Oily eyelids – The ultimate guide to understand and manage

Welcome, beauty lovers! Today, we’re diving deep into a common conundrum that many of us face: oily eyelids. If you’ve ever felt like your eyeshadow has taken a spontaneous trip to your crease or your liner has decided to go for a smudgy stroll, fear not! We’ve got the tips, tricks, and product recommendations to help you keep your eye makeup looking flawless from dawn till dusk.

oily eyelids
This blog will help you understand and manage your oily eyelids.

Why do my eyelids get oily?

The sebaceous glands located beneath the skin’s pores produce sebum, an oily substance. While sebum plays a crucial role in protecting and moisturizing the skin, an overproduction of sebum can result in the development of oily eyelids. There are a lot of causes that make you have oily eyelids, from the environment and the cosmetics you use to the genetic order inside your body. Here, I will point out some of the most common causes that you should know about. 

Makeup remover and facial cleansers have strong cleansing properties

First, I will talk about the reasons why my eyelids are oily from the environment, because these are easy to improve. Accordingly, using facial cleansers and makeup removers every day that have strong cleaning properties can be detrimental to your skin. Not only when it comes to eyelids but also your face, you should not wash it too many times a day and limit the use of strong products. This is because if you try to remove all the oil from your skin, your skin will try to secrete oil in response.

Creams, serums and specialized cosmetics

While choosing cosmetics for skin care in general and eye care in particular, you need to prioritize those that do not contain oil. Many specialized skin care products containing oil are not only beneficial for your skin but also make the problem of oily eyelids worse. Because those products can contain substances like cocoa butter, acetylated lanolin, and isopropyl linoleate that clog your pores, they will cause more excess oil to be excreted.

oily eyelids
Vaseline can be greasy, causing oily eyelids.

Environment and inflammatory reactions

In addition to the main factors mentioned above, weather and the living environment are also factors that cause oily eyelids. People who live in tropical, hot, and humid climates often have more active sebaceous glands, so they also have more problems with oily eyelids. On the contrary, cold, dry areas will limit this. A fun tip to fix your sweating eyelids is to move to colder areas to live.

Eyelid inflammation, dermatitis, or meibomianitis can also cause increased oil secretion and make you more uncomfortable with oily eyelids. If you suffer from these inflammations, you should seek advice from medical professionals.

Hormonal changes

Other than those external factors, internal factors also contribute to increasing oily eyelids.

You should know that the oil glands in the skin, known as sebaceous glands, are influenced by hormones, particularly androgens like testosterone. When androgen levels increase, it can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. This increased oil production can result in oily skin, including the eyelids.

So the change in the internal hormones, especially testosterone, can lead to an increase in oily eyelids.


Some people naturally have oily skin without being affected by any external factors. That’s because their DNA structure has predetermined sebaceous glands to be more active than others. That’s why they always have oily eyelids. Although it is indeed difficult to overcome the condition of excessive oil secretion in the eyelids for people with this genetic gene, there are still tips to limit its effects, which I will talk about in the following section.

How to get rid of oily eyelids naturally

So don’t make you wait any longer, below I will give a list of 6 best tips for you to handle oily eyelids.

Immediately change your facial cleanser to a gentle cleanser

If you are using a facial cleanser that is advertised as being able to deep clean with powerful cleansing ingredients, it may be the reason why your skin and eyelids are more oily. Switch it to a gentle cleanser with ingredients suitable for oily skin. Choose mild cleansers formulated with a non-irritating formula that aids in preserving the skin’s moisture while also eliminating excess oils and debris. Prioritizing facial cleansing products that are benign and have natural and plant origins is the best choice that I recommend to you. 

Choose oil-controlling cosmetics

The next step after treating your facial cleanser is to choose your cosmetics again. If the bottles of lotions and serums you are using contain oil-based ingredients that cause greasy and stuffy skin, don’t hesitate to give it to another suitable friend. Like facial cleansers, prioritize cosmetics that are benign, have a light texture, and are suitable for oil control purposes!

oily eyelids 
Use oil-controlling makeup and skin care products to deal with oily eyelids

Use sunscreen daily

This is a seemingly unrelated tip, but it is extremely important. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun, thus helping to slow down the aging process of the skin. If the skin ages prematurely, it can lead to uncontrolled sebaceous gland activity, causing oily eyelids to get worse.

Use eye primer when applying makeup

Like skin primers, specialized eye primers help create a dry and even foundation for your next makeup layer. Oil-control primers will limit sweating eyelids and help makeup last longer.

Always have oil blotting paper in your bag

This seems to be an indispensable item for girls with oily skin. For oily eyelids, just a small piece of cotton pad gently applied to the eyelid area will significantly remove the amount of oil secreted. It will be an instant savior for you in situations where you have to work a lot.

Remember to remove makeup and clean after applying makeup

One issue that needs attention is removing eye makeup. Makeup residue can stick to the corners of the eyelashes, causing infection. And as mentioned, inflammation is also a cause of oily eyelids. Therefore, remember to remove eye makeup after each makeup application. It not only helps eye beauty products like eyelash extensions prolong their lifespan, but also helps you have healthier and more beautiful eyes.

oily eyelids
Carefully removing makeup helps limit oily eyelids


So in this article, I have given you very detailed things to write about oily eyelids. From the cause and even the oily eyelids treatment. Hopefully, you will find a solution that suits you and will not be bothered by sweating eyelids anymore. This is the end of my article. If you find the information I provide useful and interesting, don’t forget to give me a like and share it with your friends. See you again in the next article. Goodbye!

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