Do You Have To Be Licensed To Do Lashes? Here's Our Reveal!

Do You Have To Be Licensed To Do Lashes? Here’s Our Reveal!

It can be so fulfilling to work as a lash artist! You may make people feel beautiful all day long, have the flexibility to follow your own hours, and experience exponential growth in this line of work. But, you’ll need one thing in advance before you can begin taking on clients: a license. Yes, “Do you have to be licensed to do lashes?” is what we’ve been asked these days.

A license is always needed to apply for any lash services in almost all 50 states of the U.S.A. There are a few things that any soon-to-be lash artist should be prepared for as they embark on their path. Today, our blog will discuss the various license requirements, their significance and ways that artists can continue their education. Tighten your seatbelt, lash talents!

do you have to be licensed to do lashes
Do you have to be licensed to do lashes Everything will be brought to light right here!

Differences Between A Lash License & Certification

Depending on where you want to work and live, there are a lot of requirements to become a great lash technician, but generally speaking, you need to get a license and occasionally get certified. Let’s first see the differences between a license and certification in lash extensions, and decide which path would be best for you.

Lash Tech Certification

A lash extension certificate will attest to your proficiency in the application of lash extensions after you have successfully completed a course at a recognized institution. You need to take and pass the required exams in order to get your lash certification. A lot about lash anatomy, health, cleanliness, and other topics are taught to certified lash techs. You really become an expert in lashes when you earn your certification as a lash artist.

Already have your certificate? Congrats you, newbies! You have made it halfway through the application process for your lash tech position! It is time to get a license for now!

Lash Tech License

This is a typical question from anywho that has been considering a profession as lash techs. A lash tech can lawfully operate in a state by obtaining a license from the cosmetology board of that state. In order to get a license in a particular state, the lash technician must complete an application with the state’s cosmetology board and fulfill the necessary qualifications.

A license is issued by any state’ cosmetology board, whereas a certification is obtained from an approved institution. This is the primary distinction between a certified and a licensed lash tech. As previously indicated, license is mandatory in every state; however, only a few states mandate that lash artists complete additional training and get a certificate.

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Do You Have To Be Licensed To Do Lashes?

Perhaps the one asking this question is a concerned client or a girlfriend who aspires to work as a lash artist. Or perhaps he/she is just the lash-loving, inquisitive gal who wishes to learn more about lashing. We all understand it, regardless of who you are. Being a lashing artist is a fun career that lets you be on your own stage!

You must take care of your knowledge before any launch of your own lash business. And by that we mean you will have to fulfill the regulations set forth by the state for lash techs. Since these regulations differ from state to state, it’s critical to think about where you’ll be practicing as well as your future relocation plans.

To answer the question “Do you have to be licensed to do lashes?”, we must say “100% YES!!”, since in whoever’s journey of becoming a pro lash tech, there is a thing always told – Our states all require lash licenses! Indeed, they are important for several reasons below:

1. In the majority of states, obtaining a license is essential

Getting a license is always worthwhile, regardless of whether it is needed in your jurisdiction. Every lash school will impart important knowledge which you will need to be aware of before taking on your clients. For instance, common subjects include: application methods, handling allergic reactions, lash safety and hygiene, aftercare advice, and much more.

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2. Having a license makes you appear reliable to customers

Everybody wants to be sure that the one providing their services is an authority in that area. Having all those required credentials is the very first approach towards developing a devoted client base and solid reputation.

3. A license enables you to advance your career in lashing

Prior to enrolling in most lash extension training programs, candidates must own a license in cosmetology or esthetics. This implies that you must begin with the fundamentals if you truly want to advance your knowledge and become an expert of lash extensions.

do you have to be licensed to do lashes
If you don’t obey the laws of your states, you’ll be fined as unlicensed lash techs

What Happens If You Do Lashes Without A License?

Is it illegal to do lashes without a license? Well, it is against the law in every state to practice cosmetology without a license, although the penalties may differ. The penalties for practicing without a license in your state can include fines or even criminal charges. There can also be more serious repercussions, if it turns out that you do not possess any licenses because you unintentionally injured someone while practicing.

