from olive oil might be different among individuals
The benefits from olive oil might be different among individuals


Q1: Is Olive Oil Good For Your Eyelashes?

Yes. Thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing qualities, olive oil, as a natural therapy for the process of fostering lash health and growth, is said to be beneficial for eyelashes. Also, it is  typically safe for usage on your lashes. It is advisable to speak with a dermatologist or other healthcare provider if you experience any negative side effects, anyway.

Q2: Does Olive Oil Grow Eyelashes?

Although some people assert that olive oil can promote eyelash growth, this assertion is not entirely supported by science. Olive oil does, however, provide nourishing and moisturizing qualities that can aid in enhancing the general well being and look of your eyelashes. Olive oil may aid in the formation of better eyelashes by hydrating them and reducing damage.

Q3: Are There Side Effects After Use?

Olive oil is typically seen to be risk-free for usage on eyelashes with not many negative side effects. When using any product of oil close to your eye area, it is crucial to use caution and mindfulness. Apply a tiny bit to a small area of your lashes and check for any uncomfortable or negative reactions.


Our needs for beauty are persuasively endless. Some people wish for healthy hair, some are keen on soft skins. Queens of eyelashes, it is never too late to find the best treatment for the consistency of your natural lashes. If you have already searched up our post on castor oil for one’s lashes, you may now figure out how olive oil works for yours, risk-free and comfy.

Extra virgin olive oil is a healthy option because it keeps more of the body’s antioxidants and health improvement than other varieties of olive oil. To potentially benefit from using olive oil on your lashes, keep in mind that outcomes do vary. Stop using right once and seek medical advice if you feel any discomfort or allergic reactions.

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