Cluster Lashes: Beware and Embrace Safer Lash Alternatives!

Nowadays, with beauty trends popping up everywhere, beauty aficionados are constantly on the lookout for the next beauty treatment. Applying cluster lashes is one of these beauty tricks. And while everyone appreciates a good set of lush, fringed lashes, if they harm your natural lashes, they aren’t worth the risk. 

So, to help out beauty lovers out there, our article will dive into one of the common topics being asked: What cluster eyelashes are, how they are different from individual lash extensions, and why they aren’t the best option to beautify your lash line.

cluster lashes
Cluster lashes

What are Cluster Lashes?

Cluster eyelashes are exactly what they sound like lashes that come in a bundle.  They are a collection of lashes typically 5 to 10 thick extensions fused together to create lash clusters using a thick adhesive base, such as glue. 

The bases of these are often broad and hefty, which is great for extending, volumizing, and thickening particular areas of your lashes, like the outer corner.

When eyelash extensions first appeared on the beauty world, cluster lashes were all the rage. Cluster lashes were popular because they made it simple and quick to fill a lot of space on the lash line, which made them popular with salons. However, nowadays, the practice is becoming more scarce, since lash techs are becoming more aware of the damaging effects of cluster eyelashes. 

Wearing cluster eyelashes can have many damaging drawbacks
Wearing cluster eyelashes can have many damaging drawbacks

Why Should You Avoid Cluster Lashes?

When put to your natural lashes, cluster lashes might indeed cause damage. Here are some of the reasons why you should stay away from cluster lashes:

  • Weight

Cluster lashes are made by stacking thick extensions together, which gives them a bit of weight. When putting them on, a lot of glue is needed, adding even more weight to your real lashes. Since cluster lashes have a big base, they can’t be attached to just one of your own lashes. Instead, they usually stick to a few of your natural lashes. As these clusters come off, some of your own lashes might come off with them.

  • Prone to Bacterial Infection 

Inadequately attached or overly weighty cluster lash extensions may result in undue tugging and strain on the natural lashes. This continual pressure on the hair follicles and adjacent skin can diminish the defensive shield, facilitating the infiltration of bacteria and causing infection. 

Infection can also be caused by adhesive. Cluster lash extension adhesive has the potential to obstruct hair follicles. Folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicles, can develop as a result of inflamed, infected blocked follicles.

  • Glue application and be unsafe

Unfortunately, harmful eyelash glue does exist, and the majority of salons utilize glue made with questionable substances. Eyelash glue frequently contains cyanoacrylates and formaldehyde, two substances also present in superglue. 

These glues are particularly well-liked since they offer a strong hold when working with cluster lashes. However, they also result in the stiffening and rigidity of your natural lashes. Your natural lashes may separate from the root if they are too stiff, displacing the lash extension in the process. 

Your natural lashes may attract bacteria as a result of excess glue, which is frequent when applying cluster lashes and may result in an infection. 

How to Remove Cluster Lashes?

Keep in mind that you should always remove your cluster lashes before going to sleep. This can occasionally be challenging, particularly if you had them done at a salon.

So, for a straightforward how-to on removing cluster lashes at home:

  • Under the lashes, place a round of lint-free cotton that is 1/2 cut.
  • After liberally coating the cluster lashes with lash extension gel remover, wait for the substance to absorb for around 5 minutes.
  • By gently guiding the gel remover with a micro-brush, you can hasten the procedure.
  • Use a tiny brush or tweezers to gently remove the clusters.

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Always remove your cluster lashes before going to sleep
Always remove your cluster lashes before going to sleep

Cluster Lashes vs. Individual Lash Extensions: Which is better?

Although they may appear similar, cluster lashes and eyelash extensions differ considerably in terms of application and appearance. 


You can apply cluster lashes with tweezers similarly to how individual lash extensions are. Often, when applying the lashes, the lash artist space out the clusters so that the lashes are evenly spread along the lash line, giving you the voluptuousness you oh so desire. However, because they are crowded, there is a chance that these lashes will look unnatural. They might not look exactly the same because of their packed nature. 

In comparison, eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic, silk fibers, or faux mink that are applied strand by strand, by lash artists. The consultation portion of a normal visit is the first opportunity for the lash artist to evaluate your unique needs. You will begin the application by lying down comfortably and keeping your eyes closed the entire time. 

Overall, even though the process is tedious and can take a long time (1.5-2 hours), the efforts pay off. The results are the most natural looking, lush, and dense lashes you can ever wish to achieve.  


Depending on the genre, the pricing in the false eyelash market might vary greatly. Strip, cluster, and individual or volume extensions are the three main categories.  The least expensive options are strip lashes, which can often be purchased and applied at home. These are commonly used for short-term cosmetic situations, like attending a wedding, graduating, or casually spending time with friends.Depending on the brand, prices can vary slightly, but these babies can be yours for as little as $5.

Cluster lashes are around mid-range in price. They are a sensible option for many occasions if you have a tight budget.

Editor’s tip: For lash artists, we recommend making your own fans or purchasing premade fans from a credible lash supplier. Although it is slightly more expensive, it offers superior protection for clients’ natural lashes.

Last but not least, professional lash extensions are the priciest. However, the quality is worth the hefty price tag, that’s for sure! Eyelash extensions deliver a fluttery and sensual appearance without impacting the well-being of your natural lashes. On average, you can expect to pay around $120 for a basic pair of lash extensions, while fancier types like ones using real mink fur, can start at $300. 

Realistically, you get the most bang for your buck with this operation because they can last 4 to 6 weeks and are safer for your natural eyelashes because they are so light! 

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Cluster lashes should never be worn for more than a few days at a time. Their application, as well as their weight and size can make it uncomfortable to wear and put great strain on your lashes after a long period of wear time. They also don’t last very long, usually less than a week.

If you want to achieve a more long lasting wear, eyelash extensions would be a better option. If you take care of your extensions as instructed by lash professionals, they can last around four to six weeks (usually around three to four weeks), until some of them naturally fall out. After that, you can book an appointment with your lash stylist to get them filled. Thankfully, a refill is often remarkably cheaper to get, once you’ve got the initial extension, and it will take way less time too!

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Why do people use cluster lashes?

Some people continue to wear cluster lashes despite their apparent disadvantages. 

Many people don’t have time for a 2-hour appointment for a beauty treatment, not to mention the upkeep it requires. In addition, some people find cluster lashes to be alluring because of their low cost. However, keep in mind that you only get a limited number of cluster lashes for the price you pay. 

Should I use lash extensions or cluster lashes?

Wearing cluster lashes might be sweet if you only need to wear them for a few days. Since there aren’t many salons that still provide this service, you might find them appealing if you love doing your own makeup. However, frequent use of these lashes can possibly cause long-term detriments to your natural lashes.

And, if flawless eyelashes every morning as you wake up is what you desire, lash extensions are definitely preferable. Although getting fills every few weeks may take some maintenance, lash extensions are the best option if you’re devoted to keeping your lashes long. Since you no longer need to curl your lashes or wear mascara every day, you may discover that it is ultimately easier and, in some ways, lower maintenance than natural lashes.


Finally, given that cluster eyelashes have a number of risks that every user should be aware of, they are not safe for your real eyelashes. Because of this, the majority of qualified lash technicians do not advise using these lashes. 

To prevent harming your natural lashes, keep in mind everything you learned about cluster lashes if you still choose to wear them. If you want a safer option for cluster lashes, you may also ask your lash technician about salon lash extensions. As alternatives, you can opt for volume lash extensions, individual lash extensions, or hybrid lash extensions. The possibilities are endless!

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