Causes of hyperpigmentation under eyes and how to fix it

Causes of hyperpigmentation under eyes and how to fix it

Hello my beautiful friends. So glad you stopped by to read the blog again today. In today’s article, I will not talk about eyelash extensions anymore but will talk with everyone about a topic that is discussed a lot in beauty. That’s what causes hyperpigmentation under eyes and how to fix it.

I’m sure that among us, at least one of us has experienced hyperpigmentation under the eyes, right? How did you get rid of it? Or are you still suffering from hyperpigmentation around your eyes every day? If so, please join me in finding out the root cause of the problem and finding a solution!

hyperpigmentation under eyes
Hyperpigmentation eyes – A worry for girls

What is hyperpigmentation under eyes?

Hyperpigmentation around the eyes is a physiological phenomenon that occurs for many reasons. According to dermatologists, it is a discoloration of the skin under the eyes, making this area darker than the rest of the face.

Eye hyperpigmentation can be caused by excess production of pigment around the face, especially melanin. They are usually brown or tan in color, incompatible with the surrounding skin, causing aesthetic imbalance.

There are many different types of hyperpigmentation eyes. It simply appears after a night of restless sleep. It could also be because you don’t use sunscreen in the sun. What’s more complicated is that it comes from your family’s genetic factors. Pay attention, maybe your grandparents or parents also have similar dark circles.

Determine the cause of hyperpigmentation under your eyes

When it comes to hyperpigmentation around eyes, there are many causes. Each person has a different cause, so determining the correct cause of brown discoloration around eyes is a prerequisite to solving it because not the same method can treat everyone.

Genetic causes

If your eye hyperpigmentation is hereditary, its cause lies in your family’s genes. This gene causes cells to increase melanin production more than normal people, so even if you are not exposed to any external causes that can increase melanin, you still have dark circles.

This is an uncontrollable cause and unfortunately, it is also the most difficult to overcome.

Caused by sunlight.

Fortunately, the most common cause of hyperpigmentation eyes in you is not genetic but due to sunlight. This means we have easier treatments.

According to scientists, the skin under the eyes is the most fragile and vulnerable area on the face. Therefore, exposed to the same sunlight, the UV rays in the sun cause the skin around the eyes to appear darker than the rest of the skin. This leads to discoloration around the eyes and the formation of dark circles.

hyperpigmentation under eyes
Eye hyperpigmentation lead to loss of confidence

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Among the external factors that cause hyperpigmentation under the eyes, UV rays are not the only culprit.

I am a very careful person when going out in the sun. I always wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect my eyes. My family also doesn’t have the gene to increase melanin production, but there was a time when I had a crisis with under eye pigmentation. I look like a panda. After I researched, I discovered that the cause was my habit of rubbing my eyes. Rubbing your eyes can lead to inflammation or irritation. This causes more pigment around the eyes to be secreted and results in your dark eyes. I tried to immediately get rid of this bad habit and fortunately I was saved from hyperpigmentation eyes.

Fatigue and poor sleep, hormonal changes.

Another very common cause of hyperpigmentation under eyes is not getting enough sleep, stress, hormonal changes and fatigue.

I know that nowadays, busy work makes many people not eat or sleep well and often feel pressured. And in most of these people, I see hyperpigmentation around their eyes.

Although it is common and occurs frequently, this cause is also quite easy to treat.

If you pay attention, you will see that people with hyperpigmentation around eyes due to fatigue, hormonal changes and stress, just need to pass that stage, the body will automatically adjust and the dark circles will disappear.

Who is often susceptible to hyperpigmentation under the eyes?

There is a lot of information that white people are more susceptible to eye hyperpigmentation. But according to scientific research, that is not necessarily the case. It’s just that the lighter your skin is, the more visible the contrast between healthy skin and eye hyperpigmentation is.

Even if your skin is light or a little dark, if you don’t take care of the eye area properly, don’t get enough rest, and are mentally uncomfortable, you can still easily get hyperpigmentation around the eyes.

hyperpigmentation under eyes
When you are tired and do not take care of your skin properly, you will have discoloration around your eyes

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation around eyes 

To overcome dark circles that cause loss of confidence in your eyes, you can use many different methods. There are measures that can be easily done right at home, and there are also measures that require intervention from a cosmetic specialist.

