What do you understand about eyelash extension primer?

When it comes to achieving long-lasting, flawless eyelash extensions, the role of an eyelash extension primer cannot be overlooked. Often considered as the best-kept secret of professional lash artists, this little product holds the key to enhancing the longevity and beauty of your lash extensions. In this blog, we will delve into the importance of using an eyelash extension primer and how it can make a significant difference in your lash extension experience.

What is an Eyelash Extension Primer?

Very glad that you are here to learn about eyelash extension primer. If you have been doing eyelash extensions for a long time, you are probably familiar with the concept of primer for lash extensions. However, for those who are new to this beauty field, it might still be an unfamiliar term. So, don’t rush, let’s explore together what an eyelash extension primer exactly is and what it’s made of

Role of the primer is to cleanse the lashes
Role of the primer is to cleanse the lashes

An eyelash extension primer is a specialized product designed to prepare and optimize your natural lashes before the application of lash extensions. It typically comes in a liquid form and is applied using a fine brush. The main purpose of the primer is to cleanse the lashes, remove any residual oils or debris, and create an ideal base for the adhesive to bond effectively with the extensions.

Normally, every lash primer should contain these essential ingredients.

  • The first one is dimethyl ketone, also known as acetone. It possesses remarkable properties as an astringent, effectively eliminating surface oils and dirt.
  • Then, polyethanol, commonly referred to as alcohol, though present in small quantities in each primer, plays a crucial role in cleansing away dirt and oil, providing an ideal foundation to start your work. Moreover, for clients with sensitive skin, it can also help alleviate any potential reactions.
  • And the last but certainly not least, good old H20, water.

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Benefits of Using an Eyelash Extension Primer

Using eyelash extension primer brings many benefits
Using eyelash extension primer brings many benefits
  • Improved Adhesive Bonding: One of the primary reasons for using a primer is to ensure a strong and lasting bond between your natural lashes and the extensions. The primer’s cleansing properties remove any traces of oil, makeup, or dust that might hinder the adhesive’s ability to adhere to the lashes properly. This, in turn, prevents premature lash shedding and enhances the overall retention of your extensions.
  • Longer Lasting Lash Extensions: Eyelash extension primer is a tool that contributes to improving the adhesive bonding of lash glue. As we have mentioned before, the primer helps the eyelash extensions adhere better to your natural lashes. Therefore, it enhances the longevity of the eyelash extensions. Because of its stronger and more stable bonding, you don’t have to worry about the eyelash extensions falling off when subjected to external forces. This also allows you to comfortably and confidently enjoy your beautiful eyes for a longer period.
  • Better Lash Extension Placement: A well-prepared lash base offers a smoother surface for the lash artist to work on, enabling them to place the extensions more accurately. This precision leads to a seamless and natural-looking result, giving you the appearance of voluminous lashes without any clumps or inconsistencies.
  • Reduced Irritation and Allergies: Speaking of which, it must be emphasized that reducing the risk of allergies is one of the best features of eyelash extension primer. If you have sensitive eyes or skin around the eyes more than usual, this is a great choice for you. Indeed, for individuals prone to irritation in the eye area, primer for lash extensions acts as a game-changer. The primer’s cleansing action reduces the chances of potential irritants coming into contact with your eyes. By helping to limit contact with these irritants, wearing eyelash extensions becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: While some might consider eyelash extension primers as an optional add-on, they actually prove to be a cost-effective investment. By improving retention and extending the life of your lash extensions, you can reduce the frequency of lash maintenance appointments, ultimately saving time and money in the long run.

How to Use Eyelash Extension Primer

Using an eyelash extension primer is a straightforward process, but it requires careful application. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using it effectively:

#Step 1: If you are wearing makeup or had eyelash extensions before, you must remove all the old extensions, cleanse, and thoroughly clean the eye area. Use water-based makeup removers or specialized eyelash extension removal solutions for this purpose.

#Step 2: After you have cleaned your lashes, take a small amount of primer for eyelash extensions on a specialized brush. Make sure the brush is clean and the bristles are soft and smooth to avoid any harm to your eyelashes.

#Step 3: The next step is, of course, to use the brush with primer and apply it evenly on your lashes. Gently brush from the lash roots to the tips. Remember not to let the brush touch your eyes to avoid any irritation. If, unfortunately, some primer gets into your eyes, rinse it thoroughly with water several times.

#Step 4: Allow the primer to dry completely before proceeding with the lash extension application.

How to Use Eyelash Extension Primer
How to Use Eyelash Extension Primer


After understanding the properties as well as how to use the eyelash extension primer, you may still wonder. Here are some common question that we conveyed from our clients

Q1: What happens if you skip using a lash extension primer? 

Without a primer, you need to make sure you clean your natural lashes before applying your lashes. Attempting to attach lash extensions to less-than-clean natural lashes will result in the glue adhering to the oil or dirt particles rather than the surface of the natural lashes. Unfortunately, this will significantly reduce the retention of your meticulously done lash work.   

Q2: What to be cautious of while using a primer 

When polyethanol, one of the primary ingredients, comes into contact with the skin, it may lead to slight dryness and a mild burning sensation.

To ensure a safe application, follow the suggested steps mentioned earlier, and take care to prevent direct contact of the Lash Primer with your client’s skin.


In summary, incorporating an eyelash extension primer into your lash routine can make a world of difference in the quality and longevity of your extensions. Not only does it promote better adhesive bonding and retention, but it also ensures a comfortable and irritation-free experience. So, if you want to achieve that perfect set of lash extensions with stunning results, don’t forget to include an eyelash extension primer as an essential part of your lash care regimen.

Remember, when it comes to your eyes and lashes, investing in quality products and professional applications will always yield the most beautiful and satisfying results. So, why wait? Embrace the power of eyelash extension primer and unlock the true potential of your lashes!

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