Top 10 Eyelash Extensions Atlanta That'll Make You A Star

Top 10 Eyelash Extensions Atlanta That’ll Make You A Star

Morning, lovely beauty seekers! How have you found the local lash salons? You have arrived at the ideal location if you’ve been searching for some of the best Atlanta eyelash extensions salons! We are available to assist you with anything you may wish for, from the best eyelash extensions Atlanta to advice on picking out the proper one for your preferences. Lash queen, let’s dive right in and explore the top ten most well-known eyelash extensions Atlanta!

eyelash extensions atlanta
Top 10 Eyelash Extensions Atlanta That’ll Make You A Star

Top 10 Best Eyelash Extensions Atlanta

The reputable status that these eyelash extensions Atlanta salons currently enjoy was not overnight acquired. To be listed among the top ten best lash extensions Atlanta, they have in fact been put to the test by hundreds of thousands of lash clients worldwide. We also did the research in need, from how long the salons have been lasting to services they provide. Jump straight to these lash heavens by swiping down!

1.The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge
The Lash Lounge
Founding 17 years Services Lash Extensions, Brow, Lifts & Tints, Microblading, Makeup
Rate 5 / 5 Address 2484 Briarcliff Rd NE #34, Atlanta, GA 30329
Opening – Closing time Tue – Thu 8am – 8pm
Fri – Sat 8am – 6pm Hotline +1 404-844-5274

The Lash Lounge is one the best eyelash extensions Atlanta salons as you are searching for one. When choosing one of their lash artists, you can’t go wrong. You don’t have to thank us, we’re always here for what you need!

With your lash extensions at The Lash Lounge, you would not be more pleased. Everything about your first set with another lash artist will go well right up to the very end. Your worries will always be heard by the staff at Lash Lounge, who will make your eyelashes appear even better than you had imagined!

2. Beauty By Anh

Beauty By Anh
Beauty By Anh
Founding 10 years Services Lash Extensions & Brows, Makeup & Hair
Rate 5 / 5 Address 2810 Winter Rose Ct, Atlanta, GA 30360
Opening – Closing time Mon – Sat 11am – 6pm Hotline +1 678-936-5055

Anh is the object of everyone’s obsession! We are also in agreement. How are you unable to be? This woman is the greatest option if you’re searching for eyelash extensions Atlanta Ga. There are reasons why we’re all smitten with this lash extensions Atlanta has to offer. Anh is an expert who will respond to any of your inquiries politely and truthfully.

After seeing how glam their friends looked after having lash extensions, many clients’ friends made the decision to join them for the next appointments to get their own lashes done! They were a little afraid since they had never had any beauty services before, and it was the best first experience they could have asked for!

3. The Lash Designory

The Lash Designory
The Lash Designory
Founding 7 years Services Lash Extensions & Skin Services
Rate Opening – Closing time Address 3789 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 21, Atlanta GA 30319
3134 E Shadowlawn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30305
5 / 5 Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm Hotline +1 770-896-8326

There is nothing cuter than this Atlanta lash extensions salon. Sincerely, Megan created one of the best eyelash extensions Atlanta. She has not only produced a talented team, but also an entire lash family. If you are looking to get eyelash extensions, you’d better go here!

Many people like to boast about how much cheaper their lash extensions are, but guess who ends up asking for a break for a few weeks because of the damage. They’ve never once had any irritation or breakage from this beauty salon. In fact, many clients at The Lash Designory doze off during their consultation.

Your lashes will look incredibly soothing, and no one will ever know your lashes are false. All they will remark is how gorgeous your lashes are and how fortunate they are. Morgan is kind enough to call you and address any concerns you might have, even if some of you might be anxious about receiving extensions. Ladies, go make your appointments!

