• What are your lashes made of? 

Our lashes are made from high-quality PBT Synthetic Fiber imported directly from Korea, ensuring superior quality and protection for your customers’ eyes.

  • Are you offering a free sample?

Definitely, we are very open to customers trying our free samples. Customers can try two available free samples in our inventory based on their preferences.

  • Are your eyelashes handmade?

Sure! Our lashes are crafted by skilled workers with professional expertise. We create them entirely by hand and utilize a heat-setting machine to achieve the desired curl.

  • Can you produce special lashes?

Certainly, our current product range is already very much on-trend, and we can create special products within our capabilities. Continuous improvement is our working principle.

  • What are the popular products that you manufacture?

We have two main popular product lines: promade fans and classic lashes (individual lashes). Within the range of promade fans, we offer various types of promade fans such as narrow promade fans, wispy lashes, flat promade fans, color promade fans, etc. Additionally, we also offer complementary products such as eyelash extension accessories.