Close Set Eyes Meaning – We’ll Give You A Hand

Welcome to another episode on how an eye shape, particularly the shape of close set eyes, can take one’s breath away! Have you explored other sharings of ours on other eye shapes yet? No worries, it is all your choice to drop by them, either before or after reading this post.

Knowing how to highlight specific features of your eyes to make them stand out and conceal all eye flaws will be made simpler with a good understanding of their features. The needs for smart choices of lash extension and makeup style are vital for most shapes of eyes.

In this article, you’ll learn how to identify your close set eye shape and things to keep in mind regarding its glam. Stay tuned for noteworthy facts about close set eyes meaning, beauties!

Close set eyes are found to be special in whoever owns them
Close set eyes are found to be special in whoever owns them

What Are Close Set Eyes?

The shape of one’s eyes can be determined without much difficulty. It is even said that when applying makeup or reading a face, the distance between the eyes is crucial. A broad, close, or normal gap may exist between your eyes. To find out if they have certain eye’s features, some people use measuring tapes. The eyebrows tend to be positioned close together while one’s eyes are closed.

To tell whether or not your eyes are close, measure the distance between them. You will own such an eye shape if there is less than one measurement of an eye. In other words, the eyes or yours are close in gap, so to put it short, they are typically less than one eye width apart.

It is generally simple to identify the shape of close set eyes
It is generally simple to identify the shape of close set eyes

1. Do I Have Close Set Eyes?

Easy to do. Take a look in a clean mirror to see if the distance between your eyes is one eye length or less. You will have close set eyes if such a distance between your eyes is less than one eye length. And you will have averagely spaced eyes if the distance is around the same size as an eye length.

You can also measure the distance between your eyes by having your fingers, from the inner corners of your eyes, swipe down to the top of your nasal bridge. If your fingers draw out two lines slightly making a pyramid from the swiping, you may have close set eyes. And if it gives off the look of a funnel, you may have wide set eyes.

2. Close Set Vs. Wide Set Eyes

On average, those with close set eyes have smaller spaces between their left and right eyes. Wide set eyes, on the other hand, are separated by more than one eyeball width, in contrast to close set eyes. Eyeball width or more separates the wide set eyes from one another. After all, their names already told us everything, and the distance between our eyes’ inner corners is the only thing to be under the measurement.

3. Close Set Vs. Deep Set Eyes

When the distance between your eyes is smaller than the width of one eyeball, you will have close set eyes, which are determined similarly to wide set eyes. Deep set eyes, on the other hand, draw attention to how prominent your brow bone is. The brow bone is more noticeable as a result of their deeper placement in your skull. It may sound biometric to an extent but is practical enough to identify using your observation.

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Close set eyes do have an impact on how we think and act
Close set eyes do have an impact on how we think and act

Why Are Close Set Eyes Special?

Close set eyes are mostly seldom brought on by external factors or any physical disorders or medical conditions. Instead, this shape of eyes is inherited, or a genetics-related feature in a body. In fact, a person may have a lot of eye shapes as long as they have certain features to seemingly look like other shapes of eyes. And the space between your eyes not only reveals your eyes if they are close set shaped, but also tells you about your own personality.

Closely set eyes are a sign of someone who is very successful in life as they are disciplined, focused, and detail-oriented. They have a strong sense of prediction, love learning about the past, and even take pleasure in researching their forebears and family history. Although both big and minor changes in their lives might cause stress or resistance in certain people.

Close set eyes people tend to be more detail-oriented and susceptible to being distracted by noise in the background when trying to concentrate on a task at hand. You are more likely to be viewed as dependable, amiable, and clever the closer your eyes are near one another.

Not all assumptions are precise but you’ll, somewhat, find yourself in there. It is never wrong to say that how you look from the outside does show what you have from the inside, at least, to some extent, isn’t it? If our words seem to be unright, you’d better ask someone to identify whether or not you are the person we described.