4. Blushbaby Lash & Makeup Studio

Blushbaby Lash & Makeup Studio
Blushbaby Lash & Makeup Studio
Founding 12 years Services Lash Extensions, Lifts & Tints, Brows, Makeup, Waxing
Rate 4.9 / 5
Opening – Closing time Mon 12am – 5pm Address 2295 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 3030
Tue – Fri 12am – 7pm
Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm Hotline +1 404-549-7086

Blushbaby salon becomes the best lash extensions in Atlanta for a good reason! Since 2011, there has been a lash paradise. Yes, these are experienced ladies. The proprietors, Michelle and Khadija, are experts at bringing attention to your lashes. To make sure that your eyelash extensions are in capable hands, stop by their studio.

For the past 4 years, a client has constantly got lash extensions, and she feels Blushbaby is the best location she has found throughout that period! Both Michelle and Khadija are really talented, and their work is of the highest caliber. They will comment on how many lashes you still have each time you visit, and it is true – their work lasts!

Some people have also had uncomfortable lash treatments in the past, but Blushbaby staff members assure you that if you wish for a lash nap, you will surely get one. It is because you all deserve to invest in yourselves, ladies!

5. Blink & Wink

eyelash extensions atlanta
Blink & Wink
Founding 11 years Services Lash Extensions & Lifts, Brows, Facials, Waxing
Rate 4.9 / 5
Opening – Closing time Mon & Wed 8pm – 10pm Address 5299 Roswell Rd NE UNIT 114, Atlanta, GA 30342
Tue 9am – 5pm
Thu 9am – 6pm Hotline +1 404-906-3200
Fri – Sat 8pm – 10pm

Anastasia clearly has an eye for detail. In addition to being founded by the most sought-after lash artist in Atlanta, Blink and Wink boasts a staff of skilled lash artists who can give your lashes a full glam makeover or a more natural look. Diana works so quickly and does such a great job. High-rated enough to be one of the best Atlanta eyelash extensions salons, right!

A lash client here is a makeup artist for movies and television who travels from state to state and city to city in search of lashes tailored to her natures. As such she is aware of which lash artists are good and which are poor; these girls are skilled at what they do, their eyelashes remain on and are delivered precisely, etc.

She has perfected her recipe, so these girls didn’t even need her to tell them what she really needed in order to have lashes that were both healthy and as full as possible. These are the girls she would drive thirty to forty minutes to see while she’s in Atlanta. You might even wish to make reservations months in advance. Without a doubt, Asian lashes are tough. And they never fail to deliver at Blink and Wink spa!

6. Lashing Outt

Lashing Outt
Lashing Outt
Founding 7+ years Services Lash Extensions & Lifts, Lash Trays & Supplies
Rate 4.9 / 5
Opening – Closing time Mon – Tue 9am – 6pm Address 3256 Glenview Cir SW, Atlanta, GA 30331
Wed 9am – 8pm
Fri 9am – 6pm Hotline +1 404-438-8944
Sat 9am – 3am

Do you want eyelash extensions to stop us in our tracks? You ought to give Lashing Outt, another of the best eyelash extensions Atlanta, a shot. This facility is popular, thus we advise scheduling an appointment well in advance. Fantastic value and you’ll be happy, ladies!

Kalia not only fits you last-minutely into her previous schedules, but she will also perform an incredible job on your lashes. In order to get as much use out of such fire lashes as possible, many will undoubtedly receive another fill before you return to your hometowns!

7. SLM Medspa

SLM Medspa
SLM Medspa
Founding 4 years Services Lash Extensions, Lifts & Tints, Facials & Body, Waxing
Rate 4.9 / 5 Address 1465 Howell Mill Rd #200a, Atlanta, GA 30318
Opening – Closing time Tue – Fri 10am – 6pm
Sat 10am – 4pm Hotline +1 678-820-1020

Everybody loves SLM Medspa as the best eyelash extensions Atlanta ga. For what reason? Basically, they think that highlighting a person’s inherent beauty is important. Also, they think every one of their clientele is naturally beautiful. They’re just the folks that we get along with. Follow us for fantastic eyelash extensions Atlanta!

