Clear or black lash glue - Which one is perfect for you?

Clear or black lash glue – Which one is perfect for you? 

When it comes to eyelash extensions, you definitely want to use the best glue out there. That’s why it’s crucial to know the distinction between clear or black lash glue in lash extensions. Each has its own perks, so figuring out which one suits your client best can really up your lash game. Let’s dive into the details of each so you can pick the perfect glue for every client.

clear or black lash glue
Clear or black lash glue, which to choose

What To Look For in an Eyelash Extension Adhesive

1. Go for Adhesives Without Irritating Fumes

When picking out clear or black lash glue, make sure to prioritize options that are fume-free. The fumes produced when you open the glue can be irritating to your client’s eyes. This irritation isn’t just uncomfortable; it can also lead to watery eyes, affecting the longevity of the lash extensions. To give your clients the best experience, look for adhesives labeled as fume-free.

2. Consider Sensitive Options, Like Lashe’s Fume-Free Adhesive

Keep in mind that some clients might have sensitive eyes or develop allergies to lash glues. Sensitive glues usually take longer to dry, which is essential for clients allergic to bonding agents. Having a sensitive adhesive with a slower dry-time is crucial for accommodating such clients. Proactively investing in adhesive options for sensitive clients, no matter clear or black lash glue, can greatly improve their overall experience.

3. Take Note of Dry-Time Variations

Choose an adhesive brand that caters to both the skill level of lash artists and the specific needs of clients. Quick-drying glues are great for advanced lash artists, while those with a longer dry-time are more forgiving for less experienced artists. Being adaptable to different glues is important, especially considering factors like humidity levels. For instance, you may need different glues for varying humidity conditions, so be familiar with options that have different dry-times, especially if you work in locations with diverse climates.

Black Glue

Black glue is perfect for those blessed with naturally darker or fuller lashes. It offers greater definition and opacity compared to clear glues, making it a great choice for those with more prominent lashes. Additionally, black glue dries faster than clear glue, allowing quicker and more efficient application. However, fair warning – black glue isn’t the go-to for those with lighter lashes. Its darker hue might peek through, compromising the natural vibe you’re aiming for.

Carbon-black eyelash extension glue, on the other hand, is formulated with carbon and black pigments, catering to individuals with darker lashes. These glues are typically thicker than traditional clear ones, providing longer-lasting results and improved retention of false eyelashes. They also dry in record time compared to other lash adhesives, allowing for a speedier completion of those fluttery lashes swiftly and seamlessly moving on to conquer your next beauty rendezvous.

clear or black lash glue
clear or black lash glue dries faster the answer is black glue.

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Clear Glue

Clear glue is perfect for folks with lighter or finer eyelashes, as its color won’t affect their natural appearance. Many clients prefer the transparent glue because it gives a more natural and subtle effect, maintaining a beautiful look without being overly dramatic or noticeable. Unlike black adhesives, transparent glues may take longer to set but offer a more enduring bond, lasting up to 8 weeks when applied correctly.

If you’re a lash artist, it’s crucial to understand the ingredients in various eyelash extension glues to ensure the use of safe and effective products that won’t cause harm or discomfort to clients’ lashes. Eyelash glue formulations often include a combination of cyanoacrylates, methanol, and polymers as active ingredients, each with unique properties suitable for different extension looks. This information is essential for achieving the desired results while prioritizing the safety and comfort of clients.

Also, if your client had an allergic reaction to black lash adhesive, it might be because of the Carbon Black used to color it. Since carbon black is in many other adhesives, clear eyelash glue could be a better choice for clients with sensitivity!

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Clear or Black Lash Glue: The Showdown

So, which is better—is clear or black lash glue better? Let’s consider a few factors:

Clear Glue Black Glue


When it comes to visibility, clear glue has its advantages, seamlessly blending with lighter natural lashes for a more natural appearance. However, it may be less suitable for individuals with darker natural lashes, as the clear adhesive may stand out against their lash color. On the other hand, black glue offers a striking and defined look, eliminating the need for mascara for those with darker lashes. Yet, it may be more noticeable during the application process, and mistakes can be more apparent.


Clear glue proves forgiving during application, as any excess glue is less likely to be noticeable against the natural lashes. However, precision is crucial to avoid visible residue. Conversely, black glue demands meticulous application for a defined lash line, and errors or excess glue may be more visible against the dark lashes.


Clear eyelash glue is suitable for various lash styles and looks, making it a versatile option.  Black eyelash glue is often preferred for clients with naturally dark or black lashes.

Longevity and Bonding

can create strong and durable bonds with natural lashes. The bond’s longevity depends on the adhesive quality and proper application techniques. can create strong and durable bonds with natural lashes. The bond’s longevity depends on the adhesive quality and proper application techniques


Clear eyelash glue is generally easier to remove without causing damage to natural lashes. Removing black eyelash glue may require extra attention to prevent potential discoloration.

Retouching and Maintenance

Clear glue provides versatility in adjusting lash designs during fills and touch-ups. However, it may require more frequent touch-ups due to visible adhesive residue over time.  On the other hand, black glue offers a bold, long-lasting look, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups. Nevertheless, adjusting lashes may be more challenging, and any adhesive residue can be noticeable as the lashes grow out.

Advice From the Pros

Seasoned lash experts stress the need to think about the client’s original lash color and the look they want when deciding whether to use clear or black lash glue. If the client has dark or black lashes, they usually lean towards black eyelash glue. Conversely, clear eyelash glue works well for clients with lighter or white eyelash extensions.

Considerations like client choices, the event, and the preferred lash style should also be kept in mind. Pros should have a conversation with their clients to grasp their expectations and offer well-thought-out suggestions accordingly.

clear or black lash glue
Black glue is more suitable for clients who already have darker lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is black eyelash extension glue safe for sensitive eyes?

Black eyelash extension glue undergoes rigorous testing for safety. However, individuals with sensitive eyes should opt for hypoallergenic options or consult a professional.

Sensitive eyes? Don’t worry. We’re here to the rescue! 

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Q2: How long does black eyelash extension glue last?

The longevity of black eyelash extension glue depends on factors like application technique and aftercare. On average, it can last four to six weeks.

Q3: Is it possible to apply clear or black lash glue at home?

While some individuals successfully apply lash glue at home, professional application ensures precision and reduces the risk of mishaps.

Q4: Can clear eyelash extension glue be used with colored lash extensions?

Yes, clear eyelash extension glue allows the natural color of colored lash extensions to shine through, providing a vibrant and eye-catching look.

clear or black lash glue
Should you use clear or black lash glue for colored extensions

Q5: What should I do if I experience irritation with apply black eyelash extension glue?

If irritation occurs, immediately rinse the eyes and consult a healthcare professional. It’s essential to patch-test any adhesive before full application.

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In the lash extension game, picking the right glue for each lash can seriously level up your results. Whether you’re into clear or black lash glue, it’s all about what your clients dig. Trial and error, plus a bit of know-how, will help you figure out the perfect glue for every lash sitch. So, choose wisely, apply like a pro, and you’ll have your clients wowed by those lashes!

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