Can I Put Strip Lashes Over Extensions? 6 Reasons Not To

Hey there, lash-loving beauties! So, you’ve gone all out with those fabulous eyelash extensions that have you batting your lashes at everyone and their cat. But now you’re getting ready for a big night out, and you want your eyelashes to be so glam that they practically have their own spotlight. So, you’re thinking, “Can I put strip lashes over extensions?” It’s a valid question, but before you go all lash-crazy, let’s dive into why it might not be the best idea in town.

A Little Bit About Lash Extensions 

Before diving into the answer to “Can you wear strip lashes with extensions?”, let’s quickly run through the basics. Eyelash extensions are like the fairy godmothers of your lashes. They add length, volume, and drama to your natural lashes. Tiny individual synthetic lashes, or clusters, are carefully glued onto your real lashes, giving you the mesmerizing look you’ve always dreamed of.

What’s Great About Strip Lashes?

can i put strip lashes over extensions
Strip lashes come in various lengths, thicknesses, and styles.

Now, let’s talk about strip lashes. They’re like the superheroes of quick glamour fixes. These pre-made lash strips are ready to swoop in and transform your lashes from ordinary to extraordinary in mere minutes. They’re your go-to for those epic nights out, hot dates, or when you just want to amp up your lash game.

Strip lashes are super versatile. They come in various lengths, thicknesses, and styles, and they’re a breeze to apply and remove. So, if you’re new to the lash game, they’re your perfect starting point.

Can I Put Strip Lashes Over Extensions? 6 Reasons Not To

can i put strip lashes over extensions
It’s not advisable to put strip lashes on top on extensions.

It’s generally not recommended to put strip lashes over eyelash extensions. ​​It’s a recipe for trouble that can mess up both your extensions and your natural lashes. Instead, chat it up with your lash pro to get that perfect look using eyelash extensions all by themselves.

Here are some reasons why wearing strip lashes on top of lash extensions is generally not recommended:

1. Excessive Weight and Strain

Lash extensions are delicate and are designed to be lightweight to avoid causing stress on your natural lashes. If you toss on strip lashes, it’s like asking your lashes to do a weightlifting routine they didn’t sign up for.

Your natural lashes won’t be too thrilled. We’ve seen folks lose chunks of their own lashes because of the added weight from strip lashes. Going beyond what your natural lashes can handle can even lead to a bald lash line, and it takes a while to bounce back from that.

So, if you want to keep your natural lashes in good shape, resist the urge to pile up strip lashes over lash extensions. Trust your lash pro to give you the perfect look without overloading those precious lashes.

2. Sticky Situation

Ever been in the sticky situation where you slapped on some falsie glue, and then it’s like it’s superglued to your lash line? Yeah, it happens to the best of us.

And if you’ve got lash extensions, it’s even worse. Trying to get rid of that strip lash glue without wrecking your extensions is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded.

You’ve probably thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it – eye makeup remover, slick oil-based cleansers, even resorting to some aggressive eye rubbing. But guess what? None of these moves work without turning your lash extensions into a sad, clumpy mess.

can i put strip lashes over extensions
It’s difficult to remove strip lash glue without affecting your extensions.

So, what’s the game plan, you ask? Well, truth be told, there’s not much you can do, unfortunately.

You’re stuck rocking that falsie glue on your lash line until it’s time for a lash refill, and then your lash technician can work their magic and safely remove the stubborn glue without harming your natural lashes.3. Uneven Appearance

While the idea of combining extensions with strip lashes might sound tempting for a double dose of drama, the end result can be far from pleasing. Strip lashes are designed to sit above your natural lash line, while extensions are meant to enhance your existing lashes. They are also often made from different materials and vary in terms of thickness, length, and curl. This can lead to an uneven and unnatural look, where your extensions and strip lashes don’t seamlessly blend.

Achieving a harmonious, balanced appearance can be a challenge when combining these two types of lash enhancements, making it a less-than-ideal choice for those seeking a polished and cohesive look.

4. Comfort and Allergies

Ladies and gents, comfort is key. Extensions already add some weight and thickness to your natural lashes. Now, imagine adding strip lashes to the mix. It’s like turning your eyelids into a gym for heavyweight lifting! This leads to discomfort and even irritation.

Moreover, the adhesives used in strip lashes may not always be compatible with the adhesive used for extensions. This can increase the risk of allergic reactions or irritation, leaving your eyes red, itchy, and watery.

5. Maintenance Nightmare

can i put strip lashes over extensions
Cleaning between the layers of extensions and strip lashes can be tricky.

Maintaining eyelash extensions requires a certain level of care and attention. You need to be gentle when cleansing your lashes, avoiding oil-based makeup removers and excessive rubbing. Adding strip lashes to the mix complicates this routine.

Cleaning between the layers of extensions and strip lashes can be tricky, and improper cleaning can lead to a buildup of dirt, oil, and makeup, increasing the risk of eye infections. It’s important to note that eyelash extensions should be cleaned thoroughly to maintain their longevity and hygiene.

6. Shorter Lifespan

One of the major perks of eyelash extensions is their long-lasting charm. With proper care, they can be your luscious sidekick for weeks. 

But here’s the scoop: wondering, “Can I put strip lashes over lash extensions?” Well, doing so can seriously cut short their lifespan. As mentioned earlier, the added weight and potential damage can cause extensions to fall out prematurely.

When you use both strip lashes (those you can remove and reapply) and eyelash extensions (semi-permanent lashes), the glue used for the strip lashes can mix with the glue used for the extensions. This mixing isn’t a good thing because it makes the bond holding your extensions to your natural lashes weaker.

As a result, your eyelash extensions won’t last as long as they should. They might start falling out sooner than expected. To keep them looking good, you’ll have to visit your lash technician more often for touch-up appointments.


When it comes to your lashes, being savvy and careful is the name of the game. Wondering, “Can I put strip lashes over lash extensions?” Well, truth be told, it’s generally not the brightest idea. You don’t want to roll the dice on damaging your natural lashes, feeling like you’ve got a lash brick on your lids, or getting stuck in a never-ending maintenance maze.

Instead, consult with a lash expert to explore your options. They can help you achieve that fluttery, eye-catching look you’re after while keeping your natural lashes and extensions in tip-top shape. Remember, less can often be more when it comes to beauty, and in the world of eyelash extensions, that’s the secret to keeping your peepers fabulous and drama-free!

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