Use sunscreen.

For those who suffer from under eye hyperpigmentation due to the sun’s UV rays, you need to protect yourself more carefully before going out. Especially the eye area. You may have to use double the amount of sunscreen for the eye area or use a specialized eye cream. And also remember to reapply sunscreen regularly if you spend too much time outdoors.

Sunscreen has the effect of limiting melanin-producing cells, thereby helping to reduce under eye hyperpigmentation.

Change living habits

If your problem is under eye hyperpigmentation due to hormonal changes, fatigue and stress, you should slightly adjust your schedule. Give your body time to rest and relax. At that time, the cells will automatically regulate the formation of melanin pigment and gradually reduce dark circles under the eyes.

You must ensure your sleep is of good quality. A quality sleep not only helps you improve under eye hyperpigmentation but also makes your skin brighter and more rosy.

In addition, you can also use dietary supplements to help reduce stress and fatigue and regulate hormones.

Use specialized moisturizer

An indispensable thing is external care and providing additional nutrients for the skin around the eyes. To quickly remove hyperpigmentation around eyes, you can combine changes in your rest mode, use sunscreen with serum or eye cream.

There are many types on the market with different prices and guaranteed quality for the skin around your eyes. Please refer to some lines from famous brands such as Paula Choice, Obagi or Ester Lauder to help remove dark eye circles.

Treat hyperpigmentation under the eyes with specialized cosmetic treatments

Above, I said that if you are unfortunate enough to have hyperpigmentation under the eyes due to genetic causes in your family, it is very difficult to treat. However, the difficulty is that we cannot treat it at home. Cosmetic experts and dermatologists can completely help you. Nowadays, cosmetic technology is developing very well. They have treatments for hyperpigmentation under eyes that are both effective and safe for those with dark eyes due to genetics or ineffective home treatments.

hyperpigmentation under eyes
Treat dark eyes with medical interventions

Laser treatment

Laser dark eye treatment is a cosmetic treatment method that uses lasers to break down the melanin that causes dark eye circles. Laser rays with the right wavelength will impact the skin under the eyes, breaking melanin into small pieces and excreting them according to the body’s natural mechanism.

The mechanism of action of laser dark eye treatment is based on the selective absorption ability of laser rays. Lasers with the right wavelength will only affect melanin pigments, not causing damage to normal skin cells.

The advantage of laser dark eye treatment is that it is highly effective, helping to remove dark eye circles quickly and thoroughly. This is a safe, non-invasive, painless method. However, treatment costs are high and will make your skin more sensitive to the sun

Treat dark eyes with peel

Treating eye hyperpigmentation with skin peeling is a method of using chemicals to act on the surface of the skin, helping to remove dead skin cells, stimulate new skin regeneration, brighten the skin and reduce dark spots.

The mechanism of action of dark eye peel treatment is based on the ability of chemicals to penetrate the skin. Chemicals can affect the epidermis, dermis, or both, depending on the depth of the peel.

This type of method is simpler and more accessible than the laser method, but it can also cause some side effects such as redness, swelling, and irritation.

Using microscopic needles

Treating dark eyes with microneedling is a method of using microscopic needles to act on the surface of the skin, helping to remove dead skin cells, stimulate new skin regeneration, brighten the skin and reduce dark spots.

The mechanism of action of dark eye treatment using needle rolling is based on the skin’s self-healing process. When the microscopic needles impact the skin, they create small wounds. These wounds will stimulate the body to produce collagen and elastin, helping the skin recover and become firmer and smoother. At the same time, these wounds also create channels, helping nutrients from skin care products penetrate deeply into the skin, effectively brightening the skin and reducing dark spots.

Treating dark eyes with needle roller is an effective method to help remove dark spots and return the skin under the eyes to be bright and radiant. However, this method can also cause some side effects such as temporary dark spots and dry skin


So I’ve answered a lot of people’s questions about hyperpigmentation under eyes. Is this article useful to you? Hope you will like it. Don’t forget to share with your relatives and friends to read about the problem of eye hyperpigmentation and how to fix it. Goodbye!

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