An official license is needed in regulated states and provinces. The requirements for getting a license are passing the licensing exam and finishing a program that has been approved by the state or province. The programs often consist of 300 hours of apprentice and class time. Typically the state board of cosmetology administers the license examination and every state will have a different procedure for this.

A certificate is valid in places that are not governed. Usually, a certification course lasts two or three days (the more the better). Once your instructor is satisfied that you have reached a particular level of understanding and proficiency, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. In an uncontrolled area, it is critical to use caution while selecting a school. It is hard to tell if your training program adequately prepares you for a career in the business in the absence of laws in your states. 

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do you have to be licensed to do lashes
Results done by licensed lash techs will easily be recognized thanks to their knowledge


1. Do You Have To Be An Esthetician To Do Lashes?

In order to lawfully provide great eyelash extension services, the majority of states demand a cosmetology, or esthetician license. To do this, you need to pass a licensing exam and finish a training program that has been approved by the state.

Certain jurisdictions, like Texas, provide a specialized license just for eyelash extensions to those who work only in the lash industry. A distinct set of training hours and exams are often necessary for these specialty licenses.

2. Do You Need A Cosmetology License To Do Lashes?

Yes. A cosmetology license is mandated by state laws since it attests to your possession of the abilities and know-how required to practice. One of the main reasons cosmetology needs a license is that no state wants persons unintentionally spreading communicable diseases and lice since they did not receive essential training in cross contamination and cleanliness.

The conditions for obtaining a cosmetology license vary from state to state. Transferring your cosmetology license is needed if you intend to move out of the state but still want to practice cosmetology. In order to practice cosmetology, you must possess knowledge of other critical skills such as sanitation, even if there are certain things you might learn on the job and some of you might be able to study on your own.

As every state has its own set of regulations for transfers, be sure to research the procedure thoroughly and find out if you may have to complete any additional training. This is mostly to get your license in the new state.

do you have to be licensed to do lashes
No clients would ever let their lashes risked by artists having no proofs of experience

3. Can You Do Lashes With Just A Certificate?

As previously said, the states in which you reside determine the licensing standards for lash extensions. You need to become well-versed in the regulations of your state in order to make sure that you are acting legally.

In order to provide eyelash services, any lash technicians need to have a license in esthetics or cosmetology. State-specific requirements for certification, however, vary. Even in states where lash certificates are not asked for, specific lash tech positions might also demand that workers finish certification programs. Keep in mind that depending on your state and area of employment, requirements may change, so start your Google search!

4. Do You Need A License To Do Lashes In Every State?

Certain states do not have licensing requirements at all for lash extensions, such as Indiana and Maryland. For the most recent laws and to make sure you conduct business lawfully, it is still advisable to speak with your state’s board.

In case you’re unsure about obtaining a lash tech certification or license, you still can always conduct some research on the requirements of both your states and the businesses you are interested in working for. What does it take for them? Is it necessary to have a license alone, or a license plus certificate? Understanding the local laws is your obligation, ladies!

We advise you to look through specific regulations regarding lash licensure in different states in one of our blogs about state requirements for lash techs. It is to verify that each and every state has its own legislations so make sure not to disobey them wherever you live, okay? We are sure none of you expects to be punished when trying to pursue your dream jobs.


Now, you have already got our answers for the question “Do I need a license to do lashes?”, haven’t you? Keep in mind you may need to obtain a license from the Board of Cosmetology in order to practice as a cosmetologist or esthetician in some areas. Usually, this does entail filling out an application, paying a charge, and providing proof of a predetermined amount of practice hours (perhaps).

Having a license increases your reputation and demonstrates to potential clients that you are someone they’ll trust, regardless of where you are, in the USA, Canada, the UK, or Australia. Also, membership can assist you in expanding your lash businesses by giving you access to the lash community and workshops on business growth. Now, do you need to be licensed to do lashes, or do you have to be licensed to do lashes? Once again, definitely worth it!

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