Top 5 reasons to become our brand distributor

Best price

Our factory already has a good price for wholesalers but for your brand distributor, we still have a deep discount. It means you will get the best price that your competitors have never got. Price is an important element to help you win in this business.

Best quality

Our quality is proven by many international lash experts and thousands of customers all over the world. Co-operating with a trustworthy manufacturer like us helps you build a good reputation for your business and maintain customers. We also have a good return and exchange policy for your distributor.

Marketing support

Abundant marketing material, building website support, brand identity in your area.

  • We will free 20 sample boxes, catalogue, flyer, brochure & gifts for our distributors to spread our brand in that market.
  • Free designing website and maintaining website in 1 year after 2 months meeting the target
  • Free video and photos of Vietnam Lash’s products for adverts

Get our available retail customers

Having been in business for years, Vietnam Lash Factory is famous in the lashes industry and has thousands of customers all over the world. So we have many small wholesalers or lash artists who want to buy premium lashes directly from us but they are afraid of high international shipping fees. If distributors want to be our long-term partners, we will public your information to our retail customers in your area. So you will have available customers in your country without any effort. we only give this special benefit to distributors who meet the target in 3 months.

Great support from our professional expert team

 Our expert team includes marketing expert, sales expert, lash expert who will support you with products and strategies to develop your business with us.

Responsibility of a distributor

  •  Sales every month: from 50,000$ 
  •  Have good strategy to develop our brand in your country.
  •  Not allowed to use Vietnam Lash’s photos to advertise other brands’ products.
  •  Distributors have the right to decide their price.


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