What Are Lash Layers? Click In For Layering Extensions!

What are lash layers, and why do they need to be worked with in an organized manner? As professionals in the lash industry, we are aware of the existence of three lash layers, which are the top, middle, and bottom layers. The overall look of your lashes is determined by some factors, normally lash lengths, diameters, and fan widths.

Without the knowledge and experience in working with lashing in layers, it will be challenging to create a visually appealing set of layering extensions, if the guidance from an experienced lash pro isn’t right on the table. This piece of writing of ours aims to offer relevant support in working with lash layers effectively, by first, giving a brief look into what it means by “lash layers” and “How many rows of eyelashes do we have?”. Scroll down!

How many lash layers do we have?
How many lash layers do we have?

What Does It Mean By Lash Layers?

The majority of us have multiple rows of natural lashes (or lash lashing in layers) rather than a straight line. Typically, clients have 3-5 rows of eyelashes, based on their thickness. These rows are categorized into a top layer, a middle layer, and a bottom layer.

The bottom layer refers to the lash row closest to the waterline, when the top layer is closest to the crease of the eyes, and to the tech during the procedure. Identifying and differentiating between these layers can sometimes be challenging, with much time required.

To gain a better understanding of “how many rows of lashes do we have?” we can try gently lifting our eyelids with our two fingers and observing our lashes from the sides. With practice, any of you will become more skilled at clarifying your lash layers on your own.

Benefits Of Doing Extensions in Lash Layers 

The layering technique in eyelash extensions offers several advantages to lash techs. Below are the benefits that can be achieved through lashing in layers:

The layering technique in eyelash extensions offers several advantages to lash techs
The layering technique in eyelash extensions offers several advantages to lash techs

1. Faster Lashing Time

Designing a personalized look for many clients can exceed the anticipated time frame, which leads to inconvenience for both you and your client. Fortunately, lash layering extensions can streamline the process, saving you time and ensuring a more comfortable experience for your clients.

2. A Topline That Is More Even

By using the layering technique for lash layers, lash artists can apply lengths to the individual layers in various ways, enabling the creation of a flawlessly uniform top line. This will be particularly advantageous for volume sets.

Also, based on the desired aesthetic, one can achieve a more natural, or ethereal, delicately fluttering top line. This highlights the significance of mastering the arts of lashing in layers as one of the fundamental techniques in this field.

3. No More Stickies Are Found

Using tapes to separate your lash layers effectively prevents the occurrence of stickies. This ensures that the lashes are adequately isolated from neighboring eyelashes, minimizing the likelihood of them becoming entangled.

Additionally, this method enhances visibility, making it easier to identify and address delicate baby eyelashes that often adhere to the extensions, potentially causing the most detrimental “sticky” case of the lash layers of your clients.

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Different Ways To Style Layering Extensions

While it may not be a hidden knowledge within the industry, the use of lash layers is normally disregarded when it comes to making layering extensions. In fact, working with lash layers is highly advantageous, and once you have experienced the benefits of employing the following styles of lash layers, you will never put them aside, even if it is just once!

  1. Eyeliner Effect: To achieve a darker lash layer concentrate on the lower lash line and use dense, short-length fans. Alternatively, you can make a longer, narrower fan base, which will also appear to have a darker lash line.
  2. Full and Fluffy: Use short and dense fans on the top layers of your client’s lashes to add fluff, then adjust the fan size and length with each layer to achieve a full and fluffy look.
  3. Textured: Use different lengths and proportions, such as closed fans or classic lashes, to create textured lash layers. To produce spikes, use dense fans on the bottom layer, mid-fans on the top layer, and dense fans on the middle layer with additional classics.

And tape is always a worthy tool! After preparing your client for their lash sets and applying tape, peel off small pieces of tape, apply them to the back of your hands, and then gently remove them. Be sure that the tape you’ll be using is not excessively sticky, and go wash your hands before using the tape, and press it on the back of your hand a few times beforehand.