You won’t have any bad words to say about this place! For many years, Tiffany has been the only one their clientele would trust to apply their eyelashes, and they have been doing so for years. She is truly amazing, and so is the studio or enterprise she founded. Five stars all the way! We would suggest it to everyone!

8. The Lash Lounge at Sandy Springs – Chastain Park

eyelash extensions atlanta
The Lash Lounge at Sandy Springs – Chastain Park
Founding 17 years Services Lash Extensions, Fills, Lifts & Tints, Brow Lamination, Microblading, Makeup
Rate 4.7 / 5
Opening – Closing time Mon – Thu 8am – 8pm Address 4600 Roswell Rd Ste E140, Atlanta, GA 30342
Fri – Sat 8am – 6pm
Sun 10am – 6pm Hotline +1 404-948-5274

You wish for the best of the best if you are having eyelashes, don’t you? There is no denying that Sandy Springs offers the best eyelash extensions Atlanta services. If you’re looking for a cozy, traditional set, they have it all. They also do that when they want volumes. They quickly fill up, so schedule an appointment as soon as possible!

Many customers have been visiting Sandy Springs for a number of years, and they now are huge fans of their artists. Don’t bother looking since you won’t find anyone like them. Simply visit us to enjoy the professionalism, spa-like ambiance, and breathtakingly amazing lash art. Ladies, there will be people telling you that your lashes turn out natural!

9. Sweet & Lashful

eyelash extensions atlanta
Sweet & Lashful
Founding 9 years Services Lash Extensions, Permanent Makeup, Waxing
Rate 4.7 / 5
Opening – Closing time Mon 12pm – 6pm Address 2881 N Druid Hills Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329
Tue – Fri 10am – 7pm
Sat 10am – 6pm Hotline +1 404-816-6006
Sun 11am – 6pm

You will find it difficult to leave Nancy Shim’s spa. This attractive young lady is skilled at what she does. For the greatest lash extensions Atlanta, stop by and speak with one of her skilled lash artists. The procedure itself is really soothing, and there are also nice blankets available in addition to comfy beds and headrests. It is happening here!

If this is your first time having extensions, their artists will put you at ease and gracefully lead you through the entire process. To choose your favorite, you’ll examine several lash and curl styles. They will turn out precisely how you describe thanks to their incredible performances. Jennifer has also been seen by several others for fills, and none of them have ever had any issues. What a best place for glam lashes!

10. Beauty Fetish

Beauty Fetish
Beauty Fetish
Founding 5+ years Services Lash Extensions, Hair, Makeup Services
Rate 4.6 / 5 Address 181 10th Street NE, Suite #107, Atlanta, Ga. 30309
Opening – Closing time Tue – Thu 10am – 6pm
Sat 10am – 3pm Hotline +1 404-402-4535

Jet magazine dubbed Sandye, the proprietor of Beauty Fetish, a Celebrity Lashologist to the Elite. Nothing is more fulfilling than being happy in your line of work, and it shows. This is the spot to go if you are searching for an amazing Atlanta lash extensions salon. Sandye can set you up if you schedule an appointment.

Many lash clients have been coming to Sandye for eyelashes ever since they discovered the beauty addiction in 2012! She does a great job but even better, her work is so wonderful that you can still get your eyelashes done up to 7 years later since she uses a safe and healthy technique.

Today, a lot of lash salons perform terrible work, but Beauty Fetish does it well. Many remain as full, fluffy, and pretty, just as when they first opened, which is evidence of their caliber and professionalism. Enough, ladies, to fill you with gratitude!


Each and every one of us is entitled to beauty, especially the eye and the lashes, the beauty that is the window to the soul of our own. All eyelash extensions Atlanta are gifts that we all wish for. The best eyelash extensions Atlanta ga can be achieved by combining the two, the salons themselves and their techs. See one of these best lash salons as soon as possible to schedule an appointment because it is like: Why not!!

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