Eyelash extensions for men: a boost in male’s beauty

Hello, welcome back to our blog! Have you ever been asked or heard about whether there are eyelash extensions for men?

What are your thoughts on this question? It’s quite simple. Just think about the past when it seemed like beauty products, skincare, lipsticks, and makeup were all designed exclusively for women. But nowadays, in our generation, the need for balanced external care applies to both genders. The changing concept of beauty among men has undergone some significant transformations in the 21st century. Previously, a masculine, strong and not too self-care image was often considered a standard for men. However, these attitudes have undergone transformation and expansion regarding beauty and self-concern with appearance in men.

Men are no longer bound by a single image of masculinity. Nowadays, people value and respect diversity in the way men express their attitudes and express themselves.

Some men even use makeup and hair products to improve their appearance, especially in the entertainment and beauty industries. Men need to groom their eyebrows, take care of their skin, maintain their hair, and so on. So, why not consider eyelash extensions in a similar light?

The field of eyelash extensions is relatively young and hasn’t developed evenly for both men and women. However, in reality, men can also have men’s eyelash extensions. So, what’s the difference between lashes for men and lashes for women, and what should men consider if they want to get lash extensions? Let’s find out!

Eyelash extensions for men a boost in male's beauty
Eyelash extensions for men a boost in male’s beauty

Are there eyelash extensions for men?

Yes, there are eyelash extensions available for men. Eyelash extensions are not exclusively for women. Who doesn’t want to enhance their appearance, right? Men can also accentuate their natural eyelashes with eyelash extensions for men. Nowadays, the eyelash extension industry is gradually expanding, and the customer base is becoming broader. It’s not just male actors who need eyelash extensions to look better on screen; in everyday life, men are also choosing eyelash extensions as a way to boost their confidence and make noticeable changes to their appearance.

In general, the process involves attaching individual synthetic lashes to the existing natural lashes to achieve a fuller and more defined look, similar to eyelash extensions for women. Eyelash extension technicians can customize the lash extensions to meet the specific preferences and desired appearance of male clients, whether they prefer a subtle, natural look or a more dramatic and impressive effect.

2 most common types of eyelash extensions for men

“Are long eyelashes attractive on a guy? Yes, definitely. Women are often drawn to the beauty of a man, especially in his eyes. Recently, many guys have discovered how to enhance their appearance in the eyes of the opposite sex by getting eyelash extensions. And I’ll talk about the three most popular eyelash extension styles for men in recent times!”

Guys with eyelash extensions will improve their appearance and be more attractive
Guys with eyelash extensions will improve their appearance and be more attractive

Classic eyelashes for men 

Classic eyelash extensions are the most basic type of eyelash extensions, where individual fake lashes are carefully attached to each natural lash. This style of eyelash extensions provides a natural and subtle look for men.

The process of classic eyelash extensions for men is similar to classic eyelash extensions for women. First, the lash technician will cleanse the eye area and the customer’s natural lashes. Then, the technician will determine the appropriate length, thickness, and curl of the fake lashes that suit the customer. Finally, the technician will use lash adhesive to meticulously attach each fake lash to the natural lashes.

Classic eyelash extensions are a suitable choice for men with sparse or short lashes who want to enhance their appearance. This style of eyelash extensions offers a natural and uncomplicated look, making men appear more attractive and refined. It is also very versatile and complements various styles. The eyelash extension process is painless and comfortable, which is especially ideal for men who prefer quick and hassle-free grooming routines.

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Classic eyelash extensions for men
Classic eyelash extensions for men

Volume eyelash extensions for men

Volume eyelash extensions are a type of eyelash extension that uses more false eyelashes placed on top of one real eyelash. This type of eyelash extension gives men a thicker, more impressive appearance.

Similar to the classic eyelash style, the volume eyelash extensions process for men is similar to the volume eyelash extensions process for women. In this type of eyelash extension, the technician will have to advise the customer more carefully about the material, curl, and thickness suitable for the eyes. Because this type of extension will bring a pretty big change to the eyelashes, not just a natural look like classic eyelash extensions.

Volume eyelash extensions are a suitable choice for men with sparse, short eyelashes who want to improve their appearance. This type of eyelash extensions gives a thick, impressive look, helping men look more attractive and masculine. However, this type of eyelash extensions will also take more time than regular eyelash extensions

Volume eyelash extensions for men
Volume eyelash extensions for men

Color eyelash extensions for men

In my experience, if only to meet light beauty needs, boys should use black or brown eyelash extensions. These two colors are the most natural colors, suitable for most styles. Black gives a natural, sophisticated look, while brown gives a gentle, elegant look.

Color eyelash extensions for men
Color eyelash extensions for men

As for men with personality and style. Classic or regular volume eyelash extensions cannot satisfy your personality, so you can look for colored eyelash extensions. There are many types of colored eyelash extensions. Men can choose the volume or classic extension method, then choose their favorite eyelash color. Men can choose other false eyelash colors such as gray, blue, red, etc. These colors bring a unique, impressive look, helping men look more outstanding and attractive. For example, gray is a false eyelash color that gives a luxurious, modern look. Gray is suitable for men with a trendy and individual style. Blue is suitable for men with a youthful and dynamic style. Red is suitable for men who want to express their personality and style.

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What do men need to pay attention to when getting eyelash extensions?

There are some notes for men who are getting eyelash extensions for the first time. Actually, regardless of whether you are male or female, if it is your first time learning about and performing eyelash extensions, you should pay attention to these things. The first is to find a reputable eyelash extension facility. You must pay close attention to carefully understanding the skills of the eyelash extension artist and whether the products they use are safe and of guaranteed quality. Eyelash extensions for men can be dangerous if men unfortunately choose an unskilled eyelash extension artist.

Second, men must remember to test the eyelash glue before eyelash extension. Especially if you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, you should pay more attention to this.

In addition, after eyelash extensions, men with long eyelashes need to pay attention to proper eyelash hygiene to maintain maximum beauty as well as ensure eye safety. When sleeping, be careful not to lie face down to avoid breaking your false eyelashes!


In my opinion, one of the reasons why eyelash extensions for men are not so popular while it is a familiar thing for women is that men usually do not spend too much time on beauty. But beauty treatments like eyelash extensions often require more meticulous care. But absolutely don’t let these things affect your beauty guys! Just pay attention to a few tips that I mentioned above and you can almost guarantee the beauty of men’s eyelash extensions. Hope you have a fun and relaxing time reading this blog post of mine. And now it’s time to say goodbye. See you in the next blog posts.

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