The tape must only be secured to the outer corners of the eyes, the extension does not need to come into contact with the eyelids. If the tape is used too far down, the lash will be forcefully pulled, which forces your clients to open their eyes before causing discomfort, or even chemical burns!

How to work with Lash Layers for a Perfect Look?

Understanding how to effectively work with lash layers is vital for two primary reasons. Firstly, it helps prevent the occurrence of stickies, which can result in a messy and unclear look. By isolating the specific section you work on, stickies can be avoided. Secondly, maintaining an awareness of lash direction is essential during any lashing in layers.

The same lash preparation as for any other extension method is implied by the lash stacking approach. Before placing the extensions, you should always give your client’s natural lashes a lash bath to get rid of any oils, debris, or makeup residue. Keep up with the process!

Understanding how to effectively work with lash layers is vital for two primary factors
Understanding how to effectively work with lash layers is vital for two primary factors

Step 1: Put some tape on the natural lashes

To begin, take the tape pieces, and affix them underneath your client’s natural lashes, pulling them back and securing them on the eyelid as depicted in the illustration. You had better not tear off any lashes inadvertently when removing the tape. If you need assistance pulling lashes free from the tape, use tweezers.

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Step 2: Use tweezers to pull out the lashes

Once all the eyelashes are securely wrapped and out of the way, carefully remove the lowest layer of lashes from behind the tape using a pair of straight tweezers.

Step 3: Let’s create your layering extensions!

Isolation comes next after you have prepared your client’ lashes, put the gel under eye pads on, and used the tape-back technique to tap their eyelashes back. Using a straight tweezers pair, separate the lashes by removing the lowermost layer of lashes from beneath the tape.

Step 4: Finish isolated lash layers one by one

Add the extensions to the layer that has been isolated. After finishing lash layers one by one, tape the lashes to the gel pads under your client’ eyes and continue until all of the layers are completed.

Step 5: Check the final result and fix (if needed)

After layering every lash, carefully examine each one to make sure the extensions are firmly adhered, and that there is not any glue left behind.  If extra glue needs to be cleaned up, just make use of your high-quality glue removers and micro brushes. Till all lash layers are done, follow this step-by-step guide again.

Jot These Down When Working With Lash Layers!

There are certain things to engrave in your mind. Always make sure that the lash extensions follow the same direction as the previous layer. This is crucial to creating natural looks, as if the lashes were growing seamlessly from the lash line, rather than simply adding length.

When working systematically in lash layers, the lash direction seems to be symmetrical, as if they all go in the same direction. This technique holds particular significance for volume and mega volume lashes, where lash layers play a vital role in achieving the desired look.

For striking, intensely dark lash layers, use the same length for all, which gives off a staircase effect that adds texture to the overall look. To get perfectly symmetrical lash sets of uniform length, opt for longer lashes on the bottom layer, and gradually transition to shorter lashes as you move towards the middle and top layers.

To attain the desired effect, experiment with different lengths and curls for wispy and textured lash layers. When styling lashing in layers, try on more curled layering extensions (perhaps a D Curl), on the bottom layer. This will effectively lift the lashes upward for whoever has those naturally straight or downward-pointing lashes.

After all, it is best to inform your clients how to upkeep and treat their lash extensions. Give a free lash extension aftercare kit as a gift and advise them to stay away from water, steam, or any oil-based items for the first several hours after treatments


Working with lash layers is a transformative approach that yields seamless outcomes within a significantly reduced timeframe. By placing stress on isolation and using appropriate taping techniques, lash techs can achieve remarkable results through layering. Embrace this technique as a chance to unleash your creativity and deliver the lash results that your clients really deserve.

We trust that these techniques have provided you with helpful insights, resulting in improved lash sets. By implementing these methods, you can expect not only increased efficiency, but also the ability to create three distinct lash lines and prevent stickies, which ultimately create fuller-looking sets and increase client satisfaction!

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