Top 5 best eyelash curler for asian eyes you can not miss

Top 5 best eyelash curler for asian eyes you can not miss    

Hello beautiful ladies. Another year is over. It’s fast, isn’t it! To prepare for the new year, you can’t help but consider buying basic makeup items to shine your best at year-end parties. And dear Asian girls, today, I will help you choose the best eyelash curler for Asian eyes in 2024. Below are 5 eyelash curlers for Asian eyes that I know. Let’s read and feel together!

Before learning about the 5 best eyelash curlers for Asian eyes in today’s article, I want you to better understand the characteristics of Asian eyelashes. Why is the eyelash curler an indispensable tool in the makeup cabinet of Asian women?

best eyelash curler for asian eyes
Find out top 5 best eyelash curler for Asian eyes here

Characteristics of Asian eyelashes

When looking at Asian eyes, we can easily see that, compared to European eyes, regardless of whether men or women, their eyelashes are often thinner, sparser and shorter. This is a common characteristic of most Asian people.

On average, Asian eyelashes are about 8-10mm long, while European eyelashes are about 12-14mm long. Not only are they short, but Asian eyelashes are also thinner and sparse. This makes the eyes of Asian people appear much smaller when looking at them than those of Europeans. Another thing that makes Asian girls’ eyes lack charm and sharpness is that their eyelashes are straight.

That’s why Asian girls often pay more attention to eye makeup and use support tools such as eyelash curlers.

In addition to those external characteristics, Asian genes also regulate other characteristics related to eyelashes. For example, the regrowth rate of an eyelash is slow but the life cycle of an eyelash is fast. On average, an Asian eyelash has a lifespan of about 3-4 months, while a European eyelash has a lifespan of about 6-8 months. These characteristics make Asian eyelashes more difficult to style and maintain than European eyelashes. To overcome these disadvantages, many Asians often use makeup products such as mascara, eyelash curlers, etc. to help their eyelashes curl and become thicker.

Top 5 best eyelash curler for asian eyes in 2024

Beauty companies also understand the need and launch many diverse lines of eyelash clips to serve the needs of women to curl their eyelashes. Let’s see what are the 5 best eyelash curlers for Asian eyes right below!

1. Best lash curler for asian eyes from Shu Uemura

A famous cosmetic company from Japan produces a high-quality eyelash curling line, loved by many women in Japan in particular and Asia in general. It was also voted as one of the best eyelash curlers for Asian eyes. This is a handmade eyelash curler that does not use heat, with a traditional shape made of high-quality stainless steel, giving it a delicate beauty and personality. In terms of quality, this line of eyelash curlers brings users comfort and ease by providing precise control along with two eyelash clamping pads made of high-quality silicone that is safe for the skin around the eyes. and does not break the eyelashes.

best eyelash curler for asian eyes
SHU Uemura and Tarte are the two most popular eyelash curlers for Asian eyes

2. Tarte Picture Perfect Duo

A traditional line of eyelash curlers that is also very popular with Asian girls comes from the Tarte family. With the impressive name Tarte Picture Perfect Duo, the eyelash curler received many positive reviews from Asian customers. As one of the best eyelash curlers for Asian eyes, Tarte’s eyelash curler is designed with a prominent handle, has a dreamy purple color and is easier to hold and operate than other traditional eyelash curlers. The Tarte eyelash clip has a moderate curvature, easily hugging the eyelashes without pressing on the eye bone. It also creates the perfect curl for Asian girls’ eyes and stays curled for hours.

3. M.A.C Half Lash Curler- eyelash curler for monolids

The characteristic of Asian eyes is single eyelids with short and straight eyelashes. Therefore, M.A.C has designed an eyelash clip to optimally beautify this eye shape. The M.A.C Half Lash Curler eyelash curler is compactly designed with the clamp part only half the size of regular eyelash curlers. This unique design allows it to reach every point on the lashes. Girls will have to do more operations, but it will be more effective because it affects each small part of the eyelashes. In addition to curling eyelashes, this type of eyelash curler is highly recommended for those who often apply false eyelashes at home. It is extremely suitable for holding false and real eyelashes in place.

best eyelash curler for asian eyes
Panasonic EH SE10P- best heated eyelash curler for asian eyes

4. Panasonic EH SE10P- best heated eyelash curler for asian eyes

When talking about the best eyelash curler for Asian eyes, in addition to traditional eyelash curlers, thermal eyelash curlers are indispensable. Panasonic EH SE10P is one of two eyelash curlers for asian eyes I will talk about today. Talking about convenience, the heated eyelash curler not only helps girls have curlier eyelashes that are more attractive, but it also keeps them in place longer, especially with this Panasonic EH SE10P line, but it also helps women save money. Save time by not having to operate multiple times like with traditional eyelash curlers.

In addition, the Panasonic EH SE10P also has many outstanding features such as a thick and soft brush head that helps the eyelashes become softer and have better curl. The design of the eyelash curler is quite compact so it can be flexibly carried. in many places from travel to work. This eyelash curler has a two-way rotating brush head that helps brush eyelashes at many different angles and can be used to curl eyelashes at the innermost corners. The brush head is also removable so it is easy to clean.

5. Espoir Heating Eyelash Curler

Espoir Heating Eyelash Curler is a product from the Korean brand Espoir. This brand is already very famous for its beauty products in the Asian market. The Espoir Heating Eyelash Curler has made a good impression on many Asian girls since the first days of its launch thanks to its elegant compact design and superior features. The Espoir Heating Eyelash Curler has an extremely fast eyelash curling time, in just about 15 seconds you will have curled and prominent eyelashes. Even though it’s so fast, it’s very safe for your eyelashes. You don’t have to worry about damaging or breaking your eyelashes because the tip of the Espoir eyelashes also has a protective layer, so your eyelashes won’t be damaged when used. machine.

Espoir Heating Eyelash Curler- an eyelash curler for asian eyes
Espoir Heating Eyelash Curler- an eyelash curler for asian eyes

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Above are the 5 best eyelash curler for Asian eyes that I recommend. I know that there are still a lot of varieties out there that I haven’t experienced yet and it’s also very good. So if you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment. In this list, I have included both traditional eyelash curlers and heated eyelash curlers. Although the thermal eyelash curler was introduced later, it is loved and trusted by many people. If you haven’t used it yet, try it.

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