How to start a false eyelash business?

As the segment with the fastest growth rate in the beauty industry, false eyelash business have become a cosmetic service that many customers love and choose. As a result, the eyelash industry is increasingly becoming an attractive destination that talented managers want to challenge themselves.

1. Why false eyelash businesss?

With the attributes of a beauty product supply industry, the eyelash business does not only require sophisticated and creative sales art. It is also the flexibility of the owner to have solid professional skills and a deep understanding of the industry to be able to do business in the eyelash with high efficiency.

1.1 In the pandemic, false eyelashes are indispensable in beauty

In recent times, the false eyelash industry has been affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. Despite a long period of interupted production, the consumption of false eyelashes has increased throughout the year from the beginning of 2020 until now. According to statistics, the industrial production index of the world false eyelash industry in the second quarter of 2020 increased by nearly 1% over the same period last year. The reason for this growth is clear.

Obviously during the epidemic, people are not able to communicate directly with each other, but mostly through computer screens. After the epidemic situation is better controlled in the US, China or European countries, people must always wear a mask when leaving the house. Therefore, all beauty is focused on showing through the eyes. Eyes with thick and beautiful eyelashes become the highlight of a woman’s face. It is an indispensable beauty product in the life of women now and in the future.

Eyelash with mask in pandemic

1.2 Historical and reputable distributors

The eyelash industry is the most developing industry in the beauty area. With the current popularity, there are many places for customers to buy quality false eyelashes such as Amazon, Alibaba retail sites,… But for a business person, if you want to make a profit from this delicious piece of cake, you should look for big wholesalers to reduce costs and ensure product quality.

There are many large and reputable vendor wholesales with decades of history. Take Vietnam Lash as an example. This is one of the largest vendors wholesale in Southeast Asia, the main source of raw materials for famous wholesalers in the US, China, Canada, etc. The wholesalers have a long history of development as Vietnam Lash will give retail businesses confidence by their reputation. Simultaneously, from here, businesses can also find good sources of goods at cheap prices.

1.3 Small investment, low risk of the false eyelash business

After the pandemic, many governments encourage enterprises to develop to recover the economy. Taking that opportunity, you also want to make a transformation for your business, but you have a small amount of capital. Let’s start with the false eyelashes business. The advantage that few people can think about this business is low investment. With just a year’s worth of savings, you can become a successful manager. All you need is to determine the size of your business and find a reputable vendor wholesale. The false eyelash business is one of the easiest industries to get into that requires not too intensive knowledge. You can completely learn in a short time to grasp the most basic knowledge to do business in the eyelash industry.

Small investment in false eyelash business

In addition to low investment capital, you are also completely assured when trading false eyelashes because the financial risk is lower than that of other beauty businesses. Moreover, because the demand for false eyelashes has increased significantly in recent times, and analysts have not seen any signs of cooling down of this industry in the next 7-10 years. Thanks to the growing size of the false eyelash markets, you can rest assured when investing in this scope.

2. Things to know when starting a false eyelash business

If you’ve found the eyelash industry is appopriate for you, here’s what you need to know to start a business

2.1 Size of your false eyelash business

Enterprise size is the division into large enterprises, medium enterprises and small enterprises. The choice of scale when establishing a business depends on many factors such as: Capital, ability, interests, experience … of the investor. Currently, setting up a small-scale business is often the first priority of business owners from the start. And for those starting in the eyelash industry, this is also a safe and wise choice.

The false eyelash is a profitable industry, so with a small initial scale, you can completely make a profit after a few months of operation. As you gain more experience and gain a large customer network, your false eyelash business can easily convert to a larger scale, even becoming a large distributor with huge profits.

2.2 Eyelash types and materials

To make the business more convenient, a basic understanding of false eyelashes is an essential requirement for business managers. False eyelashes on the market today are very diverse and constantly changing according to the latest fashion trends. Different types of eyelashes in terms of material, curvature, and length will give customers different experiences. Therefore, business owners need to understand these basic characteristics.

False eyelashes have many different shapes. J-shaped with a slight curvature, giving a natural feeling like real eyelashes. B-shaped lashes are a bit more curved, making the eyes look deeper and somewhat lovely. The C-shaped and D-shaped lashes have a particularly large curvature, bringing a sexy look and passionate look to the client’s eyes. The length of false eyelashes ranges from 8mm to 14mm. Depending on the material of the eyelashes, it also has its own uses.

Different types of eyelash-min

2.3 Eyelash extension glues

In addition to selling ready-made false eyelashes, your business can also provide eyelash extensions for salons. At professional eyelash extensions facilities, glue is one of the indispensable things. Although there are many types of eyelash extension glue, it needs to ensure quality. The criteria to evaluate a good eyelash extension glue is safe for users. Then there is the drying speed of the glue, the adhesion ability and the glue holding time. To win the trust of customers, you should find glue vendors wholesale that meet the above criteria.

2.4 Indispensable tools when using eyelash 

One piece of advice for businesses is that customers tend to want to buy all the related items at the same store. Therefore, be a place that fully meets the search demands of customers.

In the false eyelash business, your business should have more than one type of eyelashes, as well as all kinds of eyelash glue and a full kit of supporting items. A professional salon kit that includes eyelash extension tweezers, eyelash patch, lash remover wax or oil, lash brush, glue fan, lamp and tool case.

Fully equipped with these not only makes your business score in the eyes of customers, but also helps increase the amount of goods each customer wants to buy.

A false eyelash kit set

3. Simple steps to start a fasle eyelash business

A business usually starts with an idea. Once you have an idea for the eyelash industry, the rest is easy.

3.1 Select scale and objects

A business needs customers like the body needs food. From the outset, you need to understand who those customers are typically, where they’re coming from, and what they need. So the first step is to identify your “target market” – what age group your false eyelash business will serve, whether you want to target high-end or middle salon chains – and find out what they want as well as figure out how you can give it to them.

3.2 Considerate the eyelash wholesale

This is an important step in determining how profitable your false eyelash business is. You can easily search for big wholesalers through social networks facebook, youtube, google, instagram, … but to choose a good vendor, you need to pay attention to the following things.

Step to start a false eyelash business

3.2.1 Reputation

Reputation reflects the reliability of a wholesale. A wholesale with a good reputation means that their products are of high quality. Many customers have loved and recommended them. To know if the reputation is good or not, you can search for keywords related to the supplier and see the reviews about them. Or you can also ask questions in the false eyelash trading groups to know the reliability of the distributor. Another way is to go to the distributor’s website, go to the interactive section to see what previous customers say about their products.

3.2.2 Customer service 

Good distributors always put the satisfaction of partners first. Therefore, consider the service attitude of the consultant as well as the policies that a large distributor commits to you. 

Finding a supplier with good customer service for long-term cooperation also brings many benefits to your business. The incentives they give to close partners or huge after-sales policies, as instances.

3.2.3 Sustainable and ecomomy risks

The financial risks faced by suppliers will greatly affect your business, even causing damage to your revenue. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a wholesale with sustainability and low financial risk. Long-term suppliers with stable and continuous sources of materials and large customer networks meet this requirement.

Meeting the above criteria of a supplier, Vietnam Lash is confident to be the wing for your business. With nearly 20 years of development and accompanying vendors in the US, China, and Korea, we have become one of the top 5 false eyelash vendors wholesale in the world. We bring you the best negotiation experience, top vouge and trendy products and unexpected deals.


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3.3 Make order, payment and give feedback

After determining the scale of operations, customers and reputable suppliers, negotiate product prices with them. You can design a business plan for long-term cooperation with suppliers to achieve more affordable prices. Then you just place your order and choose a payment method. A small tip that we think you should not miss to become a close partner with suppliers is to give them feedback and to send them on social networking sites. This not only helps the supplier to trust and be more satisfied with you, but also is the best reference for the next products and services of the suppliers for further development.

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