Top 7 eyelash extensions cincinnati to up your beauty game

There is one thing that you may not know, a secret – that is that not everyone is born naturally beautiful. To be beautiful they must learn how. Recently, the eyelash extension method is being loved by many women because it not only makes you beautiful, attractive, but also safe compared to many other beauty methods and has an affordable price. Anyone can do it anymore. Then choose a reputable eyelash extension facility to enhance your beauty. In our recent series of articles about top eyelash extensions in big cities, today we will talk about eyelash extensions cincinnati. Let’s take a little time to visit these top quality lash extensions cincinnati ohio salons online!

Top 7 eyelash extensions cincinnati will help you master every beauty game

1. Lala Lash 

eyelash extensions cincinnati
Photo of customer after eyelash extensions at Lala Lash
Founding 8  years Services Eyelash extension, skincare, facial, waxing, microblading, brow 
Rate 5/ 5 Address 1916 W Baseline, suite 5

Mesa, Arizona 85202

Opening – Closing time Mon- Fri          9am-8pm

Sat-Sun          11am-6pm

Hotline 832 818 8555

Lala Lash is a famous eyelash salon. I want to talk about Lala Lash first because in my opinion they deserve a perfect score. Their eyelash extension services are diverse, from classic, volume, hybrid to even mega volume.

The quality of the eyelashes here can only be described as excellent. The eyelashes are light, soft and smooth like silk, but when applied to the eyes, they still maintain the curvature and stable form of the eyelashes. Eyelash extension glue uses organic glue lines that are very safe for eyes and people with sensitive skin.

Besides product quality, the service here can only be said to be extremely excellent. The lash artists are professional and have many years of experience. Their attitude and customer service skills make you feel like you’re on vacation. And in the table above is their contact information, call now to schedule an appointment!

2. Killer Brows and Lashes

eyelash extensions cincinnati
Space at Killer Brows and Lashes
Founding 5 years  Services Lash Extensions, Lash Lift, lip blush, eyebrow
Rate 4.9/ 5 Address 345 Whitfield Ave. Cincinnati Ohio 45220 
Opening – Closing time Mon- Fri

Sat- Sun



Hotline (480) 707 – 3399

Second in top 8 the best eyelash extensions cincinnati is Killer Brows and Lashes. Not to mention the quality, just looking at the colors and layout of their spa already shows a lovely and attractive quality to customers. Especially girls who are a little romantic will love Killer Brows and Lashes’s space even more.

As for quality, look at the comments left by customers and see for yourself!

Johanah said: “Oh my god! The lash artists here are so cute! They gave me great advice even though I’m a very picky and perfectionist person. But they were patient.”

“Eyelash extensions are as light as a feather, wearing them doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable even when I wear glasses. Although the eyelash extension process takes 2 hours and 15 minutes for one set of my hybrid eyelashes, It feels so relaxing and comfortable” – O. Michael, a veteran customer, shared.

3. Lash Boutique spa

LASH Boutique Spa
LASH Boutique Spa
Founding 5  years Services Eyelash extensions,waxing, 
Rate 4.9 / 5 Address : 1010 Delta ave. Cincinnati, OH
Opening – Closing time Mon-Fri 8:30am-7pm Hotline 15133215400




Ranked 3rd in the list of lash extensions cincinnati is Lash Boutique spa. They are the workplace of experienced and fun lash artists. The lash artists here deserve to be called the teachers of eyelash extensions cincinnati. With many years of experience in eyelash extensions, their skills reach stability and proficiency. Each set of eyelash extensions is completed within, or even before, the expected time.

During the entire eyelash extension process, they constantly talk to customers and instruct them on how to take care of their eyelashes after extensions. If you are a lively person and like to chat, there is no place more suitable for you than Lash Boutique spa.

4. Lavish Cincinnati

eyelash extensions cincinnati
Lavish Cincinnaty- eyelash extensions cincinnati ohio
Founding 8 years Services Lash Extensions, Tattoo removal, lip blush, eyebrow
Rate 4.9 / 5
Opening – Closing time Mon-Fri




Address 747 Ohio Pike

Suite 3

Cincinnati, OH 45245

Hotline 513-314-2468

If you are worried that eyelash extensions may be unbearable for someone with sensitive skin like you, please contact Lavish immediately, or go to their spa at Lavish to have professional lash artists here. Skin test and eyelash extensions consultation.