Best Lashes For Close Set Eyes

For the best part of this post, let’s find out which eyelash extensions suit your pretty close set eyes the most. These are, of course, based on our professional studies over the relationship between human eyes and cosmetic products, especially false lashes. Most importantly, have you learnt about those eyelash producers who are charismatic enough to rely on?

Vietnam Lash Factory is where we offer the huge fans of eyelashes the high-quality products of lash extensions. As we did the same thing to the queens of other shapes of eyes, we’ll tell you what factors to consider when choosing the best eyelashes for your close set eyes to be impressively enhanced. Follow through!

It isn’t a problem to choose the best lashes for close set eyes
It isn’t a problem to choose the best lashes for close set eyes

1. Cat Eye Lash Extensions

Close set eyes are defined by an eye-to-eye separation that is less than one eye’s width. So, with this eye shape, it is important to emphasize the outer corner of the eye by putting longer lashes there in a cat eye effect. A significant enhancement can be achieved by stretching the lashes from the outside corner to the inner corner. Indeed, the space between your eyes will appear greater that gives them a seemingly wider effect.

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2. CC, D Curl Lash Extensions

When we combine two curvations for one extension, we use D curl on two-third of the length and CC curl on the remaining portion to lengthen the eyes and create the look of larger eyes. Long-term leveling of your close set eyes is also facilitated by eyelashes with such curls, like crisscross, wispy, or flared lashes. The proper length for CC, D curl extensions when applied on your close set eyes is between 10 to 14 mm.

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3. Natural Lash Extensions

The lashes in this look have a proper length on the lid, and are shorter at the inner and outer corners, following the shape of your natural lashes. To duplicate your lashes and make them appear natural, eyelash extensions of various lengths are put along the eyes. To bring about such a simply pretty look for your close set eyes, we suggest you have on individual eyelash extensions for best results.

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Celebrities and models with close set eyes are bewitching
Celebrities and models with close set eyes are bewitching


1. Are Close Set Eyes Attractive?

No pun meant, but one’s perception of beauty is different from others. So, our answer is yes, even though there are not many people having this shape of close set eyes. But, no worries since this even stresses the uniqueness of this eye shape. To give the appearance that their eyes are somewhat farther apart, people having this shape of eyes often consider quite a lot of tips when putting makeup on.

2. Should I Correct My Close Set Eyes?

If your eye spacing doesn’t make you feel uneasy, this shape of eyes shouldn’t be a big deal. One could argue that no medical technique can change the distance between your eyes. But the look of your eyes that are too close together can be easily covered up thanks to the good use of cosmetic products or, to some extent, hairstyles for an effect of wide-spaced eyes.

3. Who Are The Close Set Eyes Celebrities?

Though it may not be obvious at first, there are many models and celebrities who have close set eyes that are found to be charming. Because many of them use makeup that brings back a wide-spaced effect for their eyes, it will be difficult to identify. Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Rachel Bilson, Gisele Bündchen, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc. are among the rare models and celebrities having close set eyes.

4. Which MakeUp Style Suits Close Set Eyes?

Tips are essential. Use a lighter tint on the inner corners and a darker shade on the outside to open up your close set eyes. One of the most ideal eyes for folks with this eye shape are smoky eyes since they make eyes look better. To give your eyes a lifted look, you may want to use light-colored sparkly makeup style. Keep in mind that smart choices of eyelashes are still there, as they should be, whenever your eyes need more spice.


One of the most striking features on your face is bound to be your eyes since they tend to be the first thing people notice about you. It is also crucial to understand your eye shapes. From the eyes, skin, to your general looks, everything changes as you get more physically mature.

The idea of intimacy is appealing to everyone. Close set eyes may not be ideal, but they can be easily, impressively enhanced with attractive lash extensions and eye makeup looks. You, the queens of self-beauty, just be proud of what you have.

If everything about close set eyes meaning is already clear to you, it is time for your dazzling enhancement, boujee queens!