Many customers have encountered allergies to eyelash extension glue, but at NVSDVJDK – one of the best eyelash extensions cincinnati, they can help you solve this concern.

Their Lash artists are not only the most skilled in lash extensions cincinnati ohio but are also very knowledgeable about skin and the problems eyelash extensions cause to the skin. Furthermore, their products are vegan and not tested on animals, so you can be 99.9% assured when getting eyelash extensions here.

5. Allure Lash Lounge

eyelash extensions cincinnati
Allure Lash lounge
Founding 7 years Services Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lift,
Rate 4.8 / 5 Address 2643 Erie Avenue
Suite C
Cincinnati OH 45208
Opening – Closing time Mon – Sat 9:am -7:30pm
Sun 10am -6pm Hotline (513) 497-0489

If, like the eyelash extension salons mentioned before on this list, I emphasize airy space and natural light, then at Allure, you will come to a cozy eyelash extension space with yellow light bulbs that bring comfort. Warm and close like coming home.

Artists here are famous for their mixed volume styles. Mixed volume is the perfect combination of mi classic and mi volume. If classic eyelash extensions make you feel too boring or do not suit your youthful and dynamic style. Or you are afraid that volume or mega volume is too prominent in everyday life, then mixed volume brings harmony to you.

It brings natural beauty while still highlighting your sharpness without being too ostentatious. Surely you will like this style of eyelash extensions.

6. Atalo aesthetics

Atalo aesthetics
Atalo aesthetics
Founding 6 years Services Lash and brow, facial, waxing, hair service, permanent makeup
Rate 4.7 / 5 Address 9309 Montgomery Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45242

Opening – Closing time Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Hotline 5139842000



Atalo Aesthetics Med spa is a multi-disciplinary aesthetic spa. If the spas mentioned above all specialize in eyelash extensions or eyelash extensions and a few other facial beauty methods, Atalo is a comprehensive spa that specializes in beauty, acne treatment, skin tightening,…

I still put Atalo on the list of cincinnati eyelash extensions because even though they don’t specialize in this field, their eyelash extensions are still of high quality.

Their products all meet international standards for quality. From eyelash fibers to accompanying products such as eyelash extension glue or eyelash primer, they all use the highest quality lines.

Furthermore, the lash artists here are also professionally trained and knowledgeable about both skin and eye safety issues when applying eyelash extensions. Therefore, you will feel more secure when getting eyelash extensions here.

7. Gloss Lash Studio 

Lash extensions cincinnati- a production of Gloss Lash
Lash extensions cincinnati- a production of Gloss Lash
Founding 5years Services Eyelash and eyebrow, tinting, waxing, tattoo, facial
Rate 4.8 / 5 Address 307 W. Benson St.

Cincinnati, OH 45215

Opening – Closing time Mon-Sun




Hotline 859-394-3945

Gloss Lash is one of the spas with the most convenient locations for customers in cincinnati eyelash extensions because it is right near the center of the city.

Their goal is to help every customer who comes for eyelash extensions leave with the most beautiful and satisfied eyelashes. Thanks to investing in thorough customer care, every customer who comes to Gloss Lash feels extremely comfortable and close.

In particular, one thing that is almost unique at Gloss lash is that they use eyelash extension glue with Derma-bond technology. This is a technology used by physicians to bond skin together that is safe for users. This type of glue will limit irritating or allergic reactions to the eyes and skin. Therefore, customers can feel secure and do not need complicated post-eyelash extension care.

Please contact Gloss Lash immediately to make an appointment and come experience it!


After reading this list, do you have an idea of where to go for eyelash extensions? If it were me, I would note down the characteristics of eyelash extensions cincinnati  spas such as whether the location is near me or not, whether they have the eyelash extension service I want or not, and then whether their working hours are suitable for me or not then decide. Be bold enough to experience these best places for yourself to feel the difference. Don’t forget to like and share this article for me because just one like button from you gives me more motivation to write this article. Thank you